Bankroll Freddie On Linking With Quality Control, Gambling Habits, Trickin' & More | Big Facts

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29 days ago

Is it TRICKIN' if you got it? The #BIGFACTS posse has a real debate on this episode.
#BankrollFreddie joins the squad to also discuss his career, linking with #QualityControl, new music, past gambling habits, and more!
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AriYa Yasharahla
AriYa Yasharahla 3 hours ago
Exactly Atlanta be on that tricking we from the country that’s lame if you tricking period.. THATS WHY ITS CALLED TRICKING YOU TRICKING THESE FEMALES WITH YOUR MONEY.. you got no game so you trick your money.. lame
Tony Snow
Tony Snow Day ago
Big facts should start asking these young niggas how much they saving for when the rap shit is over with. How are they investing and if they are investing. How many assets do they own.
Briel Jones
Briel Jones 3 days ago
Frying a girl out is tricking
Briel Jones
Briel Jones 3 days ago
Aye bank it’s some weird dudes out here that just give out money just because they’re bored
DaDSon ColdKnox
DaDSon ColdKnox 4 days ago
Ain't HomeGirl from Detroit?
Financially Focused
Financially Focused 6 days ago
Women love complicating shit man trickin is trickin on any level how much money you spend or what you buying don’t matter it’s the act shorty
C. Moore
C. Moore 6 days ago
She out the loop
Rock Fresh
Rock Fresh 6 days ago
U spending and she ain't bending u simpin period 💯 big bank black too real 💯
Javarus Montgomery
Javarus Montgomery 7 days ago
It’s tricking and then it’s some sucka shit. It’s a thin line.
Boxing Forever
Boxing Forever 7 days ago
So is it tricking when you don’t want anything in return? Bc that will be prostitution then
Kemp Logistics
Kemp Logistics 8 days ago
I love the big facts podcast man..
G R 8 days ago
So if u get a hoe a $10 Uber/Lyft, I guess you trickin. According to Scream 😒
TzTv3 9 days ago
Is dat nigga standing up sleep
Dijon Sharpe Network
Dijon Sharpe Network 10 days ago
Na that’s Tricking
Trevon Hall
Trevon Hall 10 days ago
Lmaooo why do women do that? She jus don’t wanna be wrong so bad 🤣🤣 she jus didn’t want to say trick.
Yella 13 days ago
It ain’t trickin if you got it but you can’t call a dude a bum ass nigga for not being able to afford to take up a female slack 🤷🏽‍♂️
Thomas Stokes
Thomas Stokes 13 days ago
Trickn' is basically having expectations for something in return.. simple
Madden v Valdez
Madden v Valdez 13 days ago
Bill bellamy how to be a player movies was on bet other day he didn't spend shit
ThaRealBlacKMamba 14 days ago
TUNED IN #BlackMambaNorthMemphis
Vince Breeze
Vince Breeze 14 days ago
bankroll who?
Dejuan Yates
Dejuan Yates 14 days ago
Lil buddy in the black hoodie sleepy as hell 💤 Lmao 😂😂😂😂
Mook 84
Mook 84 15 days ago
Big bank gotta fat dude chuckle laugh lol. He dat nigga doe salute
Douglas Da Arnold
Douglas Da Arnold 16 days ago
Jade Johnson
Jade Johnson 16 days ago
Kevo is not BIG30
Darrell Hester
Darrell Hester 16 days ago
The showed kevo money as big 30 lol
Sauce Mandela
Sauce Mandela 16 days ago
1:04:40 man who tf is that 💀that ain’t 30
Brando 501
Brando 501 17 days ago
BILLY D-WEDD 17 days ago
Folk showed kevo money when bank said he got a song with big 30 🤦🏾‍♂️
Streetz Da Don
Streetz Da Don 18 days ago
Bank make it rain tho
Cee Tez
Cee Tez 18 days ago
So proud of my guy.. 💪🏾 NUFF SAID
Jordan Dre
Jordan Dre 18 days ago
Future said it the best! 🎶 “A trick gin be a trick, a hoe gin be a how, a killa gin be a killa. That’s something you need to know. Ain’t no way arounddddddd it” 🎶
BMG Hundo
BMG Hundo 19 days ago
Bra that is not big 30 put sum respect on dat
Arkansas Bo
Arkansas Bo 20 days ago
Good Shit...shouts out to Freddie
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 20 days ago
Let's make this simple.. Trickin for a nigga is spendin money on a bih for shit in return from them. Point blank. Whether you rich or not it's trickin if you EXPECT something in return from spending. Even if you only buy a $10 drink and expect a favor at the end.. Nigga you trickin. If you spending and don't care bout gettin favors then it's not trickin
BruhBruh 20 days ago
1:04:38 that is not Big 30😂😂😂😂
Jarvis mitchell
Jarvis mitchell 20 days ago
Bank hoodie good crazy tho 💯
Tre' Anderson
Tre' Anderson 20 days ago
That’s kevo muney not 30😂
Quint 2.0
Quint 2.0 21 day ago
Why scream so bent on the subject as trickn
Jamison Smith
Jamison Smith 21 day ago
All men done tricked or gone trick in his lifetime
Big Rio
Big Rio 21 day ago
Big Bank just realized he a trick
BoBo Fiftyblockent
BoBo Fiftyblockent 21 day ago
Trickin is Payin to Fuck PERIOD!
