Defense tried to make George Floyd the criminal in Derek Chauvin's murder trial | REVOLT BLACK NEWS

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20 days ago

In this "REVOLT BLACK NEWS" segment, host Eboni K. Williams sits down with well-known prosecutor Justin Miller and attorney Chris Stewart to break down Derek Chauvin's murder trial, which has been referred to as the “Trial of the Century.” The panel not only discuss the prosecution's standpoint, but also break down how the defense used certain tactics to make George Floyd out to be a criminal instead of the dead victim.
On Tuesday (April 20), former Minnesota cop Chauvin was convicted of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. His sentencing is in a couple of months.
#GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvin #Murder
Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” is a platform that is designed to report news from the perspective of Black people for Black people.
“When I started REVOLT, I always wanted to develop a platform to report the news from our perspective, from our lens, from our people, so I decided to launch ‘REVOLT BLACK NEWS.’” said Combs. “We’re here with solutions. We’ve already heard about what we can’t do, but this is what we can do.”
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Golden Vulture
Golden Vulture 6 days ago
The playing field in a court of law isn't level. The powers of the three players aren't equal. Only the judge & prosecutor have deity like power. The defense's power is mortal aka insignificant.
Golden Vulture
Golden Vulture 6 days ago
A fair trial is a myth. All defendants in criminal cases don't have a 50% chance of getting acquitted(any number of charges)...even with a private defense lawyer or a team of them. They actually only have a 5-9% chance of being found not guilty.
S M 13 days ago
Carlos Salinas
Carlos Salinas 14 days ago
It’s all bad shit I get it !!!!!! But if u don’t start no shit there be no shit ... C’mon street rules man!! We got 2 bums off the street one a murder and the other a junky...
Horrez Plater
Horrez Plater 15 days ago
This is sad but why don't black women get this kind of fight when they are treated unjustly?
Horrez Plater
Horrez Plater 15 days ago
Where did they have trial? What city?
Me 16 days ago
Congress just passed an stop anti asian hate.... What about the hate against African Americans? They've been shot down in the streets for decades by everyone and anyone who felt like killing a black person. What about protecting them. This is so wrong of America to continue to mistreat those ppl. the way they do. Smh at RACIST AMERICA!!!@
Tess Sanders
Tess Sanders 16 days ago
How do you "make" a criminal a criminal? He was a criminal!
Andre Salazar
Andre Salazar 18 days ago
Instead, focus on the fact that this was EASILY the worst defence strategy in the history of trial law + the FACT that this was an EASY case to find an obvious verdict + the FACT that it's extremely difficult to CHARGE cops for their crimes in the first place in the US = focus on that #imjustsayin
Ashanti Jenga
Ashanti Jenga 18 days ago
Um...he was a criminal...
Skep Tical
Skep Tical 18 days ago
You mean the defense was doing their job? Crazy.
Mike Green
Mike Green 18 days ago
But yet he hasn’t been sentenced, plus we STILL behind the 8 ball as a community, this isn’t a WIN for BLACK PEOPLE , giving us equality FINANCIALLY, and educationally, executive ORDER for our SAFETY AND MORALLY... JUST LIKE THE ASIANS
Me 16 days ago
I agree. Congress just passed a bill for Asians. Anti hate bill. Why hasn't this been done for African Americans? This is wrong on every level.
Monica Lovely Gant
Monica Lovely Gant 19 days ago
Monica Lovely Gant
Monica Lovely Gant 19 days ago
Without Faith it's impossible to please God. PEOPLE FIND GOD and do God's will and all will be well!🥰
Gary S
Gary S 19 days ago
He was a bleeding criminal.
Howitzer Driver
Howitzer Driver 19 days ago
How many blacks have died since the OJ Simpson case.George will be missed. The young lady recording a white cop murdering George: #NobelPeacePrize or Pulitzer Prize (Videography) She put the gears in motion!
