Drake Or Meek Mill, JAY Z Or Nas? Who Will DJ Drama, Cassidy & Michael Blackson Pick?

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22 days ago

On the latest episode of #DrinkChamps, DJ Drama, Cassidy & Michael Blackson join N.O.R.E & DJ EFN as they all play "QuickTime With Slime."

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Phillip Skillern
Phillip Skillern 2 hours ago
Love to see Kurupt get his flowers here. These guys know about the homie
Charles Williams
Charles Williams 4 hours ago
They playing all in cass face... clowning him
Shayan Ansari
Shayan Ansari 8 hours ago
The weed too strong for Cass. He over explaining everything
bosshova23 9 hours ago
Cassidy is trash as a battle rapper!
John Doe
John Doe 15 hours ago
its ironic to see nore rushing his guests and telling them to be quiet.
A Red
A Red 16 hours ago
Lloyd banks or Fabolous
Lyrix Diego
Lyrix Diego 2 days ago
Cass and Fabolous have/had the meanest dress code ‼️🌊
Wakanda’s Finest
Wakanda’s Finest Day ago
Naw g, Fab up there with Cam & Dipset in terms of drip. Cassidy was never on that level g
Spicysushirolls 2 days ago
Cassidy is slow lol
Numbers 123
Numbers 123 2 days ago
Cassidy is me drunk 😭😭
Coach K
Coach K 3 days ago
Drink champs not think champs
Takiyah Johnson
Takiyah Johnson 3 days ago
Don't bring this dude Cassidy back he is a whole headache!!!
hussein chaytylle
hussein chaytylle 3 days ago
I got a question for you’ll Prince or Michael jackson
K Clems
K Clems 3 days ago
I feel like people forgetting who kurupt is And p. S. How you from Philly and not meet Uzi? He be in wawa all the time. Wya Cass?
Nick News 215
Nick News 215 9 days ago
Cassidy jada drunk 😂😂
nyea 10 days ago
nyea 10 days ago
yannick dublin
yannick dublin 10 days ago
Am I too high or does cass look like TI 🤔
Teril Henderson
Teril Henderson 11 days ago
Cass talking to much
we Trippy mane_trippy
we Trippy mane_trippy 11 days ago
I wish they would shut tf up sometimes so u can hear guest rely like damn chill let people talk
e soss
e soss 12 days ago
Someone take Cassidy away he tooo high and drunk he over talking
injoi Thevlog
injoi Thevlog 12 days ago
Will we ever find out if r Kelly ever took the mask off? Find out on the next episode
GodGanji's TreeOfLife
GodGanji's TreeOfLife 12 days ago
13:07 This man Cassidy got me, rolling 😂🤣
NBG_QFLACC_CEO 13 days ago
Swits the plug to r.kelly nore a asshole for that 🤣🤣🤣😭😭
GFM T3K 13 days ago
Nas didn’t clear the sample for arguably your biggest song ever though, outside of hotel $$$
Loudpack Shawty
Loudpack Shawty 13 days ago
Cassidy is who he is‼️💯 I swear he so laidback and aggressive at the same time..like I’m looking at myself
Travis Perrine
Travis Perrine 13 days ago
Whose the sound guy? And why is he talking?
omenone2000 14 days ago
Cass is hilarious. Bring him back Nore.
Davonn Gramby
Davonn Gramby 14 days ago
Masi 14 days ago
Cassidy outfit! 💥
Papa Lane
Papa Lane 15 days ago
Not everybody that is loyal to you respects you EFN. You can be loyal to your company/boss to pay your Bill etc but not respect who they are for whatever reasons!! To Respect somebody is some form of loyalty, if you truly respect someone loyalty comes naturally.
Spoonie Dee
Spoonie Dee 15 days ago
The Philly Edition... The game still loves us... lowkey lol. #PHILLY
Cam Chapo
Cam Chapo 15 days ago
Nore corny... damn stop joking
You’re Wrong
You’re Wrong 15 days ago
I got guns on me 😂😂😂
Shawn Blaylock, Jr.
Shawn Blaylock, Jr. 15 days ago
NORE saying “this is DRINK champs, not THINK champs” 😭😭😭😭
fernando free man
fernando free man 15 days ago
Cassidy is best
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 15 days ago
Michael Blackston HILARIOUS 20:08
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 15 days ago
This is actually my first time hearing Michael Blackston talk without that hard ass accent 😅
Chris B
Chris B 4 hours ago
Yea he from Philly I think
FREE GOD 16 days ago
cassidy or papoose??? ahhhhh
Heezy Hines
Heezy Hines 14 days ago
@FREE GOD 💪💯💯💯
FREE GOD 14 days ago
@Heezy Hines 1000
Heezy Hines
Heezy Hines 15 days ago
Can We Keep It Real Podcast Network
Can We Keep It Real Podcast Network 16 days ago
Black thought all day
JAMEL BRYANT 16 days ago
The teeny-tiny salad legally retire because bumper family nest lest a auspicious cold. jumbled, wonderful sarah
Mr 420
Mr 420 16 days ago
hold da fuck up what happenend to dat niggas accent
J Bizzle
J Bizzle 16 days ago
Gave man the guns to handle business so he can perform 😂😂
J Bizzle
J Bizzle 16 days ago
Man turned up in a mask 😂😂😂. Why ?🤔😂
The Maven
The Maven 16 days ago
why is Michael Blackson here? lol
Tim Ray
Tim Ray 16 days ago
Peedi all day ova meek.
