Mad Skillz On Ghostwriting, "Rap Up," DMX, "Hip Hop Confessions," His Career & More | Drink Champs

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N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the #DrinkChamps. In this episode, we chop it up with the one and only #MadSkillz.
Coming from Virginia, Mad Skillz is one of hip hop’s most respected MCs. A ghostwriter for some of your favorite artists, he is most notably known for his annual “Rap Up” series, and the web series turned podcast “Hip Hop Confessions.”
Skillz shares stories of being discovered by Q-Tip, working on his demo w/ DJ Clark Kent and signing with Timbaland.
As a true lyricist, Skillz breaks down why artists like Nas, JAY-Z and Eminem are superior in comparison to others!
This episode is filled with lots of great stories that you don’t want to miss!
Scram Jones also joins the conversation!
Make some noise!!! 🏆🏆🏆
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G JERK 41 minute ago
Muscle Management
Muscle Management 5 hours ago
Yo my man come down from the tree 😂
Leslie Bonilla
Leslie Bonilla 6 hours ago
Bryan Asto
Bryan Asto 6 hours ago
Yo here we go again with the “I can’t relate to killing my mom” Eminem convo. That isn’t all he raps about and he hasn’t talked about that in ages
Anthony Wheatley
Anthony Wheatley 9 hours ago
He came to my HS late 90s after Deborah Cox Soul For Real Total performed he started doing his songs wouldn't nobody give him love every body talking no one paying attention Skillz stopped the music and so you go play me he said you all will be standing up in a minute started free styling and the man went crazy acapella and yes the whole crowd stood up
Big respect to the 804 from the 757.
MallzImageGlitch Day ago
RVA all day 💯
Brian Barnes
Brian Barnes Day ago
This is one of the best episodes.
John Booker
John Booker Day ago
Va has a lot of talent. Lonnie B is the greatest dj not known. Mr Melody was nice too.
Moorish aka Holle Dey aka Mudd
Moorish aka Holle Dey aka Mudd 2 days ago
I remember that Dilla beat tape Skills is talking about at 1:30:00. I was there when those beats were made. Big Proof did the first Drop and T3 looped Runnin’ up first. Good times in Detroit hip hop!
D B 2 days ago
I was rocking with Skillz since a he started doing the rap up in early 2000s, but I ain’t gone lie Uncle Murda disrespect is entertaining af 🤣🤣
Jonathan Cramer
Jonathan Cramer 2 days ago
Mad Skillz need a podcast I'd watch/listen.
Mad Skillz
Mad Skillz 2 days ago
Hip Hop Confessions.
Jonathan Cramer
Jonathan Cramer 2 days ago
I feel very blessed to have been born and raised In Northern VA . It was a melting pot musically , being right in the middle of the east coast we got exposed to all the east coast shit popping at the time ( DMX , Wu-tang, etc etc) and all the hot shit coming out the south ( Master P/ No- Limit , Three Six Mafia etc ) . It created a very open mind when it came to hip hop. VA has alot of talent to , we have an east coast style kinda mixed with a south style and a distinct sound.
Jonathan Cramer
Jonathan Cramer 2 days ago
" Police In VA crazy " he ain't never lie , Any common wealth state is shitty for real though .
Rodney Brown
Rodney Brown 2 days ago
Man! The memories! I was a kid, looking up to dude! I was 13 yrs old when I heard Mad Skillz on a Timbaland track. He is, who he is.....Mad Skillz!
Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis 2 days ago
Skills ain’t lying about Run
King Sports
King Sports 3 days ago
I gave you power
King Sports
King Sports 3 days ago
Fat Tyrone
Fat Tyrone 3 days ago
Yo Donnie ( MAD SKILLZ) been NICE 🔥🔥1986-87 Lewis Chapel jr High school in Fayetteville NC we rapped before school every morning. Hey Donnie do you remember Tracy Denard ??? From Jr High 🤤🤤🤤
Wynton Goggans
Wynton Goggans 3 days ago
This interview is most definitely one of my favorites! Great content 👌
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson 3 days ago
Em got his style from treach
Chxzyn1 3 days ago
idc what he saying he was writing missy shit...
ruger 3 days ago
Rap started in New York, destroyed the black people there. After New York rap spread to other states and destroyed ever state where black people live with the invention of gangster rap. You can only push destruction on black people, all facts. If people ever wonder what evil looks like stop by Revolt.
Jay Nice
Jay Nice 3 days ago
respect to drink champs for giving VA some love salute!!!! i'ma 757 native but respect from #757 to #804 and northern VA
Dj Jarvis
Dj Jarvis 4 days ago
Midnight miradors is fucking sick... right now!
TTG RoadRunner
TTG RoadRunner 4 days ago
I’m from RVA born & raised.. Va got tha talent all day!
C Copperskin
C Copperskin 4 days ago
Dope..Dope and DOPE EPISODE!!! REAL RAP!!!
Clean Water Podcast
Clean Water Podcast 4 days ago
Might be yall best interview!! Skillz is amazing! Great artists have great memories.....
Jemal F.
Jemal F. 4 days ago
Ive never heard a grown ass man use the word nigga this much in forever. His vocabulary cant be this limited. This was hard to listen to
Graham scott
Graham scott 4 days ago
All 3 got crazy good chemistry
RichStateOfmind 4 days ago
Joshua Quinn
Joshua Quinn 4 days ago
One of my favorite episodes ever. Make some NOISE!!!!!!! Been down with skillz since he dropped shout out to supafriends #vowelmovement
Geo 4 days ago
I’ve taken a few weeks to finish it because I’m busy but this was worth it . Mad Skillz was a great guest and salute to him..
Rayne Storm
Rayne Storm 4 days ago
"Lets take a shot, then we gonna take a shot" - NORE, lmao ⚡⚡⚡ 58:25
JaeBeGaming 4 days ago
was he born & raised in Richmond? he sound like he was raised in New York tbh lol
JaeBeGaming 4 days ago
@Mad Skillz oh damn! the man himself responded! wassup OG! you sayin you werent raised in Richmond or NY?
Mad Skillz
Mad Skillz 4 days ago
I wasn't
cflowmellow 5 days ago
Drink champs is lit I love the stories
GT ENT 5 days ago
Baltimore is the South the Mason Dixon line starts with Maryland
Qamar Mood
Qamar Mood 5 days ago
I love how hip hop has allowed for niche artists to make a space and cement their name in history salute
Stanley Cowie
Stanley Cowie 5 days ago
Naaaw NORE dead ass right like how tf NY niggaz(real ny niggaz) gonna hate on the south, we have family from there now don't get me wrong if ya music is wack then its wack but it don't matter where you from, if you nice then you nice period and EFN, YES it is the samething we can't hate on the south if our family is from there that makes no sense
Bobby Hollygood
Bobby Hollygood 5 days ago
Mr. Chandler
Mr. Chandler 5 days ago
Niggas? Inhance yo vocab
Mr. Chandler
Mr. Chandler 5 days ago
That's wssup
Go CPNG 5 days ago
It Should Matter Who Writes The Song ..Still Even In 2021
Go CPNG 5 days ago
I See What They Mean.
Tashuma Pervis
Tashuma Pervis 5 days ago
HardSleeper Music
HardSleeper Music 5 days ago
That's that "Rainman" shit Jay -Z be tapin into bruh....
Boss Man Reynos
Boss Man Reynos 5 days ago
Skillz always been dope.
Diego Montes
Diego Montes 5 days ago
One of the best episodes so far. Skills had everyone’s attention. Give the man his flowers!!
sooperb 5 days ago
Drink champs may be the best talk show EVER... At least to me and my age group. Salute
sooperb 5 days ago
This is a top 5 episode!
