Demond Nellum
Demond Nellum 19 hours ago
Real Talk 🎯🎯🎯🎯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Mike B
Mike B 19 hours ago
Alex Frazier
Alex Frazier 19 hours ago
See. This just solidifies how important Black fathers are in raising Black children!
Chakalate Thunder
Chakalate Thunder 19 hours ago
I believe we fans gave him his flowers while he was here. We loved DMX, and he knew it. We never heard him say he didn't feel our love, because he did. I believe one of the reasons he said "If I was to die now, I had a good life" The reason why, he knew he was loved. DMX did it his way. Just like that Frank Sinatra song goes. #RIPDMX
Stephen Mabiala
Stephen Mabiala 19 hours ago
Trickin’ is trickin’ but you get a pass if you got it
Young Crillz
Young Crillz 19 hours ago
Joe would demolish mad skills wtf lol
Na Coya
Na Coya 19 hours ago
Though I don't believe or don't want to believe DMX died of an overdose, I do believe God's got him! Sometimes God calls his children home BEFORE he loses them! May you rest in eternal peace X! 🖤
Emanuel Vega
Emanuel Vega 20 hours ago
Whatever happened to the tiger bone I don't see them bring up tiger bone anymore LOL don't bring the bottle around anymore
SAZ Raz 20 hours ago
This has to be a Cam clone. I had this playing when i was driving and everytime i looked down, I just couldnt believe it was him. That beard needs to go.
Ms New Music
Ms New Music 20 hours ago
Rebekah T
Rebekah T 20 hours ago
Another thing I got from this interview is that DMX fucked Keisha in real life...woo...
TKO Fann
TKO Fann 20 hours ago
Scream always tryna make everybody in a situation that's not his sound lame. Whole time he sound like you hatin on people cuz they move different.. small minded shit
ignigma 20 hours ago
That african threw off the interview
RCW Creative
RCW Creative 20 hours ago
What the fuck is wrong with L.O.?????
Blizzard Jackson
Blizzard Jackson 20 hours ago
Jack Harlow 😭
Bbw Loves
Bbw Loves 20 hours ago
7even1Cinema 20 hours ago
"Don't take me to compton" 🤣🤣🤣 this nigga shot out
Brandon Soils
Brandon Soils 20 hours ago
Nigga be smokin them skinny ass sticks knowin damn well they not high
Jong Derng
Jong Derng 20 hours ago
'i never heard this story" neither have we can u let him finish brah? Gaaaad haha
j1216$$ 20 hours ago
Get this nigga a shot real fast 😂😂 Cassidy coked out talkin his ass off
Ni Como
Ni Como 20 hours ago
Eminem would never be in my top 5
Adilet ***
Adilet *** 20 hours ago
Как же это круто
Karen Salandy
Karen Salandy 20 hours ago
Rest in perfect peace beautiful angel 😇
Channel TwentyTwo
Channel TwentyTwo 20 hours ago
is skillz blind? his eyes closed half the time
Kenny Reid
Kenny Reid 20 hours ago
Nelly, Arabian Prince, French Montana, Florida, and of course joe buddens, can’t get worse than them❤️💛💚
Terrance Adams
Terrance Adams 20 hours ago
My favorite episode so far
Veniese Wilkinson
Veniese Wilkinson 20 hours ago
This is cutthroat! Taxstone would’ve done this list easily.
Gilly Erdbayr
Gilly Erdbayr 20 hours ago
He impacted mine too. Every hard times his music was there to walk with me along those lines of hardship. Rip my man, DMX!!!
2TD 20 hours ago
Shit nore should mention himself
Z Anderson
Z Anderson 20 hours ago
Nah 98 was definitely a major turning point for hip hop .. the tours alone was crazy.. the south started popping.. so much was going on that was outta this world .. u didnt wanna miss a min of bet and or mtv..u had 2 b here to understand yo
2TD 20 hours ago
Fat Joe the first I thought of
CksoWhat84stMaddFamilySwanBlxxds 20 hours ago
That diss track weak asf it a good try tho
j1216$$ 20 hours ago
Cassidy has a lot of fans in this comment section but in the battle rap url comment section that man needs Jesus!! 🤣 lol
Kevin Gaskins
Kevin Gaskins 20 hours ago
Lol he keep saying like every two seconds like lil. Baby lol
GODMCFLY 20 hours ago
Dj efn didn't listen to Chris brown music bcuz he always says he from Virginia
bjjones18 20 hours ago
That was not Big30 in that pic lol
Alanna Manybears
Alanna Manybears 20 hours ago
Why the Fk is dmx around p diddy lol fk diddy 😄
Sheldon Celestine
Sheldon Celestine 21 hour ago
NORE look like Steve Harvey younger brother the drunker he gets or is it just me 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🙈⁉️
j1216$$ 21 hour ago
Wtf Cassidy if them niggas beefin with yo brother why would you put guns in they hands lol if I heard that right
Xprime 215
Xprime 215 21 hour ago
After watching Camron interview I can say Mook didn’t let Nore interrupt as much either 😂😂😂
EJ Tui
EJ Tui 21 hour ago
Get TF outcha feelin's & answer the question
Kamaury W
Kamaury W 21 hour ago
Nore let people finish damn
Quinton Fields
Quinton Fields 21 hour ago
Awesome Episode 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Blackbeauty 21 hour ago
He looks and sounds sooo good here. DMX. These industry people don’t care with all those drinks and smoke flying. The entertainment environment is a nail in your coffin unless u have a very strong support system with u and when u leave. He didn’t have a real chance to live and fight in that industry
MC ProFound
MC ProFound 21 hour ago
Jazzy Jeff followed by DMX story was great.
