Young Buck On 50 Cent & G-Unit, Transgender Scandals, History With Cash Money & More | Big Facts

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9 days ago

#YoungBuck makes an appearance on #BIGFACTS with Drumma Boy to discuss his history with CASH MONEY RECORDS, karma, fatherhood, writing records for #50Cent, his new 'BOMBS 3' project & more.
Buck also addresses rumors surrounding his transgender scandal, as well as his ru- ins with Nashville rappers Cub and All Star.
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Mr.1derful 305
Mr.1derful 305 8 days ago
Ayo, this is my first time watching a interview on this channel but homie in the red?? 😂 He real af! Had me cracking up the whole interview. He ain't let my dawg Buck get away from shit! He made him stand on everything he was saying. Yall just picked up a new sub SOLEY based on Big Bank.
josef abek
josef abek Day ago
@RaRa D callin sum one big homie is sum sort of fear...especially cuz buck 40 yeras old
RaRa D
RaRa D 2 days ago
@josef abek that doesn’t always mean fear he could be cool with the guy or be friends he clearly called him the big homie. I watch the whole video
Tha Flood T.V.
Tha Flood T.V. 2 days ago
Yea dat Big Bank, Stand Up OG💪🏿💯
Sprite Tyson
Sprite Tyson 4 days ago
@Star all of em!! He dropping jewels on all of them no 🧢
D Jay
D Jay 5 days ago
@J No Cap Mac simp shit
sangfroid 6 minutes ago
idc what anybody says the gunit era was a great time in rap shit was so different back then 90% of music today sounds alike
Jay Te
Jay Te Hour ago
Biggs bank laughed at this man in his face
u had the key to the room buck
Ramone Yelder
Ramone Yelder 7 hours ago
Young buck maid a fool out of his self I would have not went there buck should have paid that nigga look at his face.
Maurice Justice
Maurice Justice 7 hours ago
This shit is hilarious 🤣😂😆😭💀
Working Mann
Working Mann 10 hours ago
Do the Cookup interview lol !!
Corey Martin
Corey Martin 12 hours ago
😭😭😭😭 Big Bank Black 😭😭😭😭 real tears mane!!!!! Cracking up watching this
Nubian Goddess
Nubian Goddess 23 hours ago
So everyone is so stuck on the fact that they were laughing that they missed the fact that Big Bank gave him some real advance about him going to talk to someone because he couldnt have went through the things that buck has been through.
Simone Bass
Simone Bass Day ago
Bank blowing smoke in his face!!!!
eric cooper
eric cooper Day ago
Nigga the part where Buck say "I just laugh at that shit cause it's funny!" Den Bank say "Nigga that shit ain't funny!" Den Buck come back and say "🗣Nigga that's what I'm tryna tell you, that shit ain't funny!!!" 🤣🤣😭
Million dollar Smile
Million dollar Smile Day ago
Buck was 50 cent loyal dog.. That man beat him constantly and he still want to be in a relationship with him.. This whole interview was about 50 cent? God bless Young Buck he is a real talented artist
Jamaar P83
Jamaar P83 Day ago
BUCK! my dude he shoulda stoodup for himself more in this interview they tryin to play him
Leitu-Maui Taua
Leitu-Maui Taua Day ago
Bro this podcast/radio show is underrated dawg
Woo Reviews
Woo Reviews Day ago
mane Buck going out Sad.... they laughed at this man the whole interview
Financially Focused
Financially Focused Day ago
Bank a fooooo 😂😂😂😂
Steff Jonez
Steff Jonez Day ago
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton Day ago
Big Bank Speak From his Heart...Aint No Lying In Him💯💪🏾
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton Day ago
50 Play Chess Not Checkers
Directioncyop garments
Directioncyop garments Day ago
A whole bunch of talking in crrcles. We've all seen this story to many times. When they're hot with all the flashing lights jewelry and car outside looking in we think they got it. 5yrs later everything gone, contract issues,IRS issues, money gone, no medical. Smh,groundhog day
kahlil sanders
kahlil sanders Day ago
This the best big facts ever 😂😂😂😂 bank ain’t miss one question.
BoocaTheArtist Day ago
Somebody time stamp the trans rumors
TJ Lockett
TJ Lockett Day ago
Yo y’all flamed Buck ass up man lol. This shit was too funny. Bank & Jade was on bruh LOL. Buck seem like he not telling the whole truth though. They on his ass lol I love y’all man. This is great. Too funny
marlo Joubert
marlo Joubert Day ago
Put out that BangazzMuzikmuzik ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
marlo Joubert
marlo Joubert Day ago
Bankruptcy should have call Trump.... Buck
Em Dub
Em Dub Day ago
They ain't rock wit u Buck laughin n shit in the start then start to listen later even other guy smirk on camera when Buck talked about jail 1.21 mark
BiggQue2700 Day ago
A white woman at that. Shout Out: Wendy Day.
