Twista Talks Kanye West, History With Roc-A-Fella, Chicago, Beefs, New Music & More | Big Facts

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15 days ago

The #BIGFACTS posse discusses inheriting problems and enemies when joining a record label.
The legendary #Twista pulls up to talk about everything Chicago, his history with Roc-A-Fella, Kanye West, old beefs, new ventures and more! #interview
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FAST CASH CLASS 13 hours ago
Exactly what Scream said “THATS JUST NAIVE” ... Yall gone be da first mfs popped 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jabreail Riley
Jabreail Riley 23 hours ago
🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 #bigbankblack I soak the game up.... You hard big dog 💯💪🏿
Deaundra Kilpatrick
Deaundra Kilpatrick 2 days ago
Legit ballers. Spark up a lil bud and just get blown away
C Hair100
C Hair100 4 days ago
Bizzy Bone raps faster i believe
Grey Veil
Grey Veil 4 days ago
"Aye quit reaching across me mann" Jade didn't know what tf to do lol
Grey Veil
Grey Veil 4 days ago
They blurring the lines between "rappers" and "gangsters" / STREETS and INDUSTRY!
Grey Veil
Grey Veil 4 days ago
"That's the same thing as shooting at a child" got his point across with that line!
Calvin Burns
Calvin Burns 4 days ago
In other words “STAY DANGEROUS”
King LEE
King LEE 5 days ago
Big smile on my face. Chi City let's get it!
Ant Jonez 218
Ant Jonez 218 6 days ago
41:50 the young bull he's talking bout is one of my favorite rappers No Clue aka Ricky Brown. I believe he stopped doin music cause I haven't heard anything recently but go check out No Clue "That Good,Fade Away and Feelin Me" which are my personal favorites. Id also say check out California Dreaming which is a fan favorite and one of his last hits. My opinion whose the fastest rapper right now is Twisted Insane. "Chop Shop" isn't his fastest but its my favorite fastest song. People say a rapper name crucified is the unverified fastest and I kinda agree but music wise Twisted insane is the better fit cause other dude sound like gibberish but he do be sayin what the lyrics say. I really wanna hear a twisted Insane & Twista collab.
Pheno Mac
Pheno Mac 6 days ago
Bank was right... its all about how you display your relationship... even savages will give you a pass if you dont seem to attached to the opp
Corey Benton
Corey Benton 7 days ago
Running death row like it was a 24/7 gangster party is why they are no longer around its biggest selling artist is dead and its CEO locked up for the next 20+yrs
David Cook
David Cook 7 days ago
Baby jade look like big worm lol
William Coleman
William Coleman 8 days ago
Bank you gotta stop expecting you out of other people 💯
K Jo
K Jo 8 days ago
It might just be me but I find it disrespectful with bank being on his phone while twista talks.. jade too.
Dominique Perry
Dominique Perry 8 days ago
Cash Mane
Cash Mane 8 days ago
Man I trying to be the fastest rapper too
161tyrell 8 days ago
JusAjFresh 8 days ago
Bank was right in that convo even if niggas catch you slipping. I still agree with Bank.
Christopher Hunt
Christopher Hunt 9 days ago
Don’t let scream pick another topic.
Bruce Adams
Bruce Adams 9 days ago
Jade thank you black on some soft shit .... everybody gotta go tf
Rio Smitty
Rio Smitty 9 days ago
No Cap started in Florida ,Tampa where we call a lie ‘ cap !!!
Jaquille Walker
Jaquille Walker 10 days ago
Bank dont be saying shit 😂😂 idgaf what nobody say either
eezy12388 10 days ago
Bank just cut the shit it's clear what they saying
Yen Yong
Yen Yong 10 days ago
It’s just loyalty
Will Jones
Will Jones 10 days ago
Back yo ass up to yo mic security 🤣😂lol I Believe if I got beef with one person that beef is only with that one person unless i hear or know something different than everybody involved got to get it
Obi Wan
Obi Wan 11 days ago
We need at least 4 trillion..all republicans say is obstruction today, obstruction tomorrow, obstruction forever...fuck em
Pierrethagod 11 days ago
I fuck wit Bank but I disagree with him dis time Jade right she a gangsta lol but its different smoke out here now u can't sign to nobody who got smoke nowadays cause the smoke real dis shit more than rap so u signing to somebody its just like picking a side now these niggas ain't sparing nobody u thank u gon sign to Durk and ect and rock they chainz and a opp ain't gon try u🤦🏿‍♂️ u trippin👌 SALUTE BIG FACTS💯💯💯💚
vidlewbooth 11 days ago
Give rebel xd his respect
Russell S.
