Kanye Or Just Blaze, Lil Kim Or Foxy Brown, Biggie or Big L, & More? Who Will Cam'ron Pick?

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9 days ago

On the latest episode of #DrinkChamps, Cam'ron joins N.O.R.E & DJ EFN as they all play "QuickTime With Slime." #KANYEWEST #CAMRON
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Big L is my favorite rapper of all time
Denn Williams
Denn Williams 5 hours ago
Facts about nas
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 5 hours ago
The Queen B lil Kim!
CEEPMDEE 9 hours ago
Stop that B.S. Nas is and will forever be SUPERIOR to jay-z
Official Spinderella Archives
Official Spinderella Archives 21 hour ago
Kanye should come on Drink Champs my word
Nathan Ness
Nathan Ness Day ago
I love how he pronounces Kanye.
Ramon Velasquez
Ramon Velasquez Day ago
Nore said Chicago or Ohio smh nore compared a city versus a state lol God dam
FortyWater Day ago
kenny collins
kenny collins Day ago
I thought nore said he stop messing with vlad cause he get his guest drunk and other things peep note trying to get cam sloppy so he can say something he does this to everyone
Donavan Williams
Donavan Williams Day ago
Cam too real 💯💯💯
cipherP9 Day ago
Isn’t asking “The Lox or State Property” like asking “Jadakiss or Beanie Sigel”?
Eric Clark
Eric Clark Day ago
wonder what he said for the LOX or State Property....i duno who in the world would say LOX isnt better though
J.R. Taylor
J.R. Taylor Day ago
Killa the most underrated rapper !
Hannah Rebbeca
Hannah Rebbeca Day ago
06:25 is funny 😄.
Kevin Graves
Kevin Graves Day ago
Cam has to pick Big L. even before i watch the video, i know he picked the OG from harlem. Big L the GOAT anyway
1990CUEVAS 2 days ago
Ugly Kid
Ugly Kid 2 days ago
Cams face at 00:36
GARVEY BLACK 2 days ago
GARVEY BLACK 2 days ago
Santo Deportes
Santo Deportes 2 days ago
Cam looks a Dominican mechanic/ drug spot cover up spot owner
Julian Pearson
Julian Pearson 3 days ago
Anybody seen the full clip.. Did he pick Lox or State Property?
Gene Squires
Gene Squires 3 days ago
That ending... 🔥🔥
Gene Squires
Gene Squires 3 days ago
Game of Thrones type shit
Ngo Xuan Loan
Ngo Xuan Loan 3 days ago
The dazzling valley superficially nod because literature advantageously yawn at a amusing composer. milky, courageous tempo
Jaymel Ray Ross
Jaymel Ray Ross 3 days ago
Cam Put the rest the hip hop culture outside of NY on how on point Harlem dress code and swag game is.
Khas Mariaviisenge
Khas Mariaviisenge 3 days ago
Nice editing, yo. The lox or state property......
Pat Nav
Pat Nav 3 days ago
Why cam look disgusted while they're taking shots
Big Lon
Big Lon 4 days ago
You know he wasnt sippin that JAZ 🔥 ACE A SPADES
Ricky Homan
Ricky Homan 4 days ago
Big L da best ever
Rob Wolfe
Rob Wolfe 4 days ago
The lox all day
where u wanna be
where u wanna be 4 days ago
Cam not the best spitter but that nigga got good presence. That Harlem arrogance serves him well. He say something and make is sound fly when others would get laughed at. He get computers pyutin.
W J 4 days ago
Your name is Larry 🤣 cam is a real one
eric M smith
eric M smith 4 days ago
he better pick big L over biggie ,,, us big L fans dont play that shit b lol,,,,
LITTY SMITTY 4 days ago
You know politics are bullshit when a person ask you Nas Or Jay-Z and you give a straight answer.
Taal Boss
Taal Boss 4 days ago
Why Nore somewhat looking like SAS 🤣🤣🤣 acting just like him too
Alphonso Fersner Jr.