Frank White
Frank White 22 days ago
We turnt up 2 Freddie
Bob Barker
Bob Barker 22 days ago
A playa not a trick because a playa can ans will get ssn's and house keys out a bitch... playa can get money out 1 n give it to another bitch and never have drama because he smooth... playas are smooth and if a bih get something out a playa its a bonus... playas usually attract bitches and then drop game and put them in the loop n women usually kno about all there other females or kno that they have them with no issue and drama... thats playa
Mind Visionaires
Mind Visionaires 22 days ago
The interview with Bankroll Freddie starts at 36:00
Fynesse God
Fynesse God 22 days ago
If they buying and not fckn, that’s plucking
Our Culture
Our Culture 22 days ago
Everybody a trick by scream definition
Prod. By Drebo
Prod. By Drebo 23 days ago
This man Bank funny as hell!! 😂
reality recluse
reality recluse 23 days ago
K. RaShaad
K. RaShaad 23 days ago
A trick means she tricked him into thinking she likes him so she can milked him for his paper. He was tricked. A trick.
C Hair100
C Hair100 23 days ago
Jade talking about epic bitches girl have you took a glance in the mirror 😂😂🗣
Amari Smith
Amari Smith 23 days ago
Dave hard ; Dave need a mic
Settboy 20 days ago
Dave funny 🤣🤣
Snook mgb
Snook mgb 23 days ago
Every dude had that one female that would bring him something to eat or pay.
Brandon Gaither
Brandon Gaither 17 days ago
She'll call it gas money or something
MoneyTrain Global
MoneyTrain Global 24 days ago
Free Big Meech 🤝🏴
sand woman
sand woman 24 days ago
Oh girl is annoying. She either don’t listen or can’t articulate her thoughts well.
I swear tricking is one thing pimp c did not go for make them females earn it, it use to be useing ya mouth to pull a female now ya give a female $50 she all in
9999 4life
9999 4life 24 days ago
It really doesn’t matter how people look at it... it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or not.... a trick is someone that pays for services or pays for time/attention. Just because you’re a “John” with swagger doesn’t mean you’re not a trick.
Rudolph Jones
Rudolph Jones 24 days ago
Blessed day everybody tell em like it is dj scream tricking is tricking shout out to big bank the big home and shout out to pretty lady I think her name is lala shout out to the brother with the green hoodie too dj scream a real one God bless everybody and yell love ones have a blessed night
Jay Wilson Media
Jay Wilson Media 24 days ago
Y'all should start putting the time stamp when the interview starts.
It’s Levels To Trickin
bigmick072 24 days ago
It ain't this deep bro. If the FOUNDATION of the relationship between you and a woman is built on you spending money and paying bills, you tricking. Now if you met that woman, ya'll had a connection and felt each other and a relationship started from that, you not tricking by doing for that person. There's a difference
Ball jr
Ball jr 24 days ago
Can we get an update on veli sosa havent heard from him since his son passed Rip
Travis Simpkins
Travis Simpkins 24 days ago
Some people dont even feel like talking they just wanna pay for the cat and get on threw. Thats ballin. A trick wanna lay up cause he on some one on one type vibe. He did alot for the cat... A playa just gonna want to put some money in a chick pocket do them and get on threw
Travis Simpkins
Travis Simpkins 24 days ago
Travis Simpkins
Travis Simpkins 24 days ago
Dont get it twisted Scream aint from the South. He dont get what the get down is! Ha Ha
Milann ThaDonn
Milann ThaDonn 24 days ago
DJ scream s trick🤣🤣 @tino_foreal
Carlton Johnson
Carlton Johnson 25 days ago
1:04:42 🤣🤣Freddie said “Big30” Y’all showed Kevo muney
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan 19 days ago
Shit crazy 😂😂
Trae Harris
Trae Harris 21 day ago
Fr 😭😭😭
Jay Pee
Jay Pee 25 days ago
I don’t care what a another man do with his money live your life gangsta
Celebrate Life
Celebrate Life 25 days ago
36:02 thank me later
Michael Alcorn
Michael Alcorn 25 days ago
HawG Raised!!! #ArkansasBaby
LSai Jarvis
LSai Jarvis 25 days ago
Spend money in exchange for sexual favors, attention, company whatever is or poor TF
LSai Jarvis
LSai Jarvis 25 days ago
Urban Dictionary 3. verb (to trick/trickin'/trickin'off)The act of splurging or spending cash on fulfilling one's sexual desires. A trick is known by the ...