Me 16 days ago
Now her family is being harassed
Gary Fauntleroy
Gary Fauntleroy 19 days ago
Fuck hope fuck faith not real at all it’s going to be what it is no such thing as trying as well. Look at it like this are you hoping to pay your rent or your bills or you going to pay or not
Mohamed 19 days ago
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Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins 19 days ago
I try not to speak on stuff like this but man I don't know if police officers could be trusted, i'm talking about all over this 🌎
You guys removed yourself from America with your tribal thinking
Thomas Mijac
Thomas Mijac 19 days ago
Well, he was a criminal.
Claudio Alvarado
Claudio Alvarado 19 days ago
There should never be a price on a person's life no matter how misdemeanor it is
Jackie Bennett
Jackie Bennett 19 days ago
woop woop
woop woop 13 days ago
You're daft
Alexis Talks
Alexis Talks 19 days ago
Thank you for your review! I appreciate this platform for the black view on news about us.
Alexis Talks
Alexis Talks 4 days ago
@Woketopia Lol I'll be that!
Woketopia 4 days ago
- sheep
TronMan 32
TronMan 32 19 days ago
I love her 😍
Dr.Stephen H
Dr.Stephen H 19 days ago
Say what????
Iya Patsy QVSQ Tarot/IfaMidwives
Iya Patsy QVSQ Tarot/IfaMidwives 19 days ago
He was taking notes to use for his appeal, citing bad defense attorney.
Iya Patsy QVSQ Tarot/IfaMidwives
Iya Patsy QVSQ Tarot/IfaMidwives 19 days ago
@D A Henry right here on USposts for free
D A Henry
D A Henry 19 days ago
Or he could have been don't know.... I guess they tell them...act like a lawyer and take notes when you are a murderer...SMH😡...Now....when and where do you do tarot?😇
Majestic One
Majestic One 19 days ago
She talks with good sense.
taniya smith
taniya smith 19 days ago
He wasn’t taking notes, it was a distraction clown
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 19 days ago
RIP blackrob
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 19 days ago
RIP dmx
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 19 days ago
RIP George floyd
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 19 days ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 19 days ago
Revolt tv is the best
Malcolm Wayne
Malcolm Wayne 19 days ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
He's gayyy to
Julian Small
Julian Small 19 days ago
Great vid..subbed..
Oddly Amused
Oddly Amused 19 days ago
Well to be honest ..he was a criminal like many black victims of .police shootings ....because him and his friends were trying to use fake notes to steal from convinient stores ..but in floyd's situation even though he was comiting a crime he did not deserve to die that way ..he needed a day in court for his case to be heard ...but some of these shootings have been justifiable the young black girl that was about to murder another young black woman with a knife not all cases are the same but why it seems the same is because the corrupt media and democrat party are using these situations to further thier propaganda..that's who you should be mad at
Zabian Brown
Zabian Brown 19 days ago
Faith!!! don't lose it
Quail Banks
Quail Banks 19 days ago
40 years 🤬 that's alot of waiting
Know Worth
Know Worth 19 days ago
Fentanyl Floyd is getting his cheeks smothered by Satan right now.
MediaJunkies 19 days ago
U big mad 😂
zack edwards
zack edwards 19 days ago
I'm sorry but in what world does the fact that Dereck Chauvin was found guilty and is a criminal does it not make George Floyd one as well? Let's be fair, they were both clearly at blame. Watch the full trial people
MediaJunkies 19 days ago
The difference is George Floyd didnt kill anyone. That's literally what the case is about lol
001lightning1 19 days ago
That is their job 🙄
001lightning1 19 days ago
@NoobMaster 69 Lol don’t bother arguing with idiots, it will take years off your life in stress😂😂😂😂😂
001lightning1 19 days ago
@Submitkingz I’m black too, and you’re ignorant
D A Henry
D A Henry 19 days ago
@NoobMaster 69 Again....sound about WHITE!!! and I don't care if your skin IS black!!!
NoobMaster 69
NoobMaster 69 19 days ago
@Submitkingz Bruh I'm black as fuck and I agree that's their fucking job. Are u that stupid??? Nipsey Hussle was made to look wrong by Eric Hoda's attorneys
Submitkingz 19 days ago
Sound about white
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