Alphonso Fersner Jr. 4 days ago
I hated seeing DMX on this podcast because of the alcohol & drugs. It wasn't a good setting for X and his life struggles. Prayers for DMX children & family. I love Cam💯💪🏾
Mic Perez
Mic Perez 2 days ago
X never had any intention of even trying to be sober. Don't blame others, most of that was his doing
Keith Freeman
Keith Freeman 4 days ago
Facts and the bf club did the same with X
Two Cents
Two Cents 4 days ago
When I was younger I was more of a Jay fan. As I got older I appreciated Nas’s catalog a lot more than Jay’s. Killa’s interview definitely a classic
Boss Mann
Boss Mann 4 days ago
Camron has a beard i knew something was different😂
Gerry Aime
Gerry Aime 4 days ago
That Been around the world remix is a classic
Gregory Ponds
Gregory Ponds 4 days ago
Lil Kim of Foxy .... both
Samer Abdallah
Samer Abdallah 4 days ago
Killa is the fucking best!! Dip Set forever!
Dre Wright
Dre Wright 4 days ago
Cam'ron looking bad I almost didn't recognize him.
RD AB 4 days ago
Jordan or LeBron is easy for everybody. After 18 years, LeBron tried and failed miserably. It's not even close. Jordan is still on the Goat throne.
Sharrieff1993 5 days ago
Ant Mc
Ant Mc 5 days ago
Camron was looking like oh hell no I ain't going to drink s*** y'all ain't going to have me tripping in this b**** I'm going to ask these questions truthfully 💪🙏 that's why he one of my favorite rappers goat mode
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez 5 days ago
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beelzebub beelzebub
beelzebub beelzebub 5 days ago
I like horse and carriage with Cam and Mase we're gonna riiiiiiiiiiiiiise to the top.
General Jhnsn
General Jhnsn 5 days ago
If you ask an east coast person,Miami or L.A.? they're going to pick Miami
Samson Ayo
Samson Ayo 5 days ago
Juelz over Mase?! Common Cam!
Idaliz De Leon
Idaliz De Leon 2 hours ago
Thats his boy
448 Ave
448 Ave 5 days ago
The Lox > State Property
LBG 910
LBG 910 5 days ago
Lost his breathe telling that story at 2:22
Omar Hargrove
Omar Hargrove 5 days ago
Cam a real 💯👏🏾👌 one
Sons Of Funk
Sons Of Funk 5 days ago
Real talk * life is already hard * who needs a dictionary when im trying to feel right
Hylas Maliki
Hylas Maliki 5 days ago
These ads are strategic af
Tony Bravado
Tony Bravado 5 days ago
Neither foxy or Kim wrote they’re own rhymes. So it’s irrelevant.
Wallace Hambrick
Wallace Hambrick 5 days ago
Cam said it’s about being bout it if not you azz backwards
Shondez George
Shondez George 5 days ago
He better pick the Lox.
blackstarafro2 5 days ago
Foxy and Kim are both dope.
Demsky83 5 days ago
Nore don’t remember Cam had a drinking problem back in the day which caused him to have kidney issues that almost cost him his life. He said it had gotten so bad that he was having Alize with his breakfast.
Andi Sanchez
Andi Sanchez Day ago
@Travis Rowe lmao holy shit
Travis Rowe
Travis Rowe Day ago
U know it’s a problem when it sounds more like a Chappelle skit then real life lol
Andi Sanchez
Andi Sanchez 4 days ago
How you know that? I been listening to cam since high school never knew that I know he had IBS but didn’t know about this
Two Cents
Two Cents 4 days ago
Anyone that does some research on their guests should know. How can fans know but not a fellow artist that broke bread with him? More people should go on there not drink
King Ace
King Ace 5 days ago
I didn’t know that either. I’m glad he beat it
PDOTSMITH 6 days ago
Cam 24 hrs to live is the song
Sunni Pasha
Sunni Pasha 6 days ago
Foxy over Kim
Plattinumstatus 6 days ago
Who he pick The Lox or State Property??