MARCO PLUS MUSIC 16 days ago
Michael Blackson is actually in the thumbnail
MillionDollar Stoner
MillionDollar Stoner 16 days ago
NORE: "This Drink Champs not Think Champs"
Kendale Brison
Kendale Brison 16 days ago
They’re being very bias with their picks smh.🤦🏾‍♂️
BlueM 16 days ago
Cassidy acting like he's being interrogated.
DaBul Dabz
DaBul Dabz 16 days ago
He said “So we just gave em some guns so they can handle business so I can go and stage and perform hotel” 😂
Tremayne Tinker
Tremayne Tinker 3 days ago
Fly Eagles
Fly Eagles 16 days ago
Loll why Dj Drama look like DanRues dad 😭
Ashmit Singh
Ashmit Singh 17 days ago
Cassidy a legend with the shenanigans
Beatz By Bizzle
Beatz By Bizzle 17 days ago
Big Sean vs Meek and Jay vs Wayne
Takiyah Johnson
Takiyah Johnson 3 days ago
Big Sean and It's a tie between Jay-Z and Wayne to me for different reasons!!!
curahee 11b
curahee 11b 17 days ago
Finally a rapper not afraid to say Nas is better
Megalodon Fitness
Megalodon Fitness 6 days ago
But he not. He was in 01 but the last 15 years YOU GONE TELL ME NAS BEEN BETTER THAN JAY 😂😂😂😂😂 GFTOH
Demetruis Jenkins
Demetruis Jenkins 11 days ago
Jay made better music though
Akum Thrillmatic
Akum Thrillmatic 15 days ago
Cuz he's not in the music business anymore, now he's a real
Stillmagic 16 days ago
Nas any day bro, he knew that!
malusi ntsele
malusi ntsele 17 days ago
U picked Korupt over black thought because he is your mans. I thought they they were asking u about rap skills. These niggaz sometimes they do too much this hard shit.
Mike Duane
Mike Duane 17 days ago
Cass jacket is dope
Fairplay Terrific
Fairplay Terrific 17 days ago
😷😂 Yo Cassidy Story About R.Kelly Crooning When He Hears The Beat & The Music Video 6 In The Morning Part!!!!!!
X Factor
X Factor 17 days ago
Cassidy gotta crazy ass voice 😂
J.G W 17 days ago
Beans better than Jada
The Equalizers
The Equalizers 3 days ago
You fuckin wildin but you prolly a Philly nigga and I’m a New York nigga so I respect your opinion
Heezy Hines
Heezy Hines 15 days ago
Respectfully disagree
J.G W 17 days ago
@Under Cap who has the better albums?
Under Cap
Under Cap 17 days ago
Hell no
markeith36101 17 days ago
Hell nah.... Foxy All Day!!!!
Praveen Praveen
Praveen Praveen 17 days ago
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LG3 17 days ago
Cass - You did a song with R. Kelly too. N.O.R.E. - I ain't do no video though 🤣🤣
Nicole Richardson
Nicole Richardson 17 days ago
A room i wish i could be in 💨🍻❤️🌱😂😎
sideshowbob williams
sideshowbob williams 17 days ago
Cant front cass hat is fresh 🍩
Mohamin cfc
Mohamin cfc 18 days ago
What minute is meek and drake?
EURK 18 days ago
Cass seems burnt out bro no disrespect
My Art My Rules
My Art My Rules 17 days ago
You replying on every video the same way, so I’ll do the same Y’all saying shit outdated. Griselda is popping and they rap like it’s 1994. It’s perception. If Cassidy was on Griselda y’all wouldn’t be saying shit about his style or rap. Benny, Conway, Gun have an old style, rap on old format of hiphop beats but they the hottest thing out. Not only that but they 30-40 range It’s perception and perspective that have y’all screaming that dumb outdated shit.
Elliott Wilson
Elliott Wilson 18 days ago
This nigga taking a shot over Kobe vs Iverson light skin nigga that’s easy KOBE
Chiniwins Bastards
Chiniwins Bastards 18 days ago
I look forward to cassidy taking a lost.
Athletic Workout Machine
Athletic Workout Machine 18 days ago
Lawrence Roane lll
Lawrence Roane lll 18 days ago
Bigg Ups.... Michael Blackstone 😂😆😂😆😂! Black Moda- Fuckha!.... & Dj Drama!..... Yheeeee! Cassidy does nothing for me or the Culture!.... At All!!!??!!!!!!!
