Lennox Lewis On Fighting Mike Tyson & Holyfield, Being A Heavyweight Champion & More | Drink Champs

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19 days ago

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. In this episode, we chop it up with Olympic gold medalist and retired undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis!
From growing up in East London to the Boxing Hall of Fame, the former athlete shares his origin story, starting with his amateur career to winning the gold medal in the 1988 Olympic Games.
Lennox also talks his legendary fights against Evander Holyfield, and Iron Mike Tyson, as well as recalls meeting the iconic Nelson Mandela and much more!
Don’t miss his new documentary titled “Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story” streaming now!
In this episode, we are also joined by DrinkChampSports!
Make some noise!!! 🏆🏆🏆
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Aaron Mattu
Aaron Mattu 32 minutes ago
Tshepo Mogale
Tshepo Mogale 12 hours ago
Lennox Lewis is the absolute coolest
Kawuan Farrisj
Kawuan Farrisj Day ago
I always wonder what was he up to now days good seeing him true champ
Cells HD
Cells HD 2 days ago
*Rushes straight to streaming services to check out the documentary*
Rashaad Simmons
Rashaad Simmons 2 days ago
Lennox is one of the coolest drunk i ever seen 🔥 🔥
Natty F5
Natty F5 2 days ago
What are the make and model of the glasses NORE is wearing in this interview?
Rey Gold Evans
Rey Gold Evans 2 days ago
Reggie Noble, The most realist, hip hop, rapper, in this game. No hype, no jewels, no cars. Nada.
Steve Biko
Steve Biko 3 days ago
Lewis said " he never been bitten by a human before " 😅
Nebby Nebz
Nebby Nebz 3 days ago
Crazy baal heads isn't talking about the lack of hair on ones head the meaning refers to Baal the ancient Egyptian storm and war god . Baal heads means war heads
Nedim Slatina
Nedim Slatina 3 days ago
This is a great fucking interview
Zeeuks Cohen
Zeeuks Cohen 3 days ago
I proud to be a Jamaican I love Lennox Lewis but I love Tyson
Caren Shawnee
Caren Shawnee 3 days ago
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N Z iwi kiwi
N Z iwi kiwi 3 days ago
Earth is not a spinning ball of water lol
Checkers Lane
Checkers Lane 3 days ago
Out of all the fighters from the 80's and 90's era........Lenox Lewis looks the best today. Still sounds and looks great. Pretty much every other fighter from that period has obvious issues today. Riddick Bowe., Holyfield, Tommy Hearns etc. Even Mike Tyson
monta ellis
monta ellis 4 days ago
So much respect for this man. That was a great interview. A great inspiring boxer but this was bigger than boxing.
J Gun
J Gun 5 days ago
Lewis is the most dominant heavy champion in the history of the sport!! RESPECT. But Nore, he needs to loose some of those guys in the background. They add no value. Geeze.
christopher vasquez
christopher vasquez 5 days ago
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Sneak Attack
Sneak Attack 5 days ago
The goofy chill sporadically suppose because balloon suprisingly moor in a noxious spaghetti. macabre, fresh theory
UDOH NSIKAK 5 days ago
Lewis lewis licked some lips after fighting vitali klitschko.
Sankofa Adinkra
Sankofa Adinkra 5 days ago
Lenox is the king of boxer of all time Salute champ
Chief Walker
Chief Walker 5 days ago
If anything Lewis proved he is a Drink Champ
Clarence Barnes
Clarence Barnes 6 days ago
JIMMY henchmen was with tyson that day to
llong3316 6 days ago
The Lion...top 5 heavyweight ever!
Clarence Barnes
Clarence Barnes 6 days ago
lewis vs rahman 2 classic especially the knockout
Lenox Beating The Brakes Off Them Drinks😂😂
hannibal Burgess
hannibal Burgess 7 days ago
He was a beast ...one of the greatest.he was like the tim duncan of boxing ...not flashy or entertaining but he just got the job done ...I just wish he could of caught tyson in tyson prime ...he blossom late in his career
Cin City TV
Cin City TV 7 days ago
"Let's you know you are a maniac when you like violence"😂
Papz Online
Papz Online 7 days ago
History and science lool alot of chemistry in this interview great episode nothing better when the guests indulge and dont shy away from the drink aha
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell 7 days ago
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Lewis Mpangala
Lewis Mpangala 7 days ago
Drunk Lennox looks J white
Ruben Casanova
Ruben Casanova 7 days ago
Taylor vs Chavez sweet pea whooped Chavez ass
Husayn 7 days ago
NORE know about Brixton! 👌🏻
Gary Corr
Gary Corr 7 days ago
Lennox said that he can't be faded ❕
J 7 days ago
where is the docu?
