Is Allen Iverson A G.O.A.T.? The "Big Facts" Crew Discuss What It Means To Be A G.O.A.T.

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15 days ago

The #BIGFACTS crew talk what it means to be the "Greatest Of All Time," who is a G.O.A.T. in music, basketball, football & more.
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Tyrhol Biosphere
Tyrhol Biosphere Day ago
You have to measure GOATS in their moment. Plus it is interchangeable. Basically, The goat decides who is the goat.
4ever Young
4ever Young 7 days ago
If you talk sport championship then bill Russ is the goat I like Jordan but let’s be real. 6 can’t beat 11 rings
StormDyer 8 days ago
Kodaq always saying some nut ass shit smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
effetang 10 days ago
Yo im from France, USA is not even my country but im amazed how pretty much all of yall cant make sense on this
Jay Murthy
Jay Murthy 11 days ago
Jay Z isn't the GOAT for me. He didn't have the universal impact Pac did
papi kza
papi kza 12 days ago
papi kza
papi kza 12 days ago
B. O.
B. O. 13 days ago
They changed rules to try to slow him down. The refs systematically removed his signature move by calling carry on him every time because he was breaking everybody off. Changed the dress code and amongst other things. He’s an icon for sure.
Kaboni Vice
Kaboni Vice 13 days ago
Gay Z tarnished everything he ever did business music because he hang out with DEA informants
Kaboni Vice
Kaboni Vice 13 days ago
AI is a GOAT AI even better than KOBE AI had pure skills and heart no size Everybody else had size maybe pure skills and maybe heart
Prince Amu
Prince Amu 13 days ago
yea you're right goat is a process and a path that takes years
Sucram Sucram
Sucram Sucram 13 days ago
Michael Jackson the GOAT of Music.
nobody exceptme
nobody exceptme 13 days ago
Aint none of these niggas ever gone be Michael Jackson when it comes to this music.
nobody exceptme
nobody exceptme 13 days ago
Great convo
kyle 13 days ago
It’s AI!
Kelvin Little
Kelvin Little 13 days ago
A I has always been my GOAT.Imagine him at 6,8 or even 6,6 like Kobe & Mike.
Malik McMillan
Malik McMillan 13 days ago
@ 11:51 Jack Johnson the heavyweight champ the movie king king was made to represent look up the history had a white wife back in the 1930s they hated his rich ass and he didn't give af
Jthrillz 728
Jthrillz 728 13 days ago
He was better than Jordan. And had he not been restricted from winning a couple rings. His game wouldn't have faded out later on in his career like it did.
Jthrillz 728
Jthrillz 728 13 days ago
He'd have two or three rings easily if the orchestrated NBA was played organically.
YoSexy Gamer
YoSexy Gamer 13 days ago
You can judge The Goat, of rapp with money, because the Times it's different amount of money being made.. NFL championships have money Value...But understandably...There's no NFL Goat, because that Athletic Ability, If I sad Lawrence Taylor..Or Dion How You gone argue...One Topic, Not business moves, Wrong topic
shawnmajicwand 13 days ago
Funny my LeBron 11 everglades and aways are my most complemented shoe
A J 13 days ago
Music Quality x Longevity is the measurement of musical Greatest.
A J 13 days ago
Too much emphasis on Money. Especially in the music game.
ABOVE 818 13 days ago
I remember back when the g.o.a.t. was only used for one person M.J Now the term is thrown around like a Kardashian
magnificent Williams
magnificent Williams 13 days ago
I feel like what they did in music really counts over the money especially when your have a record that has been duplicated other songs and albums that have been classic was we still rocking with them every project
magnificent Williams
magnificent Williams 13 days ago
Not because jay z got 🍞 he had shit 🔥 for ten summers!!!!!
704 Charlotte Bound
704 Charlotte Bound 14 days ago
Pac is the GOAT in my eyes his influence still hits feel this day everything he rap about still going on now people just don't want to say it and automatically give it to Jay but if pac and biggie was here do jay still have the same career?.
Matt Beatty
Matt Beatty 14 days ago
"11:55 that nigga don't even sound like no goat.😂😂😂 disrespectful but funny lol
Malcolm Muhammad
Malcolm Muhammad 14 days ago
Hell yeah..... It was 1 game but he beat the Lakers when they could've went undefeated that year in the playoffs 💯
blacknessss two 9
blacknessss two 9 14 days ago
Bruh why must every man she speak of gotta be called a ni**a smh these man have names it’s annoying af we need a counter on here to see how many times she gonna say that lol
Bob Madden
Bob Madden 14 days ago
A G.O.A.T is a person not a team so in basketball the player with the best all around stats in the same amount of playing time(years in the league) should be considered the G.O.A.T and championships would determine the GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME
WavyProphet 14 days ago
AI carried a team of bums to the NBA Finals. Of course.
O. NEAL 14 days ago
Just like Jordan changed the game, AI changed the game. AI brung the hood to the league. Niggas in the league changed their style because of AI. The greatest in the rap game, it’s Pac for me, everybody still still chasing him. Mary J tops Beyoncé. Beyoncé too mainstream.