Blessed Demon
Blessed Demon 19 days ago
Cassidy giving his opinions based off success like these social media niggaz smh....Nore is asking who is better not who was more successful 🤦🏾‍♂️
Brandon Maryland
Brandon Maryland 19 days ago
Did r Kelly ever take the mask off?🤔😂😂😂
Ahmad Harrison
Ahmad Harrison 19 days ago
See this why the city don’t fuck cass and question how busy has he been in the past 10 years
Hakim Ziyad- Bey
Hakim Ziyad- Bey 19 days ago
Cassidy just won the battle with this interview I just bought another ticket for that battle on April 3rd
Hakim Ziyad- Bey
Hakim Ziyad- Bey Day ago
@Patrick America lol ok where you want to start.
Patrick America
Patrick America 15 days ago
@Hakim Ziyad- Bey you too
Hakim Ziyad- Bey
Hakim Ziyad- Bey 15 days ago
@Patrick America keep that same energy after the battle.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 15 days ago
I got Cass taking this one too
Patrick America
Patrick America 17 days ago
Promo-wise facts battle-wise no Sir
Fillmore Neal
Fillmore Neal 19 days ago
Not think Champs 😆
na nitty wp
na nitty wp 19 days ago
Cass wanna be tuff so bad🤣🤣
BJ Nichols
BJ Nichols 17 days ago
@WalkOn Sports 😂😂
Nino Brown
Nino Brown 19 days ago
Fuk cass think he is
Chris Byrd
Chris Byrd 19 days ago
Low key i think drink champs tryna do there guest like Lamar Odom but Cass id definitely standing tall!!!!
Reginald D'Haiti
Reginald D'Haiti 19 days ago
Girl you want to come to my hotel 🏨😁
New Life
New Life 19 days ago
Cas tooo freshhhhh!
Shawn King
Shawn King 19 days ago
kurupt over Black thought...hell no
Jay L
Jay L 19 days ago
Cas acting too hard too many niggas pulled his card real north Philly shit badlandz 215 💯
charles curry
charles curry 19 days ago
Nore said "I believe I need a hammer" 🎶🤣
jay2009fun 19 days ago
Cassidy is a nut case!
John B
John B 19 days ago
Cass said Nas over Jay but his biggest song EVER was with jay on the hook lol
CAIN 19 days ago
@Uchenna Sunday Right! People just want you to like what they like.
Uchenna Sunday
Uchenna Sunday 19 days ago
People like what they like
Brigitte Med
Brigitte Med 19 days ago
The hate for Meek is real 🤮
Tyrone Guiles
Tyrone Guiles 17 days ago
He not hating meek but what he said about peedi was facts hr chose meek cuz meek relevant and part of this generation of rap real or Philly rap fans know about peedi
Everything90 TV
Everything90 TV 20 days ago
Cass talk too much.
Everything90 TV
Everything90 TV 18 days ago
@My Art My Rules exactly that would of cam off better. Too much going on at once.
My Art My Rules
My Art My Rules 18 days ago
Fam it should have been a interview with Cass by himself Cassidy had to make the best of his time. I don’t give a damn what the dj had to say
tmmsldg 20 days ago
Nore always sucks his saliva back into his mouth!
Brooklyn Bred
Brooklyn Bred 14 days ago
@Maurice Johnson 🤣🤣
Maurice Johnson
Maurice Johnson 18 days ago
jerzecandy 20 days ago
Ludacris vs. Timba
M 20 days ago
2 of the corniest bulls from philly..drama and cass make us look bad
Marcus taylor
Marcus taylor Day ago
Fairplay Terrific
Fairplay Terrific 17 days ago
But You're Commenting On An Excerpt Featuring Them! Word To Nas "Some Say Hate Is Confused Admiration"-Stay......
Jinxcity_music 20 days ago
They drinking fool. These comments lol 😂
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page 20 days ago
Cassidy talks like he's rappin
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page
Mighty Whitey - Free Entertainment Page 20 days ago
Wolf DaGod
Wolf DaGod 20 days ago
Nore funny style
The Equalizers
The Equalizers 3 days ago
Word he a funny nigga tryna get niggas to spill some shit
Under Cap
Under Cap 17 days ago
Been that way too
ca sne
ca sne 20 days ago
The naive revolve approximately tie because polyester aesthetically shelter midst a expensive road. healthy, neighborly competition
David Buck
David Buck 20 days ago
Cass be soo confused ppl be laughing at him 😂 bruh funny begin serious 🤣
Teddy Gramz
Teddy Gramz 20 days ago
Black Thought is way nicer than Kurrupt
Marcus taylor
Marcus taylor Day ago
Kurupt word play is nasty!
Teddy Gramz
Teddy Gramz 16 days ago
@Stillmagic Nah son hes way nicer😆
Stillmagic 16 days ago
Its all about preference man
Under Cap
Under Cap 17 days ago
Way nicer?
darius v00
darius v00 20 days ago
cassidy got a story for everything 🤣🤣🤣
Lee FF
Lee FF 18 days ago
MMM-_- Str8-_-305
MMM-_- Str8-_-305 20 days ago
“Ummm lil uzi”💀💀. gtfo bro 😂
darius v00
darius v00 20 days ago
what ever happened to that gangsta grillz tape cass and drama were supposed to do..
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