Should more Black people buy guns for protection? The heated debate | REVOLT BLACK NEWS

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14 days ago

In the first "REVOLT BLACK NEWS" roundtable conversation, Eboni K. Williams moderates a panel with pro-gun ownership guests Geneva Solomon and Maj Toure to breakdown their perspectives on safe gun ownership, why the effort to protect ourselves within the Black community exists, and gun stigmas.
Anti-gun ownership guests also join for a second discussion moderated by Tanya Christian to discuss why they believe guns make the Black community inherently unsafe, and combating the pro-gun narrative. Panelists include Touré and Danielle Moodie.
Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” is a platform that is designed to report news from the perspective of Black people for Black people.
“When I started REVOLT, I always wanted to develop a platform to report the news from our perspective, from our lens, from our people, so I decided to launch ‘REVOLT BLACK NEWS.’” said Combs. “We’re here with solutions. We’ve already heard about what we can’t do, but this is what we can do.”
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rkm0074 Day ago
My goodness, Eboni K is gorgeous 💐
Byron Williams
Byron Williams 3 days ago
I appreciate this panel and discussion. Sadly, as others commented below, the anti-gun speakers did not speak from a position of knowledge or based their opinions on fact. Reaction out of emotion is hardly ever effective. Thoughtful and fact based discussion between both sides of the issue needs to occur. Then actions should be taken from the outcomes of that discourse. Black lives matter, nevertheless, black guns can matter to.
Milan Sidhu
Milan Sidhu 4 days ago
All I hear is sheep noises when those two at the end were talkin
{BlAcKrAiN} {BlAcKrAiN}
{BlAcKrAiN} {BlAcKrAiN} 4 days ago
Black community your favorite racist democratic party wants our guns im a gun owner too! But it's sad i have too have guns for my own people then these racist hatred white man and women!
Green Shooter
Green Shooter 4 days ago
All gun control is racist! We need to legally carry everyday 💯
LoneGRo 5 days ago
In a Racist world black people would not be allowed to own guns.... In a Racist world only the ruling class would be allowed to own guns.
Shakirat Saba
Shakirat Saba 5 days ago
“Underground economy” is new terminology to me. Enjoyed everyone’s takes👍🏾
WongTon 6 days ago
Amen. I want everyone. Every color to have a gun. And be a responsible gun owner. You're responsible for your own safety. No one is coming to save you
ncsteeltoe 6 days ago
Y'all need to check out Colion Noir Buck Doyle Vanleethea Ursula 308 Eric Pettway Hank Strange Black gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates are completely ignored by corporate news media. The community is huge and y'all don't even know because it's kept silent.
Johnny Rizer
Johnny Rizer 7 days ago
She must have a white/latin mom cuz her face looks European😚
Fonqstarr 8 days ago
anti gunners aint seen noooo bs. remember black wallstreet dammit.
Chess Peace
Chess Peace 8 days ago
This anti-gun lady sounds like a complete ignoramus 🤦🏾‍♂️
Thahomie 773
Thahomie 773 8 days ago
Yes black people should buy guns for protection we gotta keep ourselves safe from the others as well as our own kind that’s harming us which is sad
Phillyhorse 8 days ago
I hope toure and Danielle never have a home invasion they going to be food for the criminals that dont follow gun laws. Gun laws only effect people who already follow them.
Independent Debate 2016
Independent Debate 2016 8 days ago
NFAC. Scared the hell out of whites last year. Now they want to have this convo? Smh.
