smore 23 hours ago
Sacrificed him on good friday.. day for Male sacrifice on the satanic ritual calendar
Paul Shalom
Paul Shalom 23 hours ago
Busta Rhymes is the only one I've seen who was having NONE of Nore's cut offs....😆
Frank Leggs
Frank Leggs 23 hours ago
This the BEST interview of DRINK CHAMP knowledge is POWER💯👌🏾
D Belan
D Belan 23 hours ago
The best I've seen in years. Great interview.
Mason Clark
Mason Clark 23 hours ago
There is zero evidence for widespread police brutality. It’s a false narrative perpetuated by the democrats and the media. Have a nice day :)
walt porter
walt porter 23 hours ago
Mysonne got played big time. F that friend BS especially when it comes to trusting them. He asked for it
Jerome Baker III
Jerome Baker III 23 hours ago
Did they ask him about his relationship with Pete Nice at all?
Bundy Williams
Bundy Williams 23 hours ago
Wish nore would shut the fck up sometimes
regi don
regi don 23 hours ago
that audio is horrible on mef
Dale Cumberbatch
Dale Cumberbatch 23 hours ago
Bro is nore slow
Tony Scrilla702
Tony Scrilla702 23 hours ago
That nigga Michael Blackson be losing his accent in mid conversation lmfaoo
jase allenson
jase allenson 23 hours ago
Damn nore, how can he not wrap his head around that dude is saying he was using weed to mask his pain(get high), and because he used it very often(abused) he didnt deal with his pain.
Saviour Adugba
Saviour Adugba Day ago
Black miseducation at its finest. But aight🤔🤔🤔🤔
Rashid Odoms
Rashid Odoms Day ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 interview 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💯💯
Jabreail Riley
Jabreail Riley Day ago
🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 #bigbankblack I soak the game up.... You hard big dog 💯💪🏿
Will Vicscar
Will Vicscar Day ago
So all in all Search is a good man🙄
David Reeves
David Reeves Day ago
14:10 Live at the Bee Bee Q or live at the Barbarque???
stet88 Day ago
Nice one Nore. Search had alot to say. Dope interview. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊💯🇬🇧
Youngthrift King
Youngthrift King Day ago
Jack thriller throws the whole vibe off he trying to hard to be funny wtf grown ass man trying to get you to laugh every second
ParallaxOfficialTV Day ago
wow...cant believe Serch helped give birth to illmatic too. guys done so much. legend!
I AM Demetrius Walls
I AM Demetrius Walls Day ago
GREAT GREAT interview
Alex Hicks
Alex Hicks Day ago
Nore. ..hush
TreeO DaVinci holmes
TreeO DaVinci holmes Day ago
big cav fan man i want lebron back
Cooling Red954
Cooling Red954 Day ago
jase allenson
jase allenson Day ago
There is too much greed, and too many cut-throat people that are only out for themselves in hip hop(amd the country in general nowadays).
Marco Andell
Marco Andell Day ago
I can't take listening to Nore cut people off mid thought. It's frustrating as phuk.
scenelover78 Day ago
candy4349 Day ago
Some people take advantage of skin color to get their base purpose!
krucifixproductions Day ago
Nore. Please stop cutting people off and let them speak dam! It’s annoying. I don’t even wanna finish the interview because you keep cutting him off bro!🤦🏾‍♂️
mealtime 167
mealtime 167 Day ago
Yes blame the white man our irresponsible behavior . They don’t gotta go on his platform and tell on themselves . He. About getting money .. that’s how it is .
Marcus Fields
Marcus Fields Day ago
43:55 1st time i heard my nigga say it without the filter
Tom Banks
Tom Banks Day ago
Nore ,Gillie and Queens flip got to be the funniest dudes on the internet 😂😂
gerald fleming
gerald fleming Day ago
Ok I got a keep it G. I am 38 of age now but 3rd bass was wack to us in the south new orleans to be exact. I listen to all type of music but no 3rd bass no no no sir. Chill good job with nas tho 👍
Militant Vinylist
Militant Vinylist Day ago
OC should have had a better carreer...
scenelover78 Day ago
whats the grandmaster caz song?
Queen Ayana
Queen Ayana Day ago
All y'all sound foolish
aS sOUL Day ago
You want to know the MC Hammer story, just go look up the old Combat Jack interview! He laid it all out there! Story is like 10 years old!
kiwi Day ago
Mario Allen
Mario Allen Day ago
King Dreal
King Dreal Day ago
It would been better if they actually named rappers who were real dope and great rappers but just wouldn't make they top 5 instead of naming people who not even top 25-50 cause then it could be a actually debate
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Day ago
You need a Necro episode and a non phixion on episode
Che Burgess
Che Burgess Day ago
I call this boyfriend girlfriend thing non committal committal relationships that don't make any sense. Yes you are single until you get married. A lot of us have fell what a divorce feels like without ever being divorce because you playing like you married when your not.
