OJ Da Juiceman On Coming Up W/ Gucci Mane, His Battle with Diabetes, Debra Antney & More | Big Facts

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23 days ago

The #BIGFACTS crew discuss the term G.O.A.T. to start off this episode.
Trap Rap legend #OJDaJuiceman discusses his battles with diabetes, coming up with Gucci Mane, past business issues with Debra Antney, legal trapping, mixtapes and more with the BIG FACTS crew.
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jay m
jay m 2 hours ago
Your iq. Drops listening to the dudes
BigCoVideoz 8 hours ago
6:33 - 11:44 18:02 - 21:44 34:52 - 40:22 52:54 - 56:11
dreny07 23 hours ago
Big facts know he aint capn they loyal to Deb
dreny07 23 hours ago
Deb used the motherly roll to take advantage of niggaz , that NY shit
Anbes Haile
Anbes Haile Day ago
Lmfaaaooo lebron shoes ugly asll不不不不不不不
Patrick Womber
Patrick Womber Day ago
juice said BOY I ANT MAKE NO MONEY 潘 juice snap
Slang. Day ago
Strain vs Strand
Tameka W
Tameka W Day ago
South Carolina 湘
Barefield Day ago
B.O.B was a star he just didnt last.
Every1H8s Chris
Every1H8s Chris Day ago
Carolina Shit!!!
LJ Hamp
LJ Hamp Day ago
Kilo was the first to say trap in a sing
William Etheridge
William Etheridge 2 days ago
My son used to get tired of me playing that No Hook, my favorite Juiceman song. That and I Cook/I Be Trapping. Keep going man
Shalom Man
Shalom Man 2 days ago
41:35 Facts the youngster til this very day knocking on doors asking to take out your trash for $ Real talk OJ 返遲
Bj So_ill
Bj So_ill 2 days ago
I been rockin wit Juiceman since 06 and here we are 2021 still bangin!!! AYE!!!!!!
Jizzle DaMayor
Jizzle DaMayor 2 days ago
Jay is da GOAT of bizness!!
Jizzle DaMayor
Jizzle DaMayor 2 days ago
Rings dnt make u a GOAT!! Hella nyggas got more rings than Jordan...Lebron is da GOAT b/c his stats killin Jordan shit
D Jay
D Jay 2 days ago
Foh with that bullshit.. without Jordan there would be no Lebron thats why he even wore 23
Jizzle DaMayor
Jizzle DaMayor 2 days ago
All of Jay money didn't cum from rap so he is not da GOAT of rap!! Dat nygga never went over 4 or 5x platinum
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 days ago
Juiceman is speaking about specific times, places and names. When gucci was on he was acting like he getting to know black for the first time
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 days ago
The Goat of Rap is AZ. His style stood the test of time, poignant poetry.
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 days ago
@D Jay exactly, they didn't give him accolades for his true poetic style and sound
D Jay
D Jay 2 days ago
@Jamaal Curry word A shouldve got a solid muzik team around him & focused strictly on muzik he wouldve been much more successful. Far as Nas Im glad he finally got the Grammy but thats crazy its for an album far from his sound.
Jamaal Curry
Jamaal Curry 2 days ago
@D Jay Thats facts, but he never watered his flow down. But on the real Nas is still ill so thats tough fr.
D Jay
D Jay 2 days ago
AZ one of my favorites but nah G even he gave the crown to nas
KYNGZ MUSIC 2 days ago
The Goat: rap skill, albums sold, business, and how long you last. Jayz the Goat, cuz 2Pac and Biggie aint have enough time, and Nas business wasnt as great even tho he either JayZ. 荊
KYNGZ MUSIC 2 days ago
Mariah Cary the Diva Goat 荊
Blackparty TV
Blackparty TV 2 days ago
The goat of what ? White rap! 唐唐
zip zipp
zip zipp 3 days ago
Now water in Ya ears when Oj mentions Deb?尹 Smh Man Salute to Oj for keeping it a bean荊返
Trackboy K
Trackboy K 3 days ago
I like this talk
Akeele Hill
Akeele Hill 3 days ago
Yo.. Big Bank seem cool as hell...dude funnnny as a mf #DallasTexas we here
Mr.Wilkins 3 days ago
I #Love This Nigga Juice Because He Stand On What He Say.遲
UZS DC 3 days ago
Man I fucking love juiceman, everytime my setup Beatin it's always juiceman, you'll see it on my channel. I fuck with 32ent
john adams
john adams 4 days ago
So Nas isn't in the GOAT talk?? Fucking weirdos!