Russell S. 11 days ago
#BigFacts from Twista
Marcel Cadiz
Marcel Cadiz 11 days ago
Damn, is it just put hideous women. On the Internet?!!! Wtf...I got to go. This is hard to watch. Especially when they’re over talking the G.
Lance Cain
Lance Cain 11 days ago
Twista comes in at @39:40
stonedbori840 11 days ago
4:30 I gotta disagree. You wearing the team uniform, colors, and making money with said employee they better be good for publicity. Sensibly speaking if I shut down your money makers, you starve. 'The friend of my enemy is my enemy.' 5:40 Exactly. Company name go viral for the wrong reasons now no one else will want to affiliate with it.
Dj Kryptonite
Dj Kryptonite 11 days ago
Big Bank The Realest Bra
John Hunt
John Hunt 11 days ago
I get what he sayin, but you cant be naive.
Marcus Cadiz
Marcus Cadiz 11 days ago
Adrenaline Rush is a Solid Classic Album. You can ride thru Westside of Chicago and see and hear them "Rammers" Beating that shit 'til this day! #humboldtpark🇵🇷
Torey Watson
Torey Watson 11 days ago
Cmuder was riding for snoop when death row was at him & they ain't have shit to do with it 💯
Tha 13th
Tha 13th 11 days ago
I would pay out of pocket for a Twista & E40 project.
LOSIANO99999998 2 days ago
Me 2. Imma call they people and get some numbers.
Jacoby Cobb
Jacoby Cobb 12 days ago
SUSTv0 12 days ago
39:42 - Twista 49:37 - Kanye
Perfect Perception
Perfect Perception 12 days ago
Living by moral and codes still do exist in the world.. you’ll live longer 🤫
Yo Mazi
Yo Mazi 12 days ago
That bihh talk too much 😭😭😭
Cuddy Quies
Cuddy Quies 12 days ago
LORD 12 days ago
Scream said he gonna get a shirt lol
Dondiva Alleyswag
Dondiva Alleyswag 12 days ago
Kevo,is on point.Hes on his business.
badella09 12 days ago
Anybody else here that man snoring on the mic. He needs to stop smoking. 🙄
Teey Fpoh
Teey Fpoh 12 days ago
Jade is a very bitter when she don’t win an argument
King Enow
King Enow 12 days ago
#DontWaitToBeGreat 12 days ago
#DontWaitToBeGreat 12 days ago
matthew mann
matthew mann 12 days ago
Twista had some of his greatest hits with Kanyes beats, productions, hooks, and verses
a as
a as 12 days ago
Around 40 mins in if you're waiting for Twista.
jus Tay
jus Tay 12 days ago
This my first episode & I can’t even finish cause this discussion silly af
b harp
b harp 12 days ago
Shout out to ever came out of Chicago...hood presidential; my dude.
D Cooper
D Cooper 12 days ago
Ima fan of Twista Fasho Fasho but that nigga interviews be boring AF!! That bih need to practice some jokes at home or sum!!
yourgod 12 days ago
🔥🔥 adrenaline rush is a classic
Derrick Bibbs
Derrick Bibbs 12 days ago
TWISTA he Legendary I hope I can meet TWISTA I’m from Chicago Jo and the “Southside” Low End
Bryant Ray
Bryant Ray 12 days ago
Twista has Bars Too!
Prezy DaGod
Prezy DaGod 12 days ago
The conversation at the beginning really showed how superior Bank street smarts is compared to the rest of them.
Hustleman Jones
Hustleman Jones 12 days ago
The Legendary TWISTA!!
Mr Murray
Mr Murray 12 days ago
Mr Murray
Mr Murray 12 days ago
(13) Mr. Murray-Green Beans (Music Video) - USposts
SUPA SLYK TV 12 days ago
They really don't get what you saying
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington 12 days ago
Black speaking on some back in the day shit these new niggas ain't trying to hear that I ain't got nothing to do with it shit look at trap boy freddy and mo3 beef
Shaw Lion
Shaw Lion 12 days ago
Why tf she yelling
Oso legend
Oso legend 12 days ago
I bought Adrenaline Rush about 4 times during my high school years. That's how much I listened to that album. Twista is a Chicago legend
talat804 12 days ago
Who is breathing heavy in the mic like that
Alleymack 12 days ago
🚬....People forget about hood politics which is a real thing. You see the beginning and the middle of the movie but not the end to where it wasnt sanctioned for you taking somebody life. Why you think all they do is rob the people that's fronting? Gangs are not weak at all the lames just want us to think that. If they was weak they wouldn't of lasted this long frfr. Crazy is crazy point blank period so stay dangerous but we not stupid.