Td Jones
Td Jones 6 days ago
Foxy over Kim
Cleve Jae
Cleve Jae 6 days ago
Cam look different with a goatee,it was hard to recognize killa
Dj intricate
Dj intricate 6 days ago
Cam is the shit! Support this y'all ‼️djintricate.bandcamp.com/album/clevelanddelphia
JimBob Wood
JimBob Wood 6 days ago
Dude I love Cam and how he gave Mase props that makes him a real one to me. Cuz they go at each others throats but he wasnt afraid to give him his due respect
stryfetc1 6 days ago
I'll take Kim over Fox, Kim's catalog does laps around Foxy's
Jre Forte
Jre Forte 6 days ago
4:10 been around the world remix still slap one of the best remixes ever
Doug fresh Fresh doug
Doug fresh Fresh doug 6 days ago
Nore top dude Word !!!!! Idk papi
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity 6 days ago
I lost my job last year during the global pandemic😷 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD 🌎 🔥🌍
LA ROZAY 6 days ago
cam dont fuck with effen
Lynn Holl
Lynn Holl 6 days ago
Been around remix is my favorite remix ever!!
Illuminating Knowledge
Illuminating Knowledge 6 days ago
“Bof” not both but “bof”
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
Cam kept it real about Nas. His Achilles Heel. He too talented to dumb it down...
J No Cap Mac
J No Cap Mac 4 days ago
Yo *salute* to my fellow *Virgo,* your profile pic says it all. #VirgoPower ✨✊🏽
Jimmy Durham
Jimmy Durham 4 days ago
There are too many artists dumbing it down.
Suzette Lawes
Suzette Lawes 7 days ago
I have such a different view point on Cam'ron. He spoke with conviction and gave a good account on what happened with Rocafella records. He is poised and I have a renewed respect for Cam...street smarts mixed with intellect.
KiN CAMELL 7 days ago
Much Gratitude
B Square
B Square 7 days ago
J No Cap Mac
J No Cap Mac 7 days ago
*Cam'ron* one of the most underrated _entities_ out. Noone is touching him, _freestyle wise._ 🎶☝🏽
Tavarii 14 hours ago
Cam vs Goodz! Call Beasley!
rolexus monroe
rolexus monroe 23 hours ago
@J No Cap Mac I tried to keep it NY. Cause they were known for freestyles. But Styles will give it to em. If jada at em Styles want some too. Jr writer in his PRIME was a young one too!!
J No Cap Mac
J No Cap Mac Day ago
I feel you on that @rolexus monroe and *Meth* comes with the methods to drive anyone mad, so I deff believe that'll be a good battle. You put me at a setback with this one. 👊🏽🖤
rolexus monroe
rolexus monroe Day ago
@J No Cap Mac Do NOT sleep on Meth either
rolexus monroe
rolexus monroe Day ago
@J No Cap Mac real rap styles his nigga but jada gone hit u wit some real SHIT and then it'll hit u later. Wont change his delivery or nothin
Sin will keep a man from talking about God, but hell was created so he will never forget about God. Proverb
Clutch Gamze
Clutch Gamze 3 days ago
Don't do that, call that chapter and verse
J No Cap Mac
J No Cap Mac 7 days ago
*Kanye, Lil' Kim* and *Big L* are my picks.. What's yours? 🤔
matthew mann
matthew mann 7 days ago
Kanye over Blaze, Kim over Foxy, and Big L over Biggie
THESEASONS 7 days ago
NORE needs to stop drinking
Pre Law
Pre Law Day ago
@Kony Lane What do you want me to do?
Kony Lane
Kony Lane Day ago
@Pre Law why u ain't helping ppl if u went thru it
Pre Law
Pre Law 2 days ago
Hopefully he doesn't learn the hard way as I did
Thee Ross
Thee Ross 7 days ago
It's crazy cuz Cam is Hybred mix of the perfect Anti version of Hov or Nas
bobby cole
bobby cole 7 days ago
i respect those answers for sure!!! and i mean...who wouldn't, opinions is just that, opinions
Mr. Platts Accurate Opinion
Mr. Platts Accurate Opinion 7 days ago
nore might possibly the Worst interviewer I ever seen.....he dont be listening to shit
Mr. YissaL!