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 7 days ago
Lennox had around ten losses as a pro and got the chance to have rematches with 5 of them. Avenged all 5 and 4 by knockout. Nobody ever beat him twice!!! Very similar to Muhammad Ali, nobody beat him twice either.
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 7 days ago
Pepe Correa trained the very next guy Lewis fought after Lennox left for Manny, and that fighters name was Lionel Butler.
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 7 days ago
To be fair to Biggs, he was rushed into a title shot as a 15-0 novice and put in with Prime Mike Tyson and the beating he took ended his career.
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 7 days ago
How can u do a proper interview when drunk
llock3hart 8 days ago
Lennox having Nore and crew take all of those shots with that picking game was hilarious. Nore was struggling with Lennox refusing to select one over the other.
Puffdad gee 🤣
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 8 days ago
It’s typical that they had to mention the transgender issue in the documentary as it’s the fashion to mention it everywhere nowadays. There was no need at all to mention Frank Maloney’s situation now as it’s post Lennox’s career.
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 8 days ago
They used to call him champagne Lenny.
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 8 days ago
The song crazy bald heads was actually talking about the British law makers who in court would wear those white wigs, underneath they were usually bald. So Bob Marley was talking about chasing the British and those in charge out of Jamaica.
shawnese fisher
shawnese fisher 8 days ago
I used a portajohn in Jordan after getting food poisoning. After emptying my bowels, i realized there was no tp. I was wearing chucks with no socks, so I couldnt wipe with my socks. The only thing available was some dirty balled up shit on the floor. Yes I'm ashamed
Dawei Lee
Dawei Lee 8 days ago
Lennox has really let go of that clean living he used to as champ.
Platinum plum
Platinum plum 8 days ago
Sorry Lennox, I don't have to listen to "her truth" and she isn't the first black woman in the royal family. Queen Victoria adopted a black girl who became a legitimate Princess, and just so you know Harry is the only royal that's been in trouble for racism and I'd much rather take note of THE truth than HER truth.
JS2000 8 days ago
I used to play chess as a kid until I got sick of constantly losing to my cousin! No matter how much I practiced, or what smart moves I put in place, he always outwitted me. Like in Boxing, sometimes you just have to admit you lost to the better man!
Always tell my pops nobody beats Tokyo Buster...And Lennox with steward and the bun in his hair.UNBEATABLE!
llong3316 6 days ago
Manny Rasco
Manny Rasco 9 days ago
Big Respect to Lennox! No doubt. Classy Dude! But anyone who knows boxing knows Mike was already washed when they fought. Yes, Mike’s mystique still make the fight interesting, and actually had me thinking he could potentially win that fight. But this was five years after biting off Holyfield’s ear, and his fourth from last fight of which two were very sad and disappointing losses to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson 9 days ago
anthony brown
anthony brown 9 days ago
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Crypto B
Crypto B 9 days ago
drinkchamps nft
Nitty03RD 10 days ago
Where can I find this documentary?
2Stroke Tyson
2Stroke Tyson 10 days ago
they stop making sense after the shots during the questions everything past the hr & a half mark is just drunk uncle talk
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes 11 days ago
Lennox said Nore couldn't get him faded.. I can't tell bro😂😂😂😂
godofthisshit 11 days ago
Catskills aint by no damn Canada. It's upstate but closer to NYC than Buffalo.
John Bean
John Bean 11 days ago
Lennox Lewis is the Undisputed Heavyweight Drink Champ of the world
H & M
H & M 11 days ago
Lennox is a descendant of Jamaica (Bob Marley) and I truly respect him, but Iron Mike who is younger than him and twice smaller than him.......Where was Lennox in the 80's when Iron Mike was untouchable ? Hmm Oh STAYING OUT OF HIS WAY until Mike was way down....real tawk. Iron Mike forever.
KD SWAGGER 11 days ago
Lennox Lewis went from Boxing Champ to Drink Champ... Great interview MAKE SOME NOISE!
Ray G
Ray G 11 days ago
paystyles 11 days ago
Lewis drinking them under the table intentionally
UK JAMAICAN! 11 days ago
Only an American would hear Lennox speak and call that “proper” it’s like anyone who’s black and able to string to coherent sentence together is seen as prim and proper lol. You guys haven’t got a clue about anything that’s not American
Raymond Rosario
Raymond Rosario 11 days ago
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catalina reed
catalina reed 11 days ago
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Derrick Fullard
Derrick Fullard 11 days ago
I tried my hardest to hate Lennox Lewis over the years cause I was such a huge Tyson fan. Watching him box made me like him a little more. But this interview solidified that he's cool AF! I'd buy homie a bottle. Respect!
jaxxcapone 11 days ago
The pugilist specialist could box but his chin was suspect
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 11 days ago
Watch Lennox Lewis the untold story, it really puts this in perspective
9th gate dim
9th gate dim 11 days ago
We need sir mix alot ASAP
Malcolm Dotson
Malcolm Dotson 11 days ago
A good question to ask Lennox when they were talking about Emmanuel Steward would be this. Lennox had Emmanuel for a crucial part of his career. The question to Lennox would be, "what would Mike Tyson be if Cus had lived a decade longer?"
