Derek Chauvin's murder trial and the fight to get justice for George Floyd | REVOLT BLACK NEWS

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21 day ago

In this segment of "REVOLT BLACK NEWS," Eboni K. Williams moderates a discussion about Derek Chauvin's trial, its long and scrutinized juror selection, and how the family of George Floyd’s $27 million settlement from the City of Minneapolis in his wrongful death lawsuit may impact its outcome. Will justice be served after the fact?
Chauvin faces charges of second-degree murder, manslaughter, and murder; the latter which was reinstated by Hennepin County District Court Judge Peter Cahill after he admitted to making the mistake of dismissing it earlier.
This panel will include well-known activist Kimberly Latrice Jones, and attorney Christopher Stewart.
#GeorgeFloyd #DerekChauvin #Trial
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Harrison Gooch
Harrison Gooch 11 days ago
Your boy most likely died of an overdose, his trachea and lungs were fine so the knee didn't choke him to death. Of course, that doesn't matter because the country is full of illogical idiots.
Mike Atwood
Mike Atwood 11 days ago
Please hear me out , I am a white male and I hate that this tragedy has happened to this gentleman. Yes he had past issues (drugs, robbery ) But I have had my own issues just like everyone else. This so called police man who ended Georges life deserves execution . We do not need racist cowards who have so much hate in their heart in a position of some kind of authority. I am terminally sick with Liver failure and it's brought a lot of serious thinking and also it's made me see things in a whole new perspective. Can you imagine fighting a war for a country that won't even let you vote ? My whole point is I want to end racism. We are all Gods children Black,white green or purple. Please God be with Mr. Floyd's family during this horrible, relived tragedy. I promise to try and help and be there for whoever needs me to state what I think , if it's unfair or not.Please I am no Saint but I can be a messenger of truth and equality. God comes first and maybe I can make a small difference. I know this if this police man some how is found innocent this will set the white race back 200 yrs .I do believe justice will show its face in that court room !!!!! God bless everyone and please I ask you for a prayer for me and my wife . I would greatly appreciate it. Love yall with my heart.
Mind of Jamal ( The Black Southerner)
Mind of Jamal ( The Black Southerner) 12 days ago
He was a drug addict and died from overdose stop lying he was a drug addict
billy uk
billy uk 13 days ago
this is not a fair trial but a trial by the media. UNFAIR
Sinnar SJWElite
Sinnar SJWElite 13 days ago
The city should have never given a cent to criminals or there families! It's a joke, hopeing they don't burn down the city. Even though we know they will regardless. I look forward to the acquittal of the officers being used as scapegoats.
Jesse Moore
Jesse Moore 14 days ago
George Floyd was a dope head that resisted arrest. If he would have complied, he wouldn't have died.
Hardcore Bunny
Hardcore Bunny 14 days ago
Floyd died because he swallowed drugs.
chosen one
chosen one 15 days ago
Derek did the right thing
Atman Brahman
Atman Brahman 15 days ago
Is this video a Fentanyl commercial 🤔?
Петя Петичкин
Петя Петичкин 15 days ago
Derek Shauvine did nothing wrong.
Jorge Miray
Jorge Miray 15 days ago
You have to see the all video , not literally part !!!!SEE THE HALL VIDEO OF GEORGE FLOID BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!
Dewayne Battles
Dewayne Battles 15 days ago
Opening statement shows no bias huh? No need in a trial in her eyes.
aayushi chandalia
aayushi chandalia 15 days ago
27 mill dollars for a criminal. America is strange.
l HF
l HF 16 days ago
The action of a knee to anyone's neck is wrong. That said, The Black civil leaders, BLM, Black preachers, and Black politicians must be FAIR. George Floyd invited the law for passing a forged $20 bill, he is high on illegal drugs, and +ve for COVID infection. These contribute to the whole scenario. Do not just focus on the knee to the neck.
Tommy Truth
Tommy Truth 16 days ago
So uh....this attorney says he’s settled several cases where white officers were convicted in criminal court. What’s the problem? Why are we burning cities down?
tspitt m
tspitt m 13 days ago
Because the ratio is like 1 to 100, there’s 100s of white officers got away with it
Jeremy Reinhold
Jeremy Reinhold 17 days ago
Justice would be slapping Floyds mom for not raising him better. Try to hide drugs from the cops by ingesting them. Win stupid prices. Knee on the neck surely didnt help but he was trained by minneapolis PD to do that apparently. Civil trial also =/= criminal. Just because they won 27 mil doesnt mean Chauvin is directly guilty. It just means the city fucked up by training the cops that way.
k333rl 19 days ago
maybe try to obey the law every once and a while. you'd me amazed at how few run ins with law enforcement you have when you do that.
James Martin
James Martin 19 days ago
George Floyd was falling all over the place as the cops got him out of the car and led him to the police car. He had to sit down at first, and then as they led him towards the cop car you can clearly see him collapsing. He died from his horrible health, and overdose on fentanyl, and the fact that he freaked out because he was being arrested. Yes you can die from panic and fear if there are enough underlying conditions to push you over the edge. George Floyd couldn't breathe before he got into the cop car. When are you people going to evolve some intelligence? The rest of the world's races are patiently waiting for you to catch up.
Destina2howl 15 days ago
Also he cried wolf so when he really couldn’t breath they didn’t believe him
Tee Dizzle
Tee Dizzle 20 days ago
She fine
mindovermatter wayoflife
mindovermatter wayoflife 20 days ago
This is so needed let me share it.