Rafael Braggs
Rafael Braggs Day ago
Ain’t no meat on that sandwich 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brodey the Discipline Barber
Brodey the Discipline Barber Day ago
N.O.R.E is annoying as fuck can we please make some noise for that 👏🏿
Zenotha Gardner
Zenotha Gardner Day ago
Karlous Is A Genius!!!!
Rafael Braggs
Rafael Braggs Day ago
The higher Los get the funnier he get 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Think Clear
Think Clear Day ago
This is a great interview from a true HIP HOP pioneer .
Corey Whiting
Corey Whiting Day ago
NORE needs to stfu sometimes
Poetic Prophecy
Poetic Prophecy Day ago
After all these years, he still looks like Egon from the Ghost busters...
Willie Will
Willie Will Day ago
Vlad is not a snitch. He is not a gangsta, he is not a drug dealer, he is not a thug, he is not a gang member. He is a citizen. He is suppose to call the Police if you threaten him and/or beat him up. What you think!?
Terry Turner
Terry Turner Day ago
Facts we are the worst on yourselves it hurts we killing each other at a clip
Victor Holm
Victor Holm Day ago
Big up Skam who designed the ill logo and among other things released a great 12" with Eminem.
Dream. CEE
Dream. CEE Day ago
Jada was letting jack rock as a comedian through a lot of sus talk until he laughed during the benzino fight story and then he twisted the other story which coulda got jada into static outside. Thats what the i gotta use the bathroom was.
Treesh Day ago
This show always comes on...this show is so Positive. I love the clapping...I love them
Bucuanhane Monjane
Bucuanhane Monjane Day ago
Lous, facts on facts my guy?!
Michelle McCallum
Michelle McCallum Day ago
Busta Dropping Jewel's...Flatbush Stand Up!!
Curtis Jackson
Curtis Jackson Day ago
DDG lost to many USpostsrs... Including Ricegum... Stop it .. He can't be that good lol
Mack Militant
Mack Militant Day ago
Reggaeton almost finished you nigga🤣😂😂 Drink champs brought you back🤣😂❤🖤💚
jules Gordon
jules Gordon Day ago
And as usual women talking as if all the men they dealt with was the problem but they were perfect.
IronLung Era
IronLung Era Day ago
N.O. will never let the guest fully l...only time he did was when J.Prince was on someone else recently...cant recall but they were a super OG in the game
MAK 537
MAK 537 Day ago
Nas won lmao
slab817 Day ago
Can we get an episode where NORE is completely muzzled? He can't stop interrupting and can NEVER keep up with the story - every episode (lock him up in the break room or something).....I only tune in to hear the Guest stories - always entertaining from that aspect
Mac Knowledge
Mac Knowledge Day ago
It shouldn't take a hour to tell how u got burned!
Justin M. De Senso
Justin M. De Senso Day ago
Such an extraordinary interview and embodiment of hip-hop at its best. Search is beyond legendary.
Basharat Ahmad
Basharat Ahmad Day ago
See the I luv mao picture? Here they are pushing communisum to the youth. Stupid liberals.
Slash Piff
Slash Piff Day ago
Og bank death row was a the only record label that had blood and Crip divisions
Mr. Almighty
Mr. Almighty Day ago
Mc hammer rap over the whole song which was wack to back then and still is to me but New York producer chop up different samples and made a new record or flip it... Two Fingers..
Big respect to the 804 from the 757.
BTC Shrimp
BTC Shrimp Day ago
what is wrong with him. beastie boys released a record in 1983. they were definitely earlier than serch.
Mikey ThePLumBer
Mikey ThePLumBer Day ago
Yaska Gates
Yaska Gates Day ago
Again I have not seen crap for black people.I am sick of this.In fact it is worst if not just as bad!I voted for Biden 2x Run Off and Primary !I voted Orsoff and Warnock.I see everyone else's agenda being taken care of.You think what we need is just Covid vaccine.All need the vaccine!What else like eveyone else is being done on racism.Sick of this crap.We need Legislature!This is temporay band aid until the racist are back in power.What about Voting Right!Shut up Dude!
Raymond Dotson
Raymond Dotson Day ago
Frank Perry
Frank Perry Day ago
Search did NAS right from the jump !! How do we get at Search 🔦 entertainment !!
eusi malaka
eusi malaka Day ago
Karlous Miller a REAL MAN.
MC WAR Day ago
All I wanna say is JERSEY MFING CITY is a part of this conversation!!!! S/O Double X Posse, RIP Apache, FREE ALBEE AL!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #MCWAR
VeganChiefWarrior Day ago
dam man dmx was the most full on person ive ever heard about im just sittin here like WHAAAAAAT.. did he say he used to rob mike tyson? i cant even believe this mans life hahaha WOW!!!!
Erica Halton
Erica Halton Day ago
Shes so sweet and soft spoken about the situation!! Big Props too her husband!! God bless thanks for sharing !!!!
biggmonie Day ago
She got work done foreal... but job well done🔥🔥🔥