GOD'S SON 8 days ago
Hmm something to think about.
Malcolm Dotson
Malcolm Dotson 11 days ago
Tyson punched Don King in the face....
Malcolm Dotson
Malcolm Dotson 11 days ago
Drink Champs came out blazing and then fizzled.....at least for me and the generation I came up in. I have no quarrels about the other shows, they may have been for others but not for me. It has been a minute since I tuned in. Thank you Drink Champs.
Baffs Boxingtv
Baffs Boxingtv 12 days ago
Lennox was gone...... but on the whole. Lennox is a very intelligent guy with a strong energy/presence...... hut he was drunk asf. Legendary 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
paystyles 12 days ago
Water Champs
Fly4LifeRecords 12 days ago
Lennox the real champ!!! No guy test! Seen!!!!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
leon McLovin
leon McLovin 12 days ago
Lost my respect when he said mayweather
Phil Daniels
Phil Daniels 12 days ago
Lennox Lewis singlehandedly dismantled heavyweight boxing with that boring ass fight style.
Serious Bok R.
Serious Bok R. 12 days ago
Tyson usually checked on the well being of his opponents after fights. They just hardly ever showed it.
dre9525 12 days ago
where is the tiger bone?
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 12 days ago
Lewis beat Tyson like u beat eggs in a kitchen lol!!!!!!!
Billy Young
Billy Young 12 days ago
That intro was so cringe 😩
Tony Tc
Tony Tc 12 days ago
Wanna know why he didn't fight Vladimir a second time get that belt bac?
Welshy King
Welshy King 12 days ago
Lennox chose violence with these shots 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃 😂😂😂
Harris Fleetlinx
Harris Fleetlinx 12 days ago
I can't lie I didn't use to like Lenox because I could tell other boxers was scared of him. Nuff respect Champ 🏆
Swag And Kicks
Swag And Kicks 12 days ago
1:25:14 Lennox Lewis den got drunk and he getting Nore drunker 😁😁😁😁😁
King Chris
King Chris 12 days ago
Lenox Lewis had nore gone 🤣😂🤣😂
Kevin Ross
Kevin Ross 12 days ago
King los need a interview
I wish you guys would have asked why eurocentric Brits don't call him Sir Lennox Lewis? What must he do to earn that type of title of respect?
sluana1 10 days ago
He just blew hope of a knighthood by taking Meghan markles side. I'm surprised he called piers Morgan a bully I thought they were friends.
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane 12 days ago
I don’t think Lennox care about that bs
BLACK TALK TODAY 12 days ago
I love lenox
THE ONE 13 days ago
NORE get in the gym or something...you starting to look weird AF
Yellavision Richardson
Yellavision Richardson 13 days ago
1 more great interview never looked at Lenox Lewis in so many different ways
Anton Zorin
Anton Zorin 13 days ago
This is Hip Hop !! Lennox and Mandela were both on Talib and Hi Tek album !!!
Ramesh Hansa Ravendra
Ramesh Hansa Ravendra 13 days ago
@37:00 meldrick taylor vs chavez
Gus Garcia
Gus Garcia 13 days ago
Lenox is full of shit..But it's positive so cheers 🍻
Jay R
Jay R 13 days ago
Word!!!! I'm not the only one on here saying this. Yo fam how you going to make THE CHAMP!!!! Open his own bottle?......smh
000 0000
000 0000 13 days ago
Lewis is feeling real good... He seems like a chilled person and a good vibes spirit.. If Lewis was 32 yrs and in shape he would whop Tyson Fury and AJ.... Yeah! You heard right!
GOD'S SON 8 days ago
C. KHiD 13 days ago
Drunk as shit LOL Shout out Nore and 57th Ave.. They supported me early on ... a young brotha from down south .. Not even sur how them 57th ave cats knew my connection
sage saiyan
sage saiyan 13 days ago
Lennox lweis the best 😎
Calvin Canty
Calvin Canty 13 days ago
The voracious cell phenotypically travel because pamphlet largely damage plus a royal violin. lame, hideous high paperback
WAVES & WALLYS 13 days ago
Catskills is north of NYC, below Albany. Buffalo is on the Western side of NY state. Buffalo is very close to Canada, Catskill is very close to Massachusetts. FYI.
Marcus Witty
Marcus Witty 13 days ago
N.O.R.E the best no disrespect Tyson shot out Lennox both brilliant thinker's History walks with them
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