Hakon_Brennus_Wolff 20 days ago
RIP to George Floyd. His death truly was a tragedy and totally undeserved. And I definitely hope Chauvin gets what he deserves. But the resulting popularly sensationalized narratives are false. America isn’t racist. White people aren’t evil/inherently racist/bound to shame, and we don’t need to hate ourselves to prove it. If George Floyd was white, he would have been a minor daily news story, glossed over by most people and died nigh unknown and unmourned; just like Tony Timpa, Timothy Coffman etc.
Democrats Love Free Shit
Democrats Love Free Shit 19 days ago
Floyd was a career criminal and drug addict. I have no sympathy for what happened to him. He resisted officers at every turn.
Hakon_Brennus_Wolff 19 days ago
@Bernie Getz the most concerning thing is that so many schools and universities have adopted the woke race theories and are teaching them to our young people, so if that doesn’t change, we will have millions of people growing up with convoluted poisonous race theories in their heads.
workaholick 20 days ago
"justice for Georgia Floyd" can't you people even get the dead man's name right?
billy uk
billy uk 13 days ago
justice. what about a fair trial. this is a media trial.
Armand Rodriguez
Armand Rodriguez 20 days ago
George Floyd is dead, the fight is to get justice in the Derek Chauvin trial.
DOOM GUY 20 days ago
Think about this: George Floyd almost died from a fentanyl overdose a couple months earlier and he did the exact same things he did on the day he died. The medical professionals that saved his life that day warned him that "if you keep using fentanyl you will die" and yet he still used it... Dont believe me, go follow the pre-trial proceedings. It's one of the pieces of evidence that was approved by the court. You can follow the proceedings live or just find a recording because it's all open to the public. Stop falling for race hustlers and start being smart for a change
c payne
c payne 3 days ago
@Don Bags I don't know about the mysterious ways of God...who does? Chauvin is going to be held Accountable for that knee. Haven't you been watching his trial?
Don Bags
Don Bags 3 days ago
@c payne God gave us air, and he also gave us the college-bound angel that used to be George Floyd. He also gave Derek Chauvin a functional knee, which he used correctly in this case. HE be workin' in mysterious ways, don't he.
c payne
c payne 17 days ago
@Chill O Proving my point. The police KNEW Floyd had a history of drug use, yet they STILL exacerbated his chances of dying, when they prevented him from breathing the AIR GOD GAVE US!!!!
Chill O
Chill O 17 days ago
​@c payne "Onset of action is rapid (5 to 15 minutes). Peak analgesic effect is 20 to 30 minutes and duration is approximately 2 hours",during%20the%20next%2090%20minutes.
c payne
c payne 20 days ago
Think about this: Floyd was an alive drug user. His drug use was not on video for the whole world to see him die from/because he used drugs. The whole world saw him suffocate under the knee of chauvin. Reason this...... What drug could Floyd use or be under the influence of....that would've caused chauvin to let him breathe befor 8:46 seconds?
Robert Powell
Robert Powell 20 days ago
When a we going to talk about the ambulance chasers in the community looking for a come up off all tragedies
SL 500!
SL 500! 20 days ago
Floyd family need to Handle dat! Cuz the courts ain't gonna do shit
Valeron John
Valeron John 20 days ago
black woman how socan we bring diapers ?, a shame who takes it seriously
Whitney 20 days ago
Georgia? Who is Georgia?
Gaston Neal
Gaston Neal 20 days ago
This is america don’t count the chicken...that’s one of our problems we keep thinking they are changing, we keep sleeping america. And it’s a bad example, for our children, our brothers and sisters world wide. It hurts our image. They hurt our image, worldwide.
Gramsz 20 days ago
Georgia Floyd?
Preston Button
Preston Button 20 days ago
My goodness Eboni is so strong , intelligent and beautiful I can't help but to take pride in seeing her represent. She is truly for the cause you can see it in her face and hear it in her tone. Salute.
PSway 20 days ago
Who the heck is Georgia Floyd? 🤦🏿
Tone G.
Tone G. 20 days ago
Same song and dance family took hush money cop gets off no JUSTICE all smoke and mirrors
King Lawrey
King Lawrey 20 days ago
Yup!! Lil song & dance they do. How'd the $$$ come b4 the trail. 🤔
Jermany Carter
Jermany Carter 20 days ago
Preach Ebony...✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
kelly s
kelly s 20 days ago
Proofreading is fundamental. 😂😂😂. Georgia Floyd? Or George Floyd?
C 15 days ago
A person lost their life and gave choice to floyd to get up or stay down. Floyd says he will enter police car and officer,sorry i meant overseer told floyd," you cant make up your mind!" Your stayin. Dang i would have been killed by these 3 socipaths called police but i would have greatly gave my life to help floyd. I would happily "eliminate" EVERY COP THERE AT THE MURDER!
kelly s
kelly s 20 days ago
@Amy Vardijan I’m so sorry Amy. Please excuse my ignorance. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Amy Vardijan
Amy Vardijan 20 days ago
@kelly s Girl I’m agreeing with you.
kelly s
kelly s 20 days ago
@PSway especially.
kelly s
kelly s 20 days ago
@Amy Vardijan yes seriously Amy. This one means too much to us. Nothing wrong with proofreading, it’s a profession publication right? Save that...
Yes I’m here
Yes I’m here 20 days ago
Georgia ?
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 20 days ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
Twin Tweezy
Twin Tweezy 20 days ago
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 20 days ago
Revolt tv is the best
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