ynw215 9 days ago
lmaoo yall dumb asf😩 guns stop so many crimes lol. there are more guns than ppl in america and it is totally fine lol. would u rather get stabbed? lol yall cannot compare us to new zealand😭😭 its literally 1/36th of the size of america. europe gets bombed instead of shot. austrailia literally had one of the worst mass shootings ever like 3 years ago at 2 mosques... yall are so ignorant to the whole picture
Brandon s
Brandon s 9 days ago
Absolutely black people and every other citizen of the United State should have their second amendment and every other right and be able to use it and exercise it to the fullest extent!! There is one little thing that I started this agree with which is how he said they put the most gun laws in neighborhoods where the most black people are poor minorities... This is true but the reason why it's true is because they continuously put in Democrats and leftists who do nothing but use them and abused them! The entire thing is we've allowed the media and the government especially the left / Democrats to make this into a racial issue! This is much more of a class issue we need to stop looking at each other as in that's a black man or white man more hey that's my fellow American and who gives f what color they are how much melanin they have in their skin!! All that that is is put into separate us and pit us against each other so they can divide and conquer the left has been doing it since the beginning of the democratic party Nation point they started with they were the ones who owned all the slaves if you look not one Republican and I don't mean not one Republican as in politicians I mean not one Republican PERIOD owned slaves at the time of the civil war!! IT WAS ALL DEMOCRATS/DIXIECRATS!!! Then they fought a Civil War in order to keep slavery! After they had lost that they started with the Jim Crow South laws! During and after they lost that they started the KKK! Now to this very day that use the media and institutions that they have taken over in order to push critical race Theory, identity politics and cancel culture! Don't get me wrong I'm not saying Republicans are a bunch of angels! Republicans at this point are just a bunch of spineless cowards for the most part that used to just try to slow down the left... You know the Democrats would come in and say we want to burn the entire house down! The Republicans would come out and say whoa wait a minute wait a minute let's just burn down the bathroom! We'll talk about the rest of the house in a little bit. Now they're not even really doing that! You can look and see that the left is constantly pushing their agendas and most of them take away your rights and freedoms meanwhile that Republicans seem to sit there and not do a damn thing! I can't remember the last time they came out and said oh what's that leftists want to push for National Healthcare if they want that we want National Guns and second amendment for everyone! And I know that's being hyperbolic in a way and saying that but if you want everyone who wants to keep their original Health provider or can't even afford to do it to pay a fine well okay then every American gets a firearm and the people who refused have to pay a fine! Once again I know it's hyperbolic but I'm just trying to use an example that is really extreme appoint that Galactus constantly pushing and pushing while the Republicans or at the very very most slowing it down just a tiny bit every once in awhile! As I said it's not really a race thing they've made it into one and they've done it on purpose! They know that they're not able to get away with all of the horrible things they do still holding minorities as well as poor white people in places better now known as projects or whatever they want to name them keeping people in slavery pretty much just oppressing them by doing exactly what Mr black guns matter said with the oh it's always in the black areas that have the most gun control. Well it's actually the place is where Democrats and the left are voted in Time After Time no matter how many times they use, abuse and discard the black community as well as literally everyone else! Far leftist send Democrats are the most racist people on the planet they always have been and they still are to this day! They have to keep us divided in order to conquer and keep as well as gather more power as they drift farther and farther towards where they really want to FULL ON AUTHORITARIANISM! THEY HATE US ALL AND THE ONLY REASON THEY EVEN PANDER IS BECAUSE THEY ARE INTERESTED IN USING YOU AS THE COMMODITY THEY SEE IS AS... VOTES!! THATS ONLY UNTIL THEY HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO JUST SAY WE'LL DO WHATEVER WE WANT AND WE DON'T EVEN NEED YOUR VOTES ANYMORE! THEY'RE ALMOST AT THAT POINT ALREADY! I MEAN LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID WITH THE "ELECTION " AND THE TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE!!! Also if you look at the statistics it's abundantly obvious that trump did more for blacks, latinos, whites and literally everyone else than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT in a VERY LONG TIME MAYBE OF ALL TIME! YET THE LEFT AND MSM WERE ABLE TO IN THEIR OWN WORDS "CONTROL THE FLOW OF INFORMATION " AND TARGET EVERYONE SHOWING OR NOT SHOWING, LYING AND USING FRAMING TO MANIPULATE AND PRETTY MUCH FORCE PEOPLE'S OPINIONS! THEY ADMIT TO ALL THIS AND SOOO MUCH MORE IN THE MULTI PAGE TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE BRAGGING AND LAUGHING ABOUT HOW THEY DID IT AND PULLED IT OFF WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS EXCEPT FOR BEING REWARDED THE WHITE HOUSE AND MOST OF THE GOVERNMENT. THEY HAVE ALREADY TAKEN OVER NEARLY EVERY INSTITUTION IN THE COUNTRY! And the rhetoric they put out about quote on quote whiteness is straight out of the Aryan Nation, KKK, Nazi and Brooke! If you are to read their statements about whiteness and change the word whiteness to only white people can which is exactly what they're saying you'll see that they say everyone's a victim and can't do anything on their own without the white man which is as everyone knows complete and total bull!