Jason Black
Jason Black 5 days ago
Legendary Interview Salute to Drink Champs for celebrating our Legends, Keep the quality content coming✊🏿
Misslimitless23 5 days ago
Skillz bet not stop doing the wrap-up! Obligated for life! He deserves all the flowers!!!! Edit: leave Lenny off the Wrap-Up. Skillz is all we need. I don’t have 15 minutes to listen to anybody rap either 😂
Chaser .OneTV
Chaser .OneTV 5 days ago
here is the Song with Mariah Nore and Pun... nice Handsign by the way ;) "2 Doors" which one was it NORE?
ThesisOriginals 5 days ago
What about a female beat maker/producer interview
The Alkebulan Trust
The Alkebulan Trust 5 days ago
Missy Elliott is definitely needed on Drink Champs
Larry Williams
Larry Williams 5 days ago
Excellent Episode 💯
Supa Stackman
Supa Stackman 6 days ago
The originator of rap it up then the biters came.
Supa Stackman
Supa Stackman 6 days ago
Nore you tripping EM did wash Jay Z on that song. Nore I use to bump your music, and you use to say some off the wall crap also lol Skillz that dude far more lyrical then a lot of Artist, and I like va lot of Capone verses better then Nores.
La Nell English
La Nell English 6 days ago
This was a goody
Andrew Hairston
Andrew Hairston 6 days ago
One of the best interviews!!
The Wide, Weird, World of Frankenberry
The Wide, Weird, World of Frankenberry 6 days ago
I feel what y'all are saying about youngsters respecting the OG's... But I think its just a generational thing.. cuz like, I know who Cool Herc, and GM Flash, and them cats are.. But the guys from MY generation have DIFFERENT OG's.... Our OG's are Guys from your yourself N.O.R.E, and dudes like Eazy E... Dr. Dre.... Ice Cube.... Ice T.... Snoop.... Wu Tang.... Pac... DMX..... etc. You know.. There's a certain age.. from about 12 to 20... where you discover your legends... and if you're really lucky... then you turn the next generation on to that sound. I'd love to let y'all hear some of my shit some time..
firstoak1 6 days ago
Best thing I’ve watched up here in a while. Hands down
Eyes Plato
Eyes Plato 6 days ago
promoting for you to drink spirits - as in "alcohol" get with the spirits of this realm iiight - watch out now some of us see through
80s Classic
80s Classic 6 days ago
NORE face @ 2:19:18! 😄😅😂🤣
Simon Templar
Simon Templar 6 days ago
That Mariah story is Super Duper Dope...
Simon Templar
Simon Templar 6 days ago
This was one of the best Drink Champs episodes ever...
Tonia McKnight
Tonia McKnight 4 days ago
I would have been passed out. Lol. They definitely can do that
TREVOR CHAN 6 days ago
I swear...He’s an amazing Orator...his detailed accounts are extremely vivid. I couldn’t NOT watch the entire episode. Salute....
Albert Banks
Albert Banks 5 days ago
Definitely a dope story teller
FWF CULTURE 5 days ago
We concur 🧐
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana 6 days ago
Joe would wash this nigga 😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana 7 days ago
Aint no body taking nothing for me ... Lenny took his whole idea and did it better 😂
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana 5 days ago
@Misslimitless23 I’m on Florida and that wrap up is talked about here so it ain’t local at all
Misslimitless23 5 days ago
Nah, Lenny does a local wrap-up. Idk most of the stuff he talks about. He’s very limited.
G Spizzo
G Spizzo 7 days ago
Va feds is burnt
Khylil Music
Khylil Music 7 days ago
Philly Really
Philly Really 7 days ago
I fucked w MS from the first time i heard that from where??? And it was always the first thing you sd when you heard where he was from. MS really did put VA on the map. I love seeing him get his props. One of the most talented ever!