Riko Suavv
Riko Suavv 25 days ago
I don’t wanna offend none of my trick ass partnas 😂😂😂
DaM16gunna 23 days ago
Mariusann68 25 days ago
I like the convo before the interview better than I like the interview sometimes lol
J.A C.O.A 25 days ago
Trickin Is trickin stop It ma’am please don’t do dat we all done spent money we all tricks In the world 🤣😂FACTS 💯
J.A C.O.A 25 days ago
Trickin Is trickin stop It ma’am please don’t do dat we all done spent money we all tricks In the world 🤣😂FACTS 💯
James King
James King 25 days ago
Y'all got it all wrong #bigfacts tricking is providing expensive gifts for the opposite sex knowing that you really don't ball like that and you struggling to impress another. But when you got it you got it it doesn't stain your financial at all goes to it ain't tricking if you got it keyword trick
Marcus Witty
Marcus Witty 25 days ago
WOW not the glasses from players club got feds selling pu/\y for rule
Prints 25 days ago
So im from london and one thing that amazes us is how americans go strip club and just dash big stacks of p's at girls and you guys love it from us looking in it almost looks like culture i heard you guys have strip clubs open in the afternoon, is that tricking? Is pending money in a strip club tricking?
Money Mook
Money Mook 26 days ago
jade Dont say sg w/o say kodak
Clarence Clark
Clarence Clark 26 days ago
Where I'm from the Playas spend the bitches money str8 up!!!
Bobby Jacobs
Bobby Jacobs 26 days ago
Scream on point any nigga giving 🍞 without being locked in with a chick is definitely tricking all this new shit done gave the Game a black eye tricking is tricking
Chicken An Koolaid Podcast
Chicken An Koolaid Podcast 26 days ago
Throwing money in the Strip Club is definitely tricking...
Director Smitty
Director Smitty 26 days ago
If you paying for everything just to get her attention and hit. You a trick. If you living life and invite her to your experience you balling.
geezalito19 26 days ago
Freddie on Point too! 💯
geezalito19 26 days ago
geezalito19 DJ Scream the only 1 that’s talking 💯
geezalito19 26 days ago
If you a Trick then you’re a TRICK💯That don’t have nothing to do with Hatin. You can’t trick if you don’t got it so that line ain’t a excuse #LameIsLame 💯
Joshua Butler
Joshua Butler 26 days ago
Y’all gotta give Dave a interview
WIFI J 26 days ago
Lol this tricking scenario is personal for scream lmao
Quint 2.0
Quint 2.0 21 day ago
On godddd 😂 😂😂😂😂😂
DEANDRE WAY 26 days ago
Scream you right about the tricking thing
James Dunlap
James Dunlap 26 days ago
Niccas cnt justify trickn WHN u spending 🎯 niccas buss dwn for bitches n nt thy kids u a trick nicca💯🏆
Brocc Horton
Brocc Horton 26 days ago
36:08 when bankroll come in Cuz they ain’t talkn bout shittttttt at all
Fifty1Fifty 26 days ago
They gotta get Pooh Shiesty up there now..
MrJuggzmarley 26 days ago
When Jade said “ players only live once “ I felt that 🌻🌻💰💰💰🌹🌻💯💯💯💯🖤🖤🖤
Mark Jones
Mark Jones 23 days ago
Yeah you and Jade probably think alike...😅
Fifty1Fifty 26 days ago
😂😂 that nigga Big Bank Black call every woman a bitch.. I’m surprise “Me Too” ain’t tried to get him off the show yet for that 😂
216malc 26 days ago
Hell Town !
Grass Mask Records
Grass Mask Records 26 days ago
Wicked Arts
Wicked Arts 26 days ago
We know jade single🤣🤣
J. Parks
J. Parks 26 days ago
Tricking = Doing some for a chick that she can't do for herself!
Savage 404
Savage 404 26 days ago
OnGod Jade don’t be talkin bout shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dre Cole
Dre Cole 26 days ago
Jade need more practice or some on this podcast shit she might need to go behind the scenes
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