Jim Jones On The Weekend Weather, Dave Chappelle, Dwyane Wade, Drake's CLB & More | Drip Report

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19 days ago

Get your drip right so you don't slip right. #JimJones​ is back & you know he got you covered! On another episode of #DripReport​​, Jim gets us right with the weekend #weather​​ forecast and we have a special drop in from Vince Staples, as he shares the weather in Long Beach, California and tells us about his new Netflix special. We're also talking the latest news in the culture from Dave Chappelle's new podcast with Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) & Talib Kweli called "Midnight Miracle" Dwyane Wade becoming part owner of the Utah Jazz, and a possible Drake & Chrome Hearts capsule. Stay High, Stay Fly, Stay Dry!
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GangeHrolfr 9 days ago
It's 2021 and TV is getting outdated and my weatherman is now Jim Jones, apparently. The future is fkin weird bruh
Shanice Simmons
Shanice Simmons 11 days ago
I actually love this
numbaoneg101 15 days ago
Chilly Willie 🤣🤣🤣
Monster OG
Monster OG 17 days ago
kah diggy
kah diggy 18 days ago
I love these! ....
Dic Wolf
Dic Wolf 18 days ago
This nigga damn near Fifty Foe Nem
Dakota Reno
Dakota Reno 18 days ago
Jones!! Thank you big homie. I wonder what shoes you going to rock next episode.
BLUE COUTURE 18 days ago
BLUE COUTURE 18 days ago
Chilly Willy yes it was Chilly
BLUE COUTURE 18 days ago
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins 18 days ago
He's so cute👍
Kings County
Kings County 18 days ago
Those 5s are everything.They got yo boy Jim on every week.Lol.I see it.
Keith Williams Sr
Keith Williams Sr 18 days ago
Jimmy you got some explaining to do yo that hoodie not on Dipset Couture.com Where we get that at?
Ro'Shaun Goolsby
Ro'Shaun Goolsby 18 days ago
I think it's a new website on IG that I found through Jim and Cam page called Dipset Empire but unless I'm doing something wrong it's not set up yet so I guess it's under construction
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas 18 days ago
I’m fuckij with this! Dope shit Jimmy Capo. SALUTE!
jerry allover
jerry allover 18 days ago
Jimmy need to start acting his age
Hempstead Jungle
Hempstead Jungle 18 days ago
Arlando on the check in
Spaulding P
Spaulding P 18 days ago
Heavy Wap..not in bmore tho 🤣🤣 its sunny today
A Jackson
A Jackson 18 days ago
Oh Yeah, It's Official!!!!!.........Peace and Blessings.
KCCE 18 days ago
I dye laughing every time😁😁 Ny swag and lingo is unmatched🗽
Dorian Ryce
Dorian Ryce 18 days ago
Detroit again Jim
Stanley Hopgood
Stanley Hopgood 18 days ago
I thought it was April showers bring May flowers lol
WestsidePlayer 16 days ago
Smh The weather man high as hell
SMECK 18 days ago
Jim still stuck in 2006😭😭😭
Joanna Santiago
Joanna Santiago 18 days ago
Lmao he look like he had the word pandemic in his mask and was trying really hard to pronounce it correctly lmmfao love it😭😭😭😭
London Stackhouse
London Stackhouse 18 days ago
Capo best rapper out of New York City last 20 years anniversary 🎉🎈🎆🎈 diplomats dipset
Calen Grozier
Calen Grozier 18 days ago
I’m distracted by the bow legggedness
hndacvc 12 days ago
Aye big dawg delete this
Calen Grozier
Calen Grozier 15 days ago
Jordan Head
Jordan Head 17 days ago
Pause lmaoo
Bohemian Mama
Bohemian Mama 18 days ago
I thought I was trippin lol!!
Rolondo Rivas
Rolondo Rivas 18 days ago
Young boi BUSSY sh💩
MusicMatch 2Love
MusicMatch 2Love 18 days ago
Love this guy!!! @chrissy bless ur heart, 🤣🤣🤣you must laugh a lot..All with a genius brain..💥💥🤣
Gdoeniro ClipperGod
Gdoeniro ClipperGod 18 days ago
Wappin all the wat to Sunday 🤣🤣🤣..Chicago checking in..drip not complete till you put on some Cologne..Creed, Prada, Dior, Versace,(yourbrandhere)🤏🏾💨😎
Amerikaya 18 days ago
M4 Snake
M4 Snake 18 days ago
I couldn't understand a lot of what Jim said cause I'm from California, but by looking at the numbers im guessing it's gonna rain in NY on Sunday.
Raw Shea Butter
Raw Shea Butter 18 days ago
TK Kirkland
TK Kirkland 18 days ago
Shoutout to Jim for ducking prison like a G, even tho he supposed to be locked up with the rest of TreWay. 💯
Mason Storm 09🎭
Mason Storm 09🎭 18 days ago
Sounds like he 🐀 low 🔑
4Eva Grace78
4Eva Grace78 18 days ago
Nice weekend🙏🏽 The background should be Harlem 😩 Great job Jimmy❤️
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
Let's work enough is enough Scorpio parham meaning servant of source real talk
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
Is Scorpio family yeah likewise
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
Big galactic high five to that
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
Clearing them clouds up for you now
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
We call it 350s SuperFood Earvin Johnson David Robinson Corey Maggett
Ms. Marie
Ms. Marie 18 days ago
Edward Sille
Edward Sille 18 days ago
Edward Parham
Edward Parham 18 days ago
👑🥇GG ♏🌏👼🏾Today is a new day and I leave my past behind. I move forward with confidence and no longer press rewind.” thank you team Oasis🕊️
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 18 days ago
Diddy is the best mogul out here
12st Numbers
12st Numbers 18 days ago
Best/gayest who’s counting
Ski Da bossman
Ski Da bossman 18 days ago
Master p n dame dash
Daniyar Alibayev
Daniyar Alibayev 18 days ago
Milton Scott
Milton Scott 18 days ago
Revolt tv is the best
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