ANNNNT1165 5 days ago
Crawford Simpson
Crawford Simpson 5 days ago
Add BabyJade to the Big Factz logo
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor 5 days ago
Fuck dat! dat OJ touchdown Was 休休休
King 425
King 425 5 days ago
Tom Brady cant be the GOAT He has too many cheating allegations Joe Montana is the GOAT
King 425
King 425 5 days ago
There should be another term for G.O.A.T. Lets use G.O.T.E Greatest Of Their Era
ZiggyWiscoVevo 5 days ago
If the NBA can have 50 greats then why we cant have 50 greats
ZiggyWiscoVevo 5 days ago
Give 8 ball n MJG a drake contract then we a be saying they the goat duo of rap I would pick dmx over jay z as goat
Richard Knowles
Richard Knowles 5 days ago
She may have done him bad some what but music still has to be certified, I'm sure his doctor bills were paid....then the man asked to be out instead of asking to be a partner. He had all means...Bro ur a rapper she trying to get u big then u go and get shot wtf......I'm not mad at Deb
Savage Narco
Savage Narco 5 days ago
Man Juice always been my favorite rapper n trapper!! Juice get much respect in Durham North Carolina.
Matt Mutersbaugh
Matt Mutersbaugh 6 days ago
James Jones
James Jones 6 days ago
They had the worst GOAT conversation ever, being the GOAT has nothing to do with money unless the topic is money smh.
James Jones
James Jones Day ago
They'll sell their soul or anything close to it for the right price! Once they said money was the main part of being the goat. I understood they were for sale!
D Jay
D Jay 2 days ago
I like this show and topics but they so in love with money on here smh
john adams
john adams 4 days ago
Shawn SiXOWE 60HOODbK 6 days ago
Gucci is jus the goat of Zaytoven beats
Shawn SiXOWE 60HOODbK 6 days ago
Man they couldnt pick a better woman no disrespect thoe!!!遲休坎坎選選佞佞
D Jay
D Jay 2 days ago
Black Lives matter
Black Lives matter 6 days ago
Big bank funny af lol
Juice Deaux
Juice Deaux 6 days ago
is da new lingo Scream... BBB right u ah Unk... N y'all mfrs sleep, Lauryn Hill n Nipsey Hussle n Pat Mahomes da s返撾.....47:30 I'm from Tifto3,Ga we was in Frankscott tagetha, Millidgeville, Ga
Alpha Beta Mula Patron
Alpha Beta Mula Patron 6 days ago
Im From Detroit OG Means Offering Game..Original Gangster? Wtf
Tha Flood T.V.
Tha Flood T.V. 6 days ago
My favorite Big Bank song is "Hell Sent" 返遲
Jeffrey Luis
Jeffrey Luis 6 days ago
a Christopher
a Christopher 7 days ago
Juice had the best ad libs period
Beany Pablo
Beany Pablo 7 days ago
She wear a 50 waist now thats why she laughed like that..
Mile High
Mile High 7 days ago
Beyonce is the most overrated artist of ALL TIME
Bishop Alexander
Bishop Alexander 7 days ago
Deb a simple as that
Bishop Alexander
Bishop Alexander 7 days ago
Juiceman aint lying Deb stole that
Connect TV Burnsting
Connect TV Burnsting 7 days ago
I was in Baltimore banging OJ. NC native Bless to a real one.
713 J
713 J 7 days ago
Dam Deb is Dirty
Markus Munson
Markus Munson 7 days ago
When they talk about artist like drizzy n beyonce what excludes them from goat status is classic albums they probably a be if they had those, cause its artist with classic albums and the money and notoriety kinda excludes them
Teej Gadson
Teej Gadson 7 days ago
Smiling faces and beautiful places - S. Carolina
Ahmed Moe
Ahmed Moe 7 days ago
if he was under the influence he can counter that but it seems he was sober i wouldve said im not in my right mind
Ahmed Moe
Ahmed Moe 7 days ago
i was wearing a fuckn 42 lol ayeee
MrWilson BMSG
MrWilson BMSG 7 days ago
Damn Man. Salute The Juice Man返
THE Joyner
THE Joyner 7 days ago
JuneBuGTRiLL-A1 7 days ago
Jeezy was out before Gucci lol
Donovan Todd
Donovan Todd 7 days ago
It ain't for everybody... If you know how to maneuver... I move through
Donovan Todd
Donovan Todd 7 days ago
Lil Wayne is the rap
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 7 days ago
Shawty lo
Walid Walid
Walid Walid 8 days ago
New Whips
New Whips 8 days ago
Juiceman official. Grew up off bro, him N Zaytoven fasho. Lex Luger. It's just a consequence of putting trust in people and not knowing the business.