C J 9 days ago
“The easy access to guns, the prevalence of ar-15s and machine guns, and the ease at which people can acquire guns, go to the store and pop down your money and get a gun.” I DARE you to go down to your local gun store, pop your money down and ask for a “MACHINE GUN” How the hell can you make an argument for more gun safety when you have absolutely no idea about guns or what you have to go through to buy a gun???
R T 9 days ago
Stay strapped or get clapped, kings and queens
R Bee
R Bee 9 days ago
"Weapons mastered, yes, they active, yes, they matter, Maj Toure " - Royce All that needs to be said.
aragorn767 10 days ago
Maj is the only guy running for office that I've donated to.
Tony Snow
Tony Snow 10 days ago
FBA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 B1
416 11 days ago
Yea they definitely should, black people dont have enough guns
SC H 11 days ago
Losers lol
Mïçhäêl N
Mïçhäêl N 11 days ago
"We fought in the majority of u.s wars" Me: And lost a lot of them too...
Nikkii Brown
Nikkii Brown 11 days ago
I'm strapped!
Kendra Brown
Kendra Brown 5 days ago
Congratulations tough guy I'm sure that gun can protect you more than God
DregoFlames 12 days ago
All this capping for the right to vote we need to keep tht same energy with our 2a rights
Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones 12 days ago
Revolt TV is supposedly the authority on gun ownership. Why would a news network started by a rap artist imply that black people purchase guns? It could be due to the majority of hip hop artist that brand blacks as being criminals.
Xavier Brown
Xavier Brown 12 days ago
Whenever someone says magazine clips that can kill 100 people in 60 sec I stop listening they clearly have no education in firearms.. Exercise YOUR rights my niggas #2A
Kablehead 12 days ago
If white people wouldn't have guns then black people wouldn't need guns to protect themselves.
IAmtells 1987
IAmtells 1987 12 days ago
Whatever happened to state of the culture?.🤷🏿‍♂️🤔
King 2 days ago
Justin Vanderpoole
Justin Vanderpoole 12 days ago
There’s a reason why the pro-gun and anti-gun pundits were kept separate. There’s a drastic difference between the responses given to the questions asked. Namely, ‘what is the alternative to protecting yourself if not guns?’ Response..... White people got bazookas....white peoples arming themselves. They did not answer the question. I’m not sure if the answered and it got cut out, but the fallacies in their responses do not gratify the reasoning behind being anti-gun. Just say you don’t like them and move on.
C BROWN 12 days ago
Why y’all ain’t have Collin Noir come on to
ChefRyno Johnson
ChefRyno Johnson 12 days ago
Why all we do is shoot eachother soooo No ..lets bring back fist fights.
Jonate 12 days ago
The problem is criminals don't care about laws. They will rob/kill you with no remorse, especially if they know you can't legally carry a fire arm on you. Look at Chicago for example guns are banned did the killing stop?