The champ 01
The champ 01 12 days ago
It’s sad and weird they talking like this.glad my white don’t think and go threw this type of stuff
Tom Ross TV RAW
Tom Ross TV RAW 13 days ago
This shit only apply to black people we don’t kill outside our race .. if it’s a white boy we not trying to kill them but if it’s our own .. it’s on site
obed mthenjane
obed mthenjane 13 days ago
whats up with black American and the streets damn people
JRL 13 days ago
How Jade n Scream non-street behindz gon tell Bank what wd happen on a street level? 🙄
BAW Entertainment
BAW Entertainment 8 days ago
Vet OB
Vet OB 13 days ago
Jade is still 🚮.... get TF out
Ellis ill
Ellis ill 13 days ago
Busta Rhymes vs Tung Twista
glovelace 13 days ago
It took 40 minutes of listening to garbage for Twista to finally get interviewed. The worst! Homey needs new cohost.
Bramble Arliss
Bramble Arliss 13 days ago
I wrote that song out to
Enthusiasm Wear
Enthusiasm Wear 13 days ago
Tony Swisher
Tony Swisher 13 days ago
Kobe Ermias Shakur
Kobe Ermias Shakur 13 days ago
Jade has to do her research on artist before they get to the show. This was the worst interview ever. You can tell Twista was getting frustrated with Jade's lack of knowledge about his career and other 90's Chicago hip hop artist.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 13 days ago
Twists Chicago very own Monster
BIGG MIXX 13 days ago
Big bank is the only 1 right on the show. U don't inherit other people's problems or there opps. Y'all sound like there is no business in music but mostly gang mentality. So if u sign with sony, then u inherit sony exec problems. Bank is saying u not shooting Warner Bros execs but u will go shoot your own black brother over a death row jacket or whatever. If everybody inherited everybody beef, everybody would b dead. Yall r talking about haters
Jordan Tucker
Jordan Tucker 13 days ago
Take Jade mic please
Marcus42X 13 days ago
Poor content...
Rashawn Jordan
Rashawn Jordan 13 days ago
Bank is a Gemini you not gonna change his mind no matter what you say. If a Gemini really believes something they gone stand on it
bernard warren
bernard warren 13 days ago
DJ scream did not inherit beef with GDs when with rick Ross cause he wasnt on that
LOCO CUZ 13 days ago
me and my boy twista be out here
ST.LOUIS KING 13 days ago
St Louis known for getting all rappers when they come here twister said someone try to take his coat off stage in St Louis
Rakeem H
Rakeem H 13 days ago
Neither one of y’all wrong damn😂😂 it’s just a respect level people have for certain mfs like the quiet ones who sit in the back and listen💯
Brooklyn Turner
Brooklyn Turner 13 days ago
Yo no disrespect...but she is not the smash type...but i bet her top go crazy🙄
Lawrence Malone
Lawrence Malone 13 days ago
Twista part starts at 39:35
CHUCKIE TV 13 days ago
Shoutout to 123 records stay dangerous 😂😂
Team Young
Team Young 13 days ago
Busta and Twista would be a good battle. But I would rather see busta and missy.
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page 13 days ago
LITTY SMITTY 13 days ago
You can tell Dj Scream is real slimeyyyyy!! You acts like he's never heard of what the artist been through 🤣🤣
Chosen One
Chosen One 13 days ago
Thank you for not over exaggerating Chicago violence it’s bad but godd@m they act like we in a warzone
540 Tone
540 Tone 13 days ago
Do Twista have any song's with any new young Chicago artist?
MrFlamesP 13 days ago
S/O Jade again
Smedge 325
Smedge 325 13 days ago
She said “seeing my voice and hearing my face” 🤔
LOSIANO99999998 2 days ago
She ain't playing around
Tmac2020 13 days ago
yall spent the entire first 45 mins talking about opps. and "its up". [with the exception of bank. who was spitting some grown man shit]. then get all godly when twista come on, asking him about how can we stop the violence? wtf? .....
Chi-Town LowEnd
Chi-Town LowEnd 13 days ago
The dude in the blue hoodie what’s his Purpose
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