Stephen Kinq
Stephen Kinq 7 days ago
Magnum The Verb Lord Turned out to be Legendary!
Stephen Kinq
Stephen Kinq 7 days ago
VA ... Pernell Whitaker , Teddy , D 'Angelo , A.I , Vick , C. Breezy , Timbo , Neptunes , Pusher /Malice , Trey , Skillz Etc...
Stephen Kinq
Stephen Kinq 7 days ago
ShoutOut VA
Ousama Abdu
Ousama Abdu 7 days ago
Salute to Mad Skillz one of the illest with the pen! But, he wasn't the first MC from Richmond to make it. There was this slept on group from Richmond by the moniker of Down South that debuted in 1994. There had a pretty decent amount of promotion via paid ads in The Source magazine. Check out the standout track "Lost in Brooklyn " on USposts. I think it was the only music video from the collective.
Native Sun
Native Sun 7 days ago
Skill is a legend in VA. He repped from Richmond to Va Beach. We used to see him all the time in the mid 90s in the clubs with his back pack. Cool dude. 💯
jperfect407 7 days ago
Best drink champs ever
King Crypto
King Crypto 7 days ago
Love all these legends and the interview but their geography is off. Sorry Mad Skillz but Baltimore is definitely in the south. LOL! It’s in the northern part of the south. The south starts in Maryland and Delaware. Check the Census Bureau
Cryduh Reviews
Cryduh Reviews 7 days ago
Where did the New York accent come from tho? I thought he from Virginia
Lee Roy-EL 777
Lee Roy-EL 777 7 days ago
How Nottz Raw Don't have a Drink Champ 🤔? VA Need More Respect 💯
CRIP BLUE 7 days ago
He kept saying I'm from Virginia like that shit hold weight
Phil Siarri
Phil Siarri 7 days ago
Dope interview. Mad Skillz reminds me of Tragedy Khadafi for some reason (more of an extrovert obviously).
LameWays Artistry
LameWays Artistry 7 days ago
Qtip story sound sus
Masoud Abdun-Noor
Masoud Abdun-Noor 7 days ago
Don’t sleep on Mutant Academy
The Mortician
The Mortician 7 days ago
I remember Skillz freestyling in the front of the club with some local Petersburg artists name Illyaas. Skillz bodied everyone 💯
The Mortician
The Mortician 7 days ago
804 all day✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Masoud Abdun-Noor
Masoud Abdun-Noor 7 days ago
“Brooklyn ain’t taking shit from a nigga like me, I’m from VA!” From Church Hill to Chesterfield, respect the architect
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott 7 days ago
One of the illest lyricists to ever grace a microphone. Big L(North east),Skillz(South)and Ras Kass(West) were the punchline holy trinity of the 90s.
Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson 8 days ago
Mad skillz mad real💯
Hugo may
Hugo may 8 days ago
I had to watch this interview three times, classic interview
Philly 215
Philly 215 8 days ago
How is Baltimore the south? Lol
Khepralife 8 days ago
I lived in Hampton when Skillz came out. I was proud for him and all of VA.
R Hill
R Hill 8 days ago
Hellava show really enjoyed Mad Skills stories 1 of a kind !! Peace Love & Divine Blessings 💖💖💖
Don Jeter
Don Jeter 8 days ago
This is the best interview so far. I watched the entire thing.
BkSap 8 days ago
This is a good episode lol I love Drink Champs!
Malik Ortiz
Malik Ortiz 8 days ago
You can't forget about nova rappers young moe, ru, black Cobain, etc
Marvin Hunter Speaks
Marvin Hunter Speaks 8 days ago
One of the best interviews....ever.
brakebad ent
brakebad ent 8 days ago
Respect from soufrichmond
Mr. A
Mr. A 8 days ago
They recording on a tarmac or what
Angel Blackario
Angel Blackario 8 days ago
This is the one of the dopest interviews ever! Much love to Mad Skillz
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