DregoFlames 10 days ago
Jonate 11 days ago
@L.C B I see your point. I'm in a state we're you can carry so I place like LA when you can't you are a sitting duck. If you're a law abiden citizen you should be able to purchase and carry a fire arm in any State with a CCW and thats the problem
L.C B 11 days ago
@Jonate I think the problem with that is what Maj pointed out. It’s happening quite a bit to people who aren’t criminals that just want protection but live in areas with strict gun control. That was one of the catalysts behind Black Guns Matter being created. I can’t in any way get behind stripping gun rights away from people who live in the most violent areas. I grew up in south central where not having a gun made you an easy mark for those who didn’t care about any of that and you definitely couldn’t depend on police to protect your rights.
Jonate 11 days ago
@L.C B I think what they need to do is if they catch you with an illegal firearm then you should get a mandatory set amount of time in prison no questions asked.
L.C B 11 days ago
💯 this goes down in hoods everywhere. I gotta question whether very many on the anti gun side have ever been in that kind of environment. They sound really out of touch on this fact.
Miles Kelley
Miles Kelley 12 days ago
I’m a gun guy. I’m pro 2A. I am pro Black folk protecting themselves. And I have had many gun conversations and debates. And the anti gun arguments in this video were completely terrible. I’ve had some decent reasons for the other side that I could respect. It’s almost like y’all brought two terrible viewpoints on to purposely sabotage the anti gun si-... ooooohhhhhhh. I see what y’all did here. Well played Eboni K.
Austin Curlson
Austin Curlson 12 days ago
She's the type of person who wants to ban all assault weapons and mentions Columbine. Columbine happened in 1999 during the midst of the original assault weapons ban(1994-2004)
Phillyhorse 8 days ago
Anti gun people are stupid a AR does the same thing a pistol does when your using it in close quarters. One just looks more deadly than the other, bazookas and machine guns as they call them.
bulldogger71 10 days ago
Great point
DregoFlames 10 days ago
Say it again for the ppl in the. Back
Miles Kelley
Miles Kelley 12 days ago
The prevalence of machine guns? Toure... throw your whole argument away. And how come y’all bring up New Zealand but not Australia? Or the UK?
Donovan Isom
Donovan Isom 12 days ago
Democrats dont want black people to own guns. They never have. Buy an AR-15 to defend your home. Take a concealed carry class and carry a pistol.
DregoFlames 10 days ago
Send them my direction for training
Tarrell Jones
Tarrell Jones 12 days ago
Danielle Moore is a disgrace to the second amendment
Alonzo Hicks
Alonzo Hicks 12 days ago
The pro gun side should've went last seemed edited and rushed more detail and time and definitely emotion went into the antigun side so much misinformation on one side and good information on the other but seemed to me to be purposely stifled do for self educate arm love and protect yourself
Monty J
Monty J 12 days ago
You can’t have this convo if you supported joe biden. Pretty soon we won’t have the right to protect ourselves.
Emerald 7
Emerald 7 12 days ago
floss 2 da 951
floss 2 da 951 12 days ago
I'm not even the big gun dude but I can't do it with these anti-gun folks they crazy as hell
Justin Time
Justin Time 12 days ago
Protect the 2nd amendment
Food Fun and Fuckery de Le Romanov Royal Familia
Food Fun and Fuckery de Le Romanov Royal Familia 12 days ago
We can't even pray I'm school now....f public school teach your kids at home we hint with guns cops e never protecting and serving nothing
Eric Brooks
Eric Brooks 12 days ago
Hell yes! The pigs are out of control!
shaking my head
shaking my head 12 days ago
Of course we should
king King
king King 12 days ago
Fucking right
Jay Clendinen
Jay Clendinen 12 days ago
Black or not black if for protection why not?
Weize 12 days ago
Your country just needs to banned guns altogether
KING P 12 days ago
Hell yeah been strapped since 21
Emman Lays
Emman Lays 12 days ago
Come on what kind of question is this video asking. We should get rid of all guns. You need god in your life girl. 🙏🏾
omenone2000 12 days ago
So Black people shouldn't own guns because white people don't trust us with guns??? That is an illogical argument. That's even more of a reason to own them. "Don't buy guns y'all cause the white boogie man is gonna get ya." Lol
L.C B 11 days ago
It’s racist, full stop. I can’t take anyone serious who says they’re pro black but anti gun. Those tend to be the lil grifties for the DNC.