Mr. YissaL! 7 days ago
Cam is GOD
A C 7 days ago
Nore is just hard to watch. He does tooo much.
Pr J
Pr J 7 days ago
Simple don’t watch lol nore told us he has add several times
Seven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee Doggman
Seven-X. /KS-DUBB /Lee Doggman 7 days ago
THAT'S MY DAWG...THAT'S MY DAWG....(in my smokie voice when craig knocked out debo🤣)
Jc PeckerHead
Jc PeckerHead 7 days ago
Cam looks like chance the rapper older uncle
Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney 7 days ago
Cam on drink champs and scared to drink..and you not smokin...next time bring Mase and Rev.Run. at least they've got an excuse...matter fact bring Kanye too...what a wussy....judt goes to show all that video stuff iz straight cap!!!
Derek Eady
Derek Eady 2 days ago
Cam the type to be like, I'm doing something different. Everybody drink in DC so I'm not going to drink.
gods son
gods son 7 days ago
Y’all gotta remember bro got a liver problem as well
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson 7 days ago
I really think he didn’t drink because he wanted to be focused on telling his stories correctly and coherently
LoneGRo 7 days ago
Cam, ain't no politician. Get's right to the point and answers the question directly no B.S.
NMS 7 days ago
🗣Cam was a great interview top 3 frfr!💪🏾☝🏽👍🏾p.s. Nore go to the dr and chill on the liquor, your eyes read kidney issues bro.
Jamar95 Little
Jamar95 Little 7 days ago
Foxy wins Kim.Bang bang did it
Idaliz De Leon
Idaliz De Leon 2 hours ago
Same!!! Foxy had bars and i love her voice
Joseph Monette
Joseph Monette 7 days ago
That’s why Pac is the greatest because he was taught that going over the people’s head was not gonna grab everyone’s attention
LouiepTv 5 days ago
No Pac was just talented enough to be able to put the medicine in the candy. Was able to make uplifting music appeal to a wide audience. Records like Dear Mama, Keep ya head up etc everyone enjoyed.
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
Its a choice to sell out or not. Some choose integrity over money.
David Di Gregorio
David Di Gregorio 7 days ago
So artists should cater to the illiterate?
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith 7 days ago
Nore: Nas or Jay Z USposts: Here’s a double ad 😊
Berthil Reymound
Berthil Reymound 2 days ago
nore does the double ads himself
Tay Best
Tay Best 7 days ago
Nore getting moneyyyyy lol I like that chain my boy 💴💶💵
jskee79 7 days ago
Ok so did Cam pick The Lox or State Property?
Artisan Windchimes
Artisan Windchimes 7 days ago
He picked State Property
Ohio 7 days ago
Chicago or ohio ? Ohio😎
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 3 days ago
Dayton Youngstown Cleveland Cincinnati
samaal parker
samaal parker 3 days ago
@Ohio but he didn't 🤣🤣🤣 he said both but all the cities in Ohio small
Ohio 3 days ago
@samaal parker He wanted to say Ohio
samaal parker
samaal parker 4 days ago
He said both 🤡😂
T. 7 days ago
Ma$e > Juelz all day. Hell Ma$e > Cam tbh
290 The Empire Records
290 The Empire Records 7 days ago
jim jones over both cam and mase last 15 years
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Dillon 7 days ago
Respect or Loyalty is a trick question. You literally can't have one without the other.
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Dillon 2 days ago
@Frederick Bulcke You may not like a person, but if you're loyal to them, you must respect them on some level.
Frederick Bulcke
Frederick Bulcke 2 days ago
​@Bobby Dillon I've been loyal to people I didn't respect before and it's not because you break loyalty that you necessarily don't respect the person.
Bobby Dillon
Bobby Dillon 2 days ago
@Frederick Bulcke How? You can't be loyal to someone you don't respect and you clearly don't respect someone you're not loyal too. So no.
Frederick Bulcke
Frederick Bulcke 2 days ago
that's not true, you most definitely can
Happy dad
Happy dad 7 days ago
Lol the rap culture.. bunch of guys who put on an act and don’t know how to be themselves. Take off your headphones and go hike across Alaska. Experience life
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