Can You Have Two People Beefin' Be On The Same Track?

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22 days ago

On the latest episode of #BIGFACTS, DJ Scream, Big Bank, Baby Jade & special guest #BankrollFreddie talk rap beef and whether or not you can have two people that have beef on the same track. #podcast

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Cameron Frierson
Cameron Frierson 4 days ago
Yo Scream cold wit the transition of these interviews 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
cloudy ass diamonds #betnot
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
I thought you were innocent
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
5 kids dam
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
lam urus my baby
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
escalade yes don't play #boss
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
nigga don't owe you no loyalty #facts
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
the hate is real
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
money talks bullshit walks wtfym m-town representating
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
no killing no more respect life periodtttttt
Ro M
Ro M 14 days ago
brilliant idea
Henny Money
Henny Money 16 days ago
Big Facts on Revolt?! Turn up!
Abdiwahab Abdi
Abdiwahab Abdi 17 days ago
why they wearing hijabs lately? smh
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins 19 days ago
Some artists can put aside differences for that cash LOL i'm a local singer myself 🎤
Wi- Fli
Wi- Fli 21 day ago
Stomp- Buck x Ti x Luda
Murphy2x 21 day ago
Literally everything he said was facts this interview is crazy lol
yusef hasan
yusef hasan 21 day ago
That 2 watches on at the same time is corny AF. IMO
WavyProphet 20 days ago
That shit not affecting you personally. Let the young nigga do him
ΜƱɌDΔΜΔŊ XXXĹ 21 day ago
Come on now we just saw Jeezy and Gucci on stage together. 💯
John Wayne
John Wayne 21 day ago
LL cool j and Canibus beefed on the same song, so did T.I. and Luda
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 21 day ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 21 day ago
Revolt tv is the best
blessdunn 21 day ago
Jay-z and drake on Pound Cake
3 kills
3 kills 21 day ago
LL. And epmd .
Savage sisters 101
Savage sisters 101 21 day ago
Yes its been done a 1000 of times remember $money talks!!!!
Johnny Ruiz
Johnny Ruiz 21 day ago
Nobody raping these ppl Lml
Urso Major
Urso Major 21 day ago
The Game & Yukmouth did it in the early 2000s.
ghost writer
ghost writer 21 day ago
Stomp or 4321 are examples...
Castro The Prince
Castro The Prince 21 day ago
It depends if you don't know that the two people you're working with are beefing and they agree to do it then yeah it's okay. But if you know they're beefing and you do it anyways it just comes off as you're trynna create drama.
6way 00
6way 00 21 day ago
Ti Luda on that stomp remix
Mike J Womack
Mike J Womack 21 day ago
Chris Black
Chris Black 21 day ago
Dude in the red looks like George Floyd
Sean Briggs
Sean Briggs 22 days ago
Uh yeah. . .
If they are ROCNATION artists...they can...because they both snitches🤣🤣🤣
Demetrius Antoine
Demetrius Antoine 22 days ago
Absolutely!!! Music is a unifier! Doing it with respect could help squash a beef.
Castro The Prince
Castro The Prince 21 day ago
Doing it can also cause them to diss each other on the same track and make the beef worse lol
BAD DECISION 22 days ago
Yes you can it's been done plenty of times
The Alkebulan Trust
The Alkebulan Trust 22 days ago
That's how LL Cool J vs Canibus started...true or correct?
Crystal Matthews
Crystal Matthews 21 day ago
I thought they started beefing after the song
Curtis75Black 22 days ago
Correct !!
Curtis75Black 22 days ago
True !!
Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown 22 days ago
Yea !! That’s dope actually
BUDDY LAWRENCE 22 days ago
50 cent and game
Whoopi McLaurin
Whoopi McLaurin 22 days ago
Ready Player 2
Ready Player 2 22 days ago
Ludacris & T.I comes to mind....also L.L & Canibus but i think that's as public as it gets when it comes to guys beefing on the same track
Devin Young
Devin Young 20 days ago
@Black Wolf word tho my guy
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 20 days ago
@Devin Young oo ok gonna have to check that put
Devin Young
Devin Young 20 days ago
@Black Wolf LL's I Shot Ya (literally the first 2 verses)
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 20 days ago
@Devin Young wait what song was this?
Devin Young
Devin Young 21 day ago
Keith Murray & Prodigy, LL Cool J & EPMD too
JoJo Ross
JoJo Ross 22 days ago
Luda an TI did it on stomp shout out to @youngbuck
KuntryIsAwesome 21 day ago
Actually TI did his verse first not knowing Luda would be on the track
Seth Felt
Seth Felt 21 day ago
Facts....people forgot about that.
Cesar 4nier
Cesar 4nier 21 day ago
@Ajh viSions it did. And I had the album when it first came out. Luda said please stay of the T I P of my D and I remember TI replied with some then say “that’s Ludicrous”. Lol
Riffie Tartt
Riffie Tartt 21 day ago
And it wasnt planned like dat
Ajh viSions
Ajh viSions 21 day ago
Final cut version... T.I’s verse didn’t make the album tho
SPL MAFIA 22 days ago
Kobe Ermias Shakur
Kobe Ermias Shakur 22 days ago
Facts im beefing with Pooh Shiesty at the moment in Nawf Memphis. I still rock with Durk tho 💯
JoJo Ross
JoJo Ross 22 days ago
JayGreenzThose 22 days ago
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