Lamar Howard
Lamar Howard 12 days ago
Right 🤣
Algonquian Son Weroance
Algonquian Son Weroance 12 days ago
Shonn Woods
Shonn Woods 12 days ago
Toure will get you put back in chains don't listen to him.
Lamar Howard
Lamar Howard 12 days ago
Carlos Pro
Carlos Pro 12 days ago
Huey P Newton gun club
Isaiah Lee
Isaiah Lee 12 days ago
California has very bad laws it’s krazy don’t live in California
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 12 days ago
Wow black folks are really embracing their racism
Exercise your rights if we don't stand together we all fall..
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 12 days ago
Exactly why racism in America is dangerous
chocolatemodel30 12 days ago
Just purchased my first firearm yesterday!👍🏾
chocolatemodel30 11 days ago
@DregoFlames Compact Double Handgun 9mm, 3.5 barrel.
DregoFlames 12 days ago
Congratulations. What you get
vel mula
vel mula 12 days ago
I coped a M&P 9 shield on Tuesday. I love it
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 12 days ago
Yeah get strap u need it
jimmy jones
jimmy jones 12 days ago
Young Toro
Young Toro 12 days ago
The only thing i can tell the anti gun side is that it’s too late. It’s way too many guns in America for us to not have one
JoJo Ross
JoJo Ross 12 days ago
Judah God
Judah God 13 days ago
Yes to answer the question
Jonathan Holloway
Jonathan Holloway 13 days ago
I don’t understand people that calls America racist want to give up their guns it is retarded the same people you were called races are the same people is going to have In force the laws to take away your guns, wake up people keep your guns🤦🏽‍♂️🙏🏽🇺🇸🔫
L.C B 11 days ago
Absolutely. There’s nothing anti-racist whatsoever about wanting gun control. Gun control from its inception on has been racist.
Since '84
Since '84 13 days ago
Why is this a debate?! It should be common sense!
Undrae Craig
Undrae Craig 13 days ago
Hell yea I am from Birmingham Al and I promise 85% of every body got guns women,men,boys,girls,white,black everybody!!!
orion clachar
orion clachar 13 days ago
And those white guys with bazookas look out for them guys
bulldogger71 10 days ago
I was like "WTF is she talking about? Ain't nobody carrying a bazooka!"
KiKi Cooper
KiKi Cooper 13 days ago
Yes indeed
orion clachar
orion clachar 13 days ago
Ahh yes all those 100 people eliminating magazine clips. I'm glad both sides of the conversation is so educated on firearms.
Favion Montgomery
Favion Montgomery 13 days ago
Girl what's wrong with your face? That shit seem lil forced or surgical-like. Other than that, amazing video 👏 ❤❤
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity 13 days ago
I lost my job during the pandemic. I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌍
D33J4Y TH3GR8 13 days ago
Hell yea. We need training too
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 12 days ago
Rasheen Jackson
Rasheen Jackson 13 days ago
Hell yeah but for protecting your family and your surroundings. Savannah Georgia
LeSean Don
LeSean Don 13 days ago
Danielle sounds foolish...but I feel women should feel empowered to take their protection in their own women all have the right...why throw it away?
LeSean Don
LeSean Don 13 days ago
The fact that ppl are debating this is ridiculous...even if there were no mass shootings black ppl should exercise their 2nd amendment right cuz nobody can protect your life better than you can
Rico Rich
Rico Rich 13 days ago
Absolutely but Philando Castile was an NRA member like myself and when that stupid B7/.$ didn’t back him I canceled that shit ASAP! Everyone should own a gun and know proper safety when using and storing. Understand 1 thing the will kill you in your own home. Be safe everyone
Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter 13 days ago
B 13 days ago
Yes get yourself firearms to protect yourself from foreign & domestic enemies. The States has shown time&time again no love for most brown and black people. Take self defense classes also and educate yourself on the Law so before pulling that trigger you'll have knowledge on what to expect.
