DJ Drama On His Relationship With Lil Uzi Vert

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22 days ago

On the latest episode of #DrinkChamps, #DJDrama clears up what happened between him and #LilUziVert, how Uzi was his first artist & more!

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mavastripful 6 days ago
Nore ain't that good of an interviewer.. dope podcast tho
Rufai 6 days ago
Drama we bout to pull your G card.
SLIMEface2o3 10 days ago
NORE doesn't let ppl finish
Loso 16 days ago
Cassidy sound like Supa hot fire
Factual Press
Factual Press 17 days ago
What a crackhead way of conducting an interview
Ronald Reeves
Ronald Reeves 19 days ago
Nore making money now he done turned industry fake as New York niggaz for you this shit wack now
Broke Artist -I Have The Best Record Label & Management !! Artist Makes Money - My Record Label Took 20% From Me!!! They Stealing, Free Me!!
QuE O'BrEazY
QuE O'BrEazY 21 day ago
Drama: He’s a Master at attracting attention Me:You mean Attention Ho Right!
JUNIOR HEALY 21 day ago
I was raised in the south so DJ Drama & Woo kid are like my DJ clue or DJ S&S
Kev_91 100
Kev_91 100 21 day ago
In other words... yeah lil nigga we still make money off you, so say whatever you want😂😂
Altino Ululi
Altino Ululi 21 day ago
Drama a real nigga for backing UZI
Tiff Troser
Tiff Troser 21 day ago
Danm❗❗❗ Cassidy looks great❗ and that blk beech negga micheal blackson 😂🤣🤣
YoSexy Gamer
YoSexy Gamer 21 day ago
So wait wait we gone act like Sauce. Didn't do that before Uzi???
Easy Money
Easy Money 15 days ago
@YoSexy Gamer good music ??????
Dee Sherman
Dee Sherman 20 days ago
@YoSexy Gamer uzi been paying for that since 2017 sauce didn’t get it till like 2019 or 2018
YoSexy Gamer
YoSexy Gamer 21 day ago
@LewisSmithJr I'm looking at sauce an he make good good music alone with the foolery...Dude just a copy cat
JUNIOR HEALY 21 day ago
He did tho
LewisSmithJr 21 day ago
True true but ain't nobody looking at sauce like that
thomas m
thomas m 21 day ago
Using did the same the female dj that had helped get in the eye of drama
Tiairy Cunningham
Tiairy Cunningham 21 day ago
When I seen Michael blackson I just started dying
SoRaya 2 days ago
Chiefstuh89 21 day ago
Wow, just as he was opening up and talking about the situation NORE pops off the champagne and changes the subject wtffff 😂
Young Boi
Young Boi Day ago
Nore is a sick person lmao
Kobe Goodall
Kobe Goodall 2 days ago
He’s the worst bruh
joelle marcozzi
joelle marcozzi 20 days ago
😂 he does that shit a lot. You’re the first one I’ve seen call him on it.
Hyped Beast
Hyped Beast 21 day ago
Cassidy Need a Gangsta Grillz Tape 2021 Shit 🔥
Jody Montana
Jody Montana 21 day ago
@Fella Young 😂😭😭
Fella Young
Fella Young 21 day ago
Nah We good
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 21 day ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 21 day ago
Revolt tv is the best
Mccoly Coken
Mccoly Coken 21 day ago
Philly in the building
GT Massive
GT Massive 21 day ago
Dude mumbled that first reply to the question. Damn he scared of the question.
Mccoly Coken
Mccoly Coken 21 day ago
I be forgetting Drama and Uzi both from Philly
Lu 21 day ago
I didn’t know Nore’s podcast was under Revolt. That’s pretty cool.
Sam P
Sam P 15 days ago
There’s Ciroc everywhere
Tatiana Q
Tatiana Q 21 day ago
Great Interview I Love Tht Nore Always Asks The Questions Fans/Public Wanna Kno. I ADORE THESE MEN. #RealOGs #ForTheCulture #HipHopLegends ✊🏾🙌💪🏽
big boss wako FN. wan God is luv
big boss wako FN. wan God is luv 21 day ago
Successful plans have arrived and in full effect pure pressure greatness all love back to back bangers let's go
Maxwell Michaelangelo
Maxwell Michaelangelo 21 day ago
Fuck all of that sit Uzi and drama down in the same room let’s get that conversation every mans energy or point of view can be altered when another man is not present.
Blazerz TV
Blazerz TV 21 day ago
Cassidy should have listened to swizz. I was a big fan of cassidy
Nellyde VON
Nellyde VON 21 day ago
Uzi wouldn't be where he is with drama ngl but uzi always was gone do his own thing either way... Im glad uzi is where he at rn
Nellyde VON
Nellyde VON 20 days ago
@James155 not gone lie
James155 20 days ago
What does that ngl mean
Macdizzit 420
Macdizzit 420 21 day ago
Cass looks the same since 2002
joelle marcozzi
joelle marcozzi 20 days ago
Tatiana Q
Tatiana Q 21 day ago
Here before comments
TK Kirkland
TK Kirkland 21 day ago
I told RevoltTV® to start dropping parts of the video like Vlad. 💯
Siphelele Sokhela
Siphelele Sokhela 21 day ago
Lol nigga you buggin
Blazerz TV
Blazerz TV 21 day ago
Good advice
Mamedov Begali
Mamedov Begali 21 day ago
1of1 luvr
1of1 luvr 21 day ago
early lol
Luh Hunchoo
Luh Hunchoo 21 day ago
Roae Lyft driver
Roae Lyft driver 21 day ago
People that say first gotta be virgins
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