BiggQue2700 Day ago
D-Tay already told the story of Buck removing Future’s verse.
hasha pettus
hasha pettus Day ago
Everytime I see big bank since supa fly I cant help but to think about snow patrol
BiggQue2700 Day ago
Get Lito up here.
BiggQue2700 Day ago
Shout Out: Starlito and GrindHard
Antonio Smith
Antonio Smith Day ago
Buck got a different story every time...I’m so confused..
JOEY Maurice TV
JOEY Maurice TV 2 days ago
Drumma know he cappin
HYDROPONIQ 2 days ago
Who gives if they were laughing at him.. I dont 🤷‍♂️
chuckguru tv
chuckguru tv 2 days ago
BIG FACTS SMART...........
Matt Milli
Matt Milli 2 days ago
They laughing at you buck smh. Rumplestiltskin in the blonde wig throwing shots
Money Bag Music Group
Money Bag Music Group 2 days ago
This man is lying too much and no one believes him now
chuckguru tv
chuckguru tv 2 days ago
I LIKE BIG BANK HE CALL ALLLLL BULSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 252
The 252 2 days ago
Them laughing making me laugh 😂
C P4
C P4 2 days ago
Yea yea it’s a lot going on I see buck panicking I see the guilt in his face
Mike Million
Mike Million 2 days ago
Big Bank brought buck on dis shit for a good laugh 😂😂 dat nigga so tickled
Tha Flood T.V.
Tha Flood T.V. 2 days ago
Say bruhh hold 🆙......i could of Sworn...Pimp C said who's Ferrari that wuz foe N tha Juve Video. Or is im trippN??????
m gee
m gee Day ago
@Tha Flood T.V. song was trash can’t front but it wasn’t buck
Tha Flood T.V.
Tha Flood T.V. Day ago
@m gee go listen too TRUE Story by Pimp C ft XVII(17) an U Tell Me Playa.
m gee
m gee Day ago
Who did he say it was for
ColdHeart Zoe
ColdHeart Zoe 2 days ago
Buck kept trying wit 50 cent/ G Unit cus he was from the streets & that was all he had. He shoulda been went solo when he was poppin
a Christopher
a Christopher 2 days ago
I'd listen to big bank all day
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh 2 days ago
Dude in the red hoodie is a whole child. I knew a kid just like him in high school who always wanted to clown and act like shits funny til I caught him in the hallway one day and shit wasn't a joke anymore. It's all fun and games til shit gets real. He's gonna clown the wrong person one day. Just watch.
Every1H8s Chris
Every1H8s Chris 2 days ago
Big Bank hilarious man y’all got a new show follower!!
shine on tv
shine on tv 2 days ago
Darn the sound sucks one guy is super loud and then young buck voice super low.
Jet Life
Jet Life 2 days ago
Had to sub for them holding Buck accountable
Jet Life
Jet Life 2 days ago
"TAKE DAT SHYT DOWN & ISSUE A STATEMENT" Buck was tryna pay the trans hush money lmfao
Omega 2 days ago
That phone call he had with the transgender woman was not chopped and were messing with that transgender woman for years..stop it
Bandana Bee Tv Bandana Bee Tv
Bandana Bee Tv Bandana Bee Tv 2 days ago
I wish they would've just played the transgenders call and listen to it with him there and break down that tape
m gee
m gee 2 days ago
This interview is so interesting it’s like a psychology project lol. Buck is a liar and bank is a true alpha. Can’t hold the bullshit in. Jade is a woman, softer, and scream play his position correctly (hence his success)
Mswhite 100
Mswhite 100 8 hours ago
You can tell he wont look Bank in the face
m gee
m gee 2 days ago
1:22:20 mans put it on his children’s grave, who I don’t think are dead
Courtney Hawkins
Courtney Hawkins 2 days ago
Big bank look bad for dis video low key tryn to play da man big ups to buck but buck if I was u I woulda went off on everybody up der I woulda snap buck but u said it ur way respect a person who go thru sht n stand on his
Henry j Holmes jr
Henry j Holmes jr 2 days ago
Big bank you “hell” boy cut it out my G lol😂
Ramone Yelder
Ramone Yelder 2 days ago
Young buck that how you know he's in to them boys
Esco Mapp
Esco Mapp 2 days ago
First time watching these podcast bro in the red shirt funny af and the lady
TwoSix 7odbody
TwoSix 7odbody 2 days ago
Buck lyin like hell
chink meliana
chink meliana 2 days ago
This look like a copy cat of drink champs
Mikhail Archer
Mikhail Archer 2 days ago
Y’all need to have Mozzy on this shit.
Big Jit
Big Jit 2 days ago
Man basically Buck loyalty was real. No matter what happened, what 50 did to bruh, if niggas laughed at em...his loyalty stayed with 50. Unfortunately but that show how real bruh is.