John Wade
John Wade 21 hour ago
It ain’t tricking if you got it is where the money you spend doesn’t affect your pockets. Some guys don’t want to talk and just give them money to fuck. At 20:17 bank said best “a what you want for that pussy That is tricking
Angel G
Angel G 21 hour ago
Mentions Vlad “We don’t mess with the other outlets” 🤣🤣🤣
Roshundra Leatherberry
Roshundra Leatherberry 21 hour ago
Da only one dat don’t b understanding is Scream ... I done seen men save ladies lives by spending a lil money with them and they in no way wanted any sex ... It’s men jobs to be men and men save women all dat time as they should 👏🏿 I love how Baby Jade be for da ladies ... Ain’t nun wrong with men spendin money with women
Gerardo Santiago
Gerardo Santiago 21 hour ago
Cmon Nore let your guest talk bro
Xprime 215
Xprime 215 21 hour ago
I can bet you Dmx turned a lot people into dog lovers
Black Knight
Black Knight 21 hour ago
Nore you gotta people talk damn man
Solar Panel
Solar Panel 21 hour ago
What happens when anyone gets too comfy at Diddys house? They wake up with a sore butthole.
Carl Davis
Carl Davis 21 hour ago
Rest in peace my brother real brother
that_genius Jay
that_genius Jay 21 hour ago
you lived in wall street? X: wait! you lived in a office?
QBee240 21 hour ago
If ‘interruption’ was a’s NORE!
Ralph Conley
Ralph Conley 21 hour ago
Mad Skills 🐐 before rap up but y'all know year after year.
velvetice100 21 hour ago
DMX is such a cool dude! The conversation flowed and I felt like I was present!!
Ben’s Art
Ben’s Art 21 hour ago
the worst thing for him was probably picking up that crack pipe for the first time
phat x
phat x 21 hour ago
I would rather have this type of clowning than the current trend of youngters emptying clips into each other.
Goddess Blackberry
Goddess Blackberry 21 hour ago
His family never mentioned Drugs as a factor of his death only blogs said that. His family has only said that he had a heart attack. Drugs being a factor will not be known until after the autopsy. There has been conflicting reports of his condition and death than more facts being presented. we will know more once he has his memorial and autopsy is completed.
andrew vill
andrew vill 21 hour ago
Joe budden a good rapper He aint wack
Mable Canady
Mable Canady 21 hour ago
Fellas, thank you for this interview. I laughed and I cried. I would have loved to know DMX personally. Rest easy King the gates f heaven are definitely open for you 🙏🙏🙏 Prayers to your family and loved ones 💔
andrew vill
andrew vill 21 hour ago
Jim jones tony yeyo turk souja boy J hood thy will never be in my top 5
Official Spinderella Archives
Official Spinderella Archives 21 hour ago
Kanye should come on Drink Champs my word
Douglas Fuentes
Douglas Fuentes 21 hour ago
He said that's a big word I don't know what that means 😂😂😂
Jacob Moreno
Jacob Moreno 21 hour ago
Best.....episode.....ever!! True legend
Jeffrey Epps
Jeffrey Epps 21 hour ago
Nore got my mans telling everything 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💯💯😎
PAt BENNY 22 hours ago
Great to see duct tape dave participating as an individual.💪 I second notion what he said
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell 22 hours ago
An amazing man I love black men characters struggles love and bravery and courage and leveling up and bouncing back that shit is sooo sexy to watch
Gold Trim
Gold Trim 22 hours ago
I just.... I’ve always loved him (DMX) and I will always love him. I’ve watched him grow to be someone that I wished I got to hug for a while. He seemed so affectionate yet sturdy and strong. Different aura from when he was younger. I love every facet of who he was even the dark side because there was still beauty there to me. I understand his coping and his pain. I’ll miss him so much for sure. This was a really fun and engaging interview. I felt like I was there. And with most of his videos it still feels like he’s still here. Sleep king. Sleep. 🙏😔💙💔
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell 22 hours ago
Belly was the greatest movie ever and should had be re made right CANT stress that enough for the next time
Michelle Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell 22 hours ago
That was a good damn introduction
215 8thst
215 8thst 22 hours ago
Hhhhhhhh nore always extra.....
Ben’s Art
Ben’s Art 22 hours ago
i dont believe in icons or legends but this cat found his creative spark and lit it up man all you young cats, find your creativity, find your passion and do it daily and live for others and the world will respect you and miss you when your no longer around
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 22 hours ago
The best episode so far
Adi Mehta
Adi Mehta 22 hours ago
Nore need to chill with interupting!
ERIKA LEE 22 hours ago
DMX fought the good fight. Now he can catch all the butterflies he wants.🤍
Aaron thrash
Aaron thrash 22 hours ago
Not once did y'all ask the young talented brother what he's going to uplift or giveback to his community.. fuck who he gets his jewelry from. How are we helping the neighborhood.
Blessedbythebeats 22 hours ago
Anne 22 hours ago
Last of the real guy's!! Love and peace 🕊️.xx