Santiago Biscontin
Santiago Biscontin 8 days ago
Rap game Easy but the Dope game Crazy Aye aye aye Oj a legend Hope he makes music with guwop again
Gregory Johnson
Gregory Johnson 8 days ago
Kanye is the goat. If were talking about money and influence
Gregory Johnson
Gregory Johnson 8 days ago
If they talking about money. Then Kanye. Is the. Great
Stephon Watkins
Stephon Watkins 8 days ago
Robert Horry got more rings than Jordan
Jay Luckett
Jay Luckett 8 days ago
Jamie foxx in Ray fucked da game up 唐荊荊荊 dat was Ray fr
Jay Luckett
Jay Luckett 8 days ago
Hold on Bank we say Kobe when we shoot shit in da garbage Kobe 4 new school Mike 4 old school
StreetMoneyPuzzles32 8 days ago
NC Love why the 32 in my name
2pac & Biggie then Nas Jay-Z
raidoreem718 8 days ago
Goat is Singular not Puro and thats where most people get it twisted
Bossman Kimber
Bossman Kimber 8 days ago
Waka fired his mom when he was up and coming so that should explain it all
The Competitive Team
The Competitive Team 8 days ago
OJ could easily sue and get a bunch of Money...
Georgia Power
Georgia Power 8 days ago
Juice man look like he work on semi trucks on morland
GATOR MANE 8 days ago
He didnt say nothing Disrespectful 2 me...尹 OJ tha Truth..荊荊樹
Yo Favorite Lil Cuzin
Yo Favorite Lil Cuzin 8 days ago
First place I heard was kujo goodie on soul food album
Demond Nellum
Demond Nellum 9 days ago
Real Talk 荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊荊
Levi38115 9 days ago
"From The Dope Game to The Rap Game" is a better album than "Trap Muzik".. #StayDangerous
Levi38115 8 days ago
@Santiago Biscontin wow
Santiago Biscontin
Santiago Biscontin 8 days ago
@Levi38115 Deb did he so wrong now watchin :(
Levi38115 8 days ago
@Santiago Biscontin #BigFacts
Santiago Biscontin
Santiago Biscontin 8 days ago
Aye aye aye
Santiago Biscontin
Santiago Biscontin 8 days ago
Rap game Easy but the Dope game crazy
Mel Dee
Mel Dee 9 days ago
Young dude a better host and radio personality than all three of y'all. Add him to the show
james walker
james walker 9 days ago
jeezy is the goat man cmon man
704 Goat
704 Goat 9 days ago
Pretty much everything nowadays is BACKWARDS!!
Kelvin Johnson
Kelvin Johnson 9 days ago
They took advantage of that man
Kelvin Johnson
Kelvin Johnson 9 days ago
Jarred Lewis
Jarred Lewis 9 days ago
For that talk. Football TB12. 7Rings Basketball Bill Russell. 11Rings Rap Master P. 4 million copies of his own double album MP Da Last Don, Master P oversaw the release of a staggering 22 additional albums. Of those albums, six went platinum, five went gold, and even the least recognizable names on the label sold hundreds of thousands of records in 1998 alone. Boxing Jack Johnson. Beating the fuck out of everyone stood in front of him before WW1
Darian Person
Darian Person 9 days ago
ok at the beginning of the show about the GOAT talk since yall was basing the basketball goat off championships Bill Russell has more than MJ. Bill 11, MJ 6 but if basing off era MJ is the goat in my era. But all time GOAT Bill Russell
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 9 days ago
Oj da juice and wake need 2 stop arguing.do a song together or album I betcha it'll be bangin more .yall both come from 2 beautiful mothers handsom brothers ight keep it Real
J Peace
J Peace 9 days ago
What does money have to do with the best rapper...especially when the ventures making the money aren't rap related
Dezy Shaud
Dezy Shaud 9 days ago
All jay z money dont even come from rap that dont count
Heem Dollas
Heem Dollas 9 days ago
Public housing prolly oj best song
Heem Dollas
Heem Dollas 9 days ago
I come from a long line of dope runners posted up crest with bricks 妤 & pounds homie yup you can see all day street light on or off dog Im still serving ye....
BigCoVideoz 8 hours ago
Wer dey dig juice up at
Kobe GiGi
Kobe GiGi 9 days ago
this the realest podcast lol salute! ...right the crackheads cant be the Goat! Maybe they can thats another conversation lol
Marq Lock
Marq Lock 9 days ago
OJ was way ahead of his time
Marq Lock
Marq Lock 9 days ago
Pac will forever be the GOAT of Hip-Hop
Greenway Transport Inc
Greenway Transport Inc 9 days ago
We love Juiceman here in NC潘返
Freddie Burnett
Freddie Burnett 9 days ago
不不不不不不不不不不不 OJ @ 44:05
Rayray sackrite
Rayray sackrite 9 days ago
Monskee Dill
Monskee Dill 9 days ago
Yall supposed to mentioned Whitney Houston with them female questions
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