Watch me Work
Watch me Work 13 days ago
Love the convo
El ra Him
El ra Him 13 days ago
Quotes by Hank Rising, If you don't have a pistol better have a crystal.
Knocked_Moose 13 days ago
Don't have to watch. All guns for all people
L Curry
L Curry 13 days ago
Yes, Yes, Yes, Who in they right mind is gonna depend on a WS government to protect you and your family. Who actually trust a government and judicial system that turns a blind eye to Police killing Unarmed Black People, Not Me. They are not Officers of the public, they are Overseers
Mr. Yamaguchi
Mr. Yamaguchi 13 days ago
no, ur already killing each other in record numbers
Rich Taz
Rich Taz 13 days ago
Without a doubt....
Thomas Lecky
Thomas Lecky 13 days ago
When heaven was passing out pretty Ms. Ebony got a few extra servings and a take home plate... To say the least 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Misty Minded
Misty Minded 13 days ago
Everybody should do what they like... I stay strapped 🤷🏽‍♀️ shxt goes down in my city 😅
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 9 days ago
what about "shit go down in my city" is funnny ? You think crimes like drug deals ,theft, and murders is a laughing matter? You need to grow up.
Misty Minded
Misty Minded 9 days ago
@BoB The Movie Guy “dangerous” and “uncivilized” are not interchangeable words 🥴 go be annoying somewhere else, Bob 👋🏽🙄
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 10 days ago
@Misty Minded thank you for confirming my comment.
Misty Minded
Misty Minded 10 days ago
@BoB The Movie Guy no, I live in a big city and all big cities in America are dangerous 🙄
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 12 days ago
Ur city is uncivilized
dream317 13 days ago
What happened to state of the culture?
The GloryXros
The GloryXros 13 days ago
My nigga Maj!!! Also, sad that alot of y'all seem to agree that black people should stay armed, yet vote differently....but yall ain't ready for that conversation.
Gandhi P
Gandhi P 13 days ago
CV Builder19
CV Builder19 13 days ago
THEY do want to take everyone's guns. When the same ban all Semiautomatics....duh 90% of modern guns are Semiautomatics. Do they realize that the Military use GUNS to protect America everyday. Columbine happened while the Assault Weapons ban was in place.!!? Most schools in the city have security guards or a Police details.
Keyce Andreas
Keyce Andreas 13 days ago
Nobody want to say it so I’ma say it, if more cops got shot they would approach how they handle civilians differently. Black folks never start marching and protesting until a nigga is already dead. Now apply that fact to the other side and we may see some shockingly results. What reason do cops have to not kill whoever they see fit? In a perfect world we could all operate in our lives with respect and sense, but since we can’t my family not gonna be the only ones crying, fuck that. Stay strapped, up it first, if you up it let it bang, and stay safe.
CV Builder19
CV Builder19 13 days ago
Absolutely. The history of Gun Control is rooted in Racism. Laws were passed to keep guns out of the hands of Blacks folks but allowed for Slave Masters and White Supremacist to remain armed. Many of those that pushed for these laws were Democrats.