Sophie Wilkins
Sophie Wilkins 14 days ago
Clayton Fleming
Clayton Fleming 14 days ago
If yall talking rings 💍 Michael Jordan don't have the most rings
Sano One Likes Hip-Hop
Sano One Likes Hip-Hop 13 days ago
Not even the 2nd most
Badlands Badman
Badlands Badman 14 days ago
AI broke ankles and records of goats while changing the game so drastically that the NBA made multiple rule changes because of him. If that ain't GOAT status idk wtf is!
Shelli Sands
Shelli Sands 14 days ago
Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby 14 days ago
First time seeing this podcast, n this have to be the most unattractive cast lol
Styles! 14 days ago
Being called an OG verse Old mos def different!
TheFlY ENT 14 days ago
Ol boy on drake nutts he'll never come on any black person radio show podcast or nothing yet erry body praises him. He's the greatest of his time but relax people!!!
yung world
yung world 14 days ago
Bank is A wizard with the game bra be saying some of the realest shit ever .
Ywn Reactions
Ywn Reactions 14 days ago
Robert Russell
Robert Russell 14 days ago
MR.BRODYMAN 14 days ago
Can't be A greatest of all time. There's only THEE greatest of all time, and everyone else.
The Uppercut
The Uppercut 14 days ago
Aretha is GOAT
Ro Young
Ro Young 5 days ago
yung world
yung world 14 days ago
Bra there's no such thing as a goat man you can't compare an athlete or rapper from the 80s to 90s to the 2000s life changes technology changes styles of play changes the styles of music changes. The greatest is an era game each era got it's most dominant individual.
The Uppercut
The Uppercut 14 days ago
Kareem is GOAT
Seth Triplet34
Seth Triplet34 14 days ago
You guys can have your opinion but Jay Z was just good with business and has one of the most beautiful talented women ever as his wife...He was not even a great rapper in my opinion...and neither is Drake...hes an annoying Scorpio Singer from Canada!!! My top 5 rappers of all time are The Notorious B.I.G 2 Pac Jadakiss Styles P Big Pun...Fabulous and Big L are right there as well...I would say Biggie is my GOAT but Pac is right there with him...he was sooo very poetic and way ahead of his time in terms of what he said and how he could see the things that would happen in the future!!!
Truth B. Told
Truth B. Told 14 days ago
There is no Goat...It's all opinionated that can't and won't be official
CJ Johnson
CJ Johnson 14 days ago
Hell yeah he is.
Bibi Chino
Bibi Chino 14 days ago
Kee White
Kee White 14 days ago
Money don't make you the goat.. y'all sound silly..
Mr. Onnat
Mr. Onnat 14 days ago
Cant believe this is being questioned. The title specifically says “a G.O.A.T.” Yes he’s one of the greatest of all time. Hands down.
BigJig180 14 days ago
Big Sig Tony
Big Sig Tony 14 days ago
The gall of you debaters. Yall bored? Is rain wet? do gunshots hurt? Stop playin wit A.I name
Data B Lite
Data B Lite 14 days ago
Pound for pound AI was the best to ever play the game. Even better then MJ! He play against Giants broken up and he slayed them time and time again!
Data B Lite
Data B Lite 13 days ago
@shawnmajicwand What! Barry Sanders the best without a ring! It takes a team to get a ring. Barry Sanders was Michael Jackson on the field!
shawnmajicwand 13 days ago
AI is a legend you can't be the best if you never one Barry sanders isn't the goat because he never won
Allen Scott
Allen Scott 14 days ago
I was about to post the same exact thing bruh, pound for pound yessir! Even Momba God Bless Tha Dead 🙏....said after that game 1 loss in the finals; they had to plan & strategize a way to stop AI.
BigJig180 14 days ago
Its not Jaz Z because its not about the money cause he money have came off his records sells
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 14 days ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
PAC 14 days ago
Iverson is EASILY the 3rd or 4th best shooting guard of all-time. #1 Jordan and #2 Kobe RIP 🙏. Iverson is what PHI was all about and he carried that franchise on his back on a nighty basis. He deserves all the love and respect he gets.
Seth Triplet34
Seth Triplet34 14 days ago
I couldn't agree more...very well said...He is my favorite player of all time...2nd Is Steph Curry and 3rd Dwayne Wade!!! I was in Brooklyn at my friends house when Kobe dropped that 63 on Toronto watching the NBA Highlights...will never forget that night...R.I.P Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter Gianna one with everyone else who was on that plane!!!
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 14 days ago
Revolt tv is the best
Lisa Lee Nobles
Lisa Lee Nobles 14 days ago
Designz R Us
Designz R Us 14 days ago
A goat of what?
Jeaux Play The Cannibal
Jeaux Play The Cannibal 14 days ago
Kinda dumb ass question is this... AI is definitely a 🐐
The Truth
The Truth 14 days ago
DUH !!!!!!!!
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