Big Jit
Big Jit 2 days ago
Fuck what a nigga talkin bout. Niggas dnt gotta like buck but shawty came wit real facts, evidence, & real stories. Hard to believe ya fav artists be on bullshit but a lot of dese niggas do 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ayo Fr3sh!
Ayo Fr3sh! 2 days ago
Black Biker1017
Black Biker1017 3 days ago
Let the guest talk damn
214Chris Smith
214Chris Smith 3 days ago
This was a great interview Big Bank big giving some real shit.
Moose Hefner
Moose Hefner 3 days ago
Buck lying his ass off, he capping he knew who he was fuckin wit! 🧢🧢🧢
Dro Edwards
Dro Edwards 3 days ago
This chick talk to much lol
904Swordz 3 days ago
Drumma say "Hol up..., i got this..." 😭😭😭
Ray Cartwright
Ray Cartwright 3 days ago
anon v
anon v 3 days ago
When somebody says “I’m a give you a real answer” they about to lie to you
A S 3 days ago
Bank is an amazing thinker. The way he breaks things down are some real business lessons.
Sean Fulgham
Sean Fulgham 3 days ago
BlackPill Logic
BlackPill Logic 3 days ago
While Buck was telling the transgender story the only thing that kept going through my mind was Cookup saying " David ".
Reparations or eid 2eight foe Knowledge
Reparations or eid 2eight foe Knowledge 6 hours ago
sho shott
sho shott 3 days ago
Bank a Big Gangsta
CB 50cal Gunner
CB 50cal Gunner 3 days ago
He ain’t lying about CMB back then
freshramses 3 days ago
Someone is breathing like a mummy waking up from a 3000 year long sleep. hit the gym, homie!
FAST CASH CLASS 3 days ago
Bank was all on Bucc top 😭😂 Bucc was goin out bad all interview long . He nervously laughing wit them & whole time they laughing at his goofy ass 🤣
Anthony GIBBS
Anthony GIBBS 3 days ago
Big Bank ah fool Bruh 😆 🤣 😂
twentyfourseven promo
twentyfourseven promo 3 days ago
Drumma boy a real one. I like how he kept his kool while the host were laughin at buck pain. Big salute
TwoSix 7odbody
TwoSix 7odbody 3 days ago
They playing with buck
G Lav
G Lav 4 days ago
One thing is that Sha Money was president of G-Unit and knew about the checks from 07-15 Im sure and he chose sha side so duck it after that. 50 recording albums and doing shows as well on a higher level I’m sure he wasn’t on his accounting shit back then like how he handles business now.
Augustus Moore
Augustus Moore 4 days ago
50 aint respond yet..
St1ccz Diamondeyez
St1ccz Diamondeyez 4 days ago
I like big guy in the red (no homo) lol
St1ccz Diamondeyez
St1ccz Diamondeyez 4 days ago
Hes letting homegirl lead his story smh...
Snypa V
Snypa V 4 days ago
Yoooooooooo they clown buck the whole interview.
Ramone Yelder
Ramone Yelder 4 days ago
Fake smile stop it buck.
Lionel Itu
Lionel Itu 4 days ago
😂😂😂😂 y’all must have had fun there. I still support Buck 💯
Obi Charles
Obi Charles 4 days ago
Buck is the truth.
Ramone Yelder
Ramone Yelder 4 days ago
They make in him look like a real dum ass just look at him.
WS FDHGC 4 days ago
Is it me or does it seem like 50 text da questions to Blk to ask Bucc? Cuz He's Having a field day wit dis interview? 🤔😂😂😂
Drink champs , million dollars worth of game , flex and fat Joe could learn something from these guys , let the guest speak and stop interrupting them!
Ramone Yelder
Ramone Yelder 4 days ago
I wonder how his family son's and daughter's feel.he made his self look real bed just look at his face and as a black man he can't look his self in the merrier shit said.
Ja Doe
Ja Doe 4 days ago
That nigga Buck lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣... Its way more to that Lady Boy Story
Tim Stephens
Tim Stephens 4 days ago
JADE BUILT LIKE AN SIBERIAN HUSKY and got the audacity to laugh in someone's face regardless of their issues.
Coolshit Von
Coolshit Von 4 days ago
The worst interview y’all did how y’all gone bring a guest on just to laugh at him shit garbage
DjBlackCharm Music
DjBlackCharm Music 4 days ago
Man Buck just made a video talking about he and 50 played the fans to the left and it was all a hoax.. But then he shows up on this show and 50 bash all over again.
Conrad Murray
Conrad Murray 4 days ago
No one on the comments seem to catch that !
Track Season Entertainment
Track Season Entertainment 4 days ago
Black sound like he got both them shots💀
Sexi Baby
Sexi Baby 4 days ago
Duct tape Dave off in the cut.....Buck didn’t stand a chance.
Raging Abe Productions
Raging Abe Productions 4 days ago
This was interview was a bad choice...... they laughed at him the whole time
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