Chris Budget Gear Review's
Chris Budget Gear Review's 13 days ago
Im glad to see we finally having this conversation. As a legal gun owner for years I been trying to tell our people to get armed and TRAINED. The 2nd amendment applies for us the same way it applies to "them". We as a people need to stop acting "scary" and get legally armed and trained to protect yourself and your family.......🎯....✊🏿
Stanley Johnson
Stanley Johnson 4 days ago
@KO985 I Understood everything u said. In Conclusion, Coming together is the key factor to this all. LeBron and Colin are Relevant in this ofcuz. Coming together is Something Black Americans can't do. It's hard for Black Americans to support each other. We did not support Kaepernick. He lost his Career because we left him alone in a 80% Black league, we let the White men tell us what's right or wrong. Fast forward BLM movement and now everybody saying Kaep was right. If we supported everything like we did for George Floyd, we will get a lot of Laws changed to help us. We are powerful in Numbers. U got cooperation now discussing way to have a Diverse Working Cooperate America. LeBron had the power to hurt their Dollars. No NBA till yall go help us pass some Laws. No NFL till yall go help us pass some Laws. But u had brothers scared to take a stand. The whole world came up to support and we did nothing. America is not the Only Country with Lots of Guns in the Streets. It's the most one sided Racist Country with Lots of Guns. Other countries came up with ideas to help but we did not listen. Whites don't want to change the Laws because of fear of losing power. Togetherness is what we need. One Word One People. If not, we are doomed for more Decades. Clinton, Bushes, Obama, Trump, Biden. There's no such thing as a Honest Politician. It's called Politics. They play their Games. We can't keep thinking they are there for us. It's selfish but we can changed it with another Powerful Movement. Civil Rights Leaders said they've never seen a movement like BLM. We did nothing with all that. No Laws in favor of us yet.
KO985 4 days ago
@Stanley Johnson You not hearing me stan gun control isn’t a black vs white thing its a US vs them thing. You’re welcoming oppression blindly. It takes more than just owning a gun for change. There’s more than 400 million guns in this country over 100 million unregistered/unaccounted for. Only a fool would give up their legal right to bear arms leaving criminals and government armed to dictate at will. Incriminating law abiding citizen in the process thats stupid. I DONT CALL 911!!..I don’t like cops. Instead I exercise my 2nd amendment as my first line of defense and if that fails thats on ME. Its my 1 life to defend NOT YOURS! A gun is my most affected way of doing so. Lebron and kap are irrelevant in this convo even tho i could argue neither one of their political stances were going to succeed from the beginning. Next, cops are still shooting nicc@$ bc we continuously elect the same POS politicians thats suppose to represent us when really they’re FOS pushing their OWN agenda(( JOE BIDEN🤡)))!! .... These tragedies happen in democratic controlled cites. WE are the ones electing trash like mayor lightfoot to power. They control these police departments/ they empower these police unions then when something bad happens they play the blame game or pull the racist card to mind fk people like you into more regulations. They’ve mastered it. Like i said if we unify and stop letting them divide us on simple issues like these imagine how far we can go as a people. The right of the people(tax payers) to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed. Obviously the crackers that stole this country were brilliant men. To enforce what they put together not only did they give you the #1 tool that gives us a fighting chance they made it the 2nd amendment not by accident. I’ll go as far as to say its not even about the guns. We’ve given up enough of our civil liberties to government control it 🛑 now. WE don’t need then BRO. Fk em all!
Stanley Johnson
Stanley Johnson 4 days ago
@KO985 BLM took over and moved the World. What change was made in Washington? What's Change? 7 bullets to a brother and Brianna Taylor. Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his Career and we did not support him. Nobody wanna make sacrifices. LeBron James, most Powerful sports Athlete went to play basketball in the Bubble when the World stood with Us. Instead of canceling sports and let Adam Silva and Goodell go with Us to Washington and demand Change and laws passed. But nahhh, he wanted to play basketball when Cops still shooting Niggas. Look at the viral video of the black military dude getting pepper Sprayed by Cops. They don't respect our service in the military but u think owning a Gun will Change u? 🤦🏾‍♂️
KO985 4 days ago
@Stanley Johnson Come off the plantation stanley. Just bc your scared to die doesn’t give you the right to tell us that aren’t that we should just lied down and die hopelessly. We’ve been getting our @$$ beat, murdered, prosecuted from the beginning and somehow people like you are STILL scared to handle your responsibilities of freedom and equality. Your mind set is why we’ve always been and continue to be the punching bag of mankind. You ever gave deep thought into why the BLACK people we’re the ones enslaved? Why have we always gotten the short end of the stick? I’ve come to a couple conclusions the main one being WE are cowards afraid to die for OURS like the whites, Iranians, Haitians, natives, ect!! Black guns matter man which is why they’ve surrendered most of the inner cities of america to us. Remember california changed its gun laws when the panthers decided to organized and armed up. Imagine what we could do if we’d unify!!..Grow some balls man we all will DIE one day.
Stanley Johnson
Stanley Johnson 7 days ago
My Brother, the 2nd amendment is not for Black People. It has been proven millions of times in American History. The First thing the Cop say after Shooting a Black person is "I thought he had A Gun" I was scared for my Life. If I'm pose to have a Gun as my rights why are they Shooting us First and asking questions later? U kill a black man and then find out he's got a License to Carry, Then what? The man is Dead. Because they got the assumption that all or most Black men got Felonies charges mean u are not allowed to own a Gun. They slapped Felonies on everything in the Black communities to stop us from owning Guns and Voting. So, I don't see where Black's benefits from Owning GUNS. Our Youths are Killing each other because they've got easy access to Guns and the Cops that are supposed to protect us , who are mostly whites, Killing us because they assume we all not supposed to ha e guns because we all have Felonies. Sitting in America and not knowing that other Civilized countries are doing just fine without Guns blinding Americans. I think more Americans needs to travel and do away with that Mentality that Guns is the answer. I'll give u an example. I'm in Australia right now and I was driving from South Australia to Melbourne and got pulled over for speeding at 2am. I got outta my car to talk with the Cop, who was White and alone. 2 AM. Not ones did that Cop touch his gun or felt scared for his Life. You know why? Because he knew I was not a threat. I'll ask u about that scenario in America at 2am. I'll let u answer that. GET RAID OF GUNS. it's not safe and it's more of our Youths that are Dying in these Streets.
It is already THE PROBLEM!! Not up for discussion and then you turn around and have the nerve to wonder how this attitude turns on us! NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A GUN PERIOD!!!! GET RID OF ALL OF THEM INCLUDING COPS LIKE LONDON!!!! Get some heart up in you!
aragorn767 10 days ago
Big ole nope.
Beauty Unraveled
Beauty Unraveled 12 days ago
@CHANTAEY THOMAS It’s ok for us to have differing opinions and share them. I’m not coming for you, take the edge off. It’s all good. We disagree, but I can still respect a differing point of view. That’s actually how we move forward. No one has the total answer, that’s why you have discussions. No one should all think the same
@Beauty Unraveled Guess what beauty-not, we have gun issues, knife issues and every kind of violence issue! Dummy knives don't stab by themselves, guns don't shoot by themselves! Banning them and aggressively punishing people for ownership makes a world of difference to save lives! Did you seriously sit down and feel like you had something to add so you can be heard?? Wrong choice! Totally mindless statements!
Beauty Unraveled
Beauty Unraveled 13 days ago
In London, they have a huge issue with knife crime and people being killed by knives. Guns aren’t the issue. People are. At the end of the day, criminals don’t follow laws and will get a hold of guns. Law abiding citizens who actually follow the law is who will be affected and will be unarmed against those who could care less about a ban
ONEHUNEDx YT 13 days ago
Just wait till all the guns are gone and foreign occupancy decides to move in your home and take away your rights....whom will know you are defenseless... I'm Sure you can talk them out of your you a melanated women can already see asking nicely for rights and freedom hasn't worked. And never will!
_1990_babyface 13 days ago
Dumb Idea
Justin Overton
Justin Overton 13 days ago
Answer: Yes. Next question...
Chris A
Chris A 13 days ago
The gun laws aren't based on race tho ? I don't see the point in saying gun laws are racist ? All law-abiding citizens should be able to protect themselves regardless of color.
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I secretly bought the 'CHEAP' PXG driver!!!!
Junior H - No Cap [Official Video]
Rancho Humilde
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