How do Black cops feel about police brutality in today’s social climate? | REVOLT BLACK NEWS

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27 days ago

In this one-on-one “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” chat, host Eboni K. Williams will interview someone who’ll speak from the perspective of law enforcement. In this discussion, they will give insight into police brutality in the Black community, as well as their training and the impact of racial bias. They’ll even talk de-escalation tactics during an arrest, and the empathy and conflicts that Black cops feel working in the line of duty during today’s social climate.
Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” is a platform that is designed to report news from the perspective of Black people for Black people.
“When I started REVOLT, I always wanted to develop a platform to report the news from our perspective, from our lens, from our people, so I decided to launch ‘REVOLT BLACK NEWS.’” said Combs. “We’re here with solutions. We’ve already heard about what we can’t do, but this is what we can do.”
#PoliceBrutality #Cops #Police
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Mason Clark
Mason Clark 22 hours ago
There is zero evidence for widespread police brutality. It’s a false narrative perpetuated by the democrats and the media. Have a nice day :)
Shane Eaton
Shane Eaton 2 days ago
How do they deal with that Cheryl said, " Come On Joe Biden Fix Bad Policing " might just be the slogan the masses should push relentlessly.
Sylvester The Cat
Sylvester The Cat 2 days ago
0 0
0 0 3 days ago
lorrizzo 3 days ago
this is a good talk, informative and fair. The rotten from the inside out needs to change, and our police forces are dwindling and that is concerning. I'm white, and personally I don't care what color anyone is, as long as they do a job and do it to the best of their abilities, that's all that should matter in this world. Who cares what color, nationality, culture, or whatever anyone is, as long as they are kind human beings, and doing their best, that's all that should matter and that's what should be stressed in this world right now. Get that trash taken out and make the changes!!
Dead Man Walking For 400 Years
Dead Man Walking For 400 Years 4 days ago
Honestly I don't think too many blacks would have stopped other cops. I've seen them stand around and watch just like any other cops.
Andre Havard
Andre Havard 6 days ago
Her own body camera proved that she had her Duty Firearm drawn before yelling TASER TASER and before she fired her firearm once she enter the vehicle her mistake was that her body camera was on because she knew that the other Police Officers backs were towards her.
Pfft Shtroopes
Pfft Shtroopes 7 days ago
Why does it take the black politicians & black folks in the criminal justice world to speak on racism in America. It’s like it’s being left up to blacks to addressing systemic racism. White folks in media are not addressing it properly. They know it exist but they are leaving it up to black folks to speak up on it.
Steven Porter
Steven Porter 8 days ago
I agree with this woman 100%. My problem with her comments is about 99% of law-enforcement that speaks out against these injustices are always retired. Almost never hearing from them while they’re in service where they could really make a difference.
CartelPresent 9 days ago
I didn't even read the title...What a thumbnail
Reena B{NA
Reena B{NA 11 days ago
Its so many rotten apples tho.
Bk R
Bk R 12 days ago
I truly feel that police brutality will only end when law enforcement officers go around killing white men, especially in white middle America! Only then will the Bs stop...the system is to corrupted n toxic besides the system was designed to do exactly what’s it’s doing to us blacks n Latinos in low income neighborhoods!
Kevonte Daniels
Kevonte Daniels 13 days ago
You can't change these systems from within. They silence Black people. Being assertive is viewed as a threat. If a racist superior doesn't feel comfortable being openly racist around you it will reflect on your evaluations.
A 15 days ago
Officer Dorsey is gorgeous...
Rick Black
Rick Black 16 days ago
Only allow black police to police black communities ... when blacks call police request black cops
Lespatriotes 16 days ago
Cheryl Dorsey is a Fine Sista mhm 😍
Me 16 days ago
She knew exactly what she was doing. So tell me this? Was her weapon in the holster off safety? From my experience you have to take your GUN OFF SAFETY in order to shoot. 👀 👀....🔫 🔫 you don't have a safety button on a taser!!! 👀 Safety button has to be turned off in order to discharge bullets!
SAYNT LOOIS 16 days ago
no comment
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins 19 days ago
I try not to speak on stuff like this but man I don't know if police officers could be trusted, i'm talking about all over this 🌎
Soul Alchemy
Soul Alchemy 8 days ago
@Me 🤣🤣🤣 I saw it also
Shawn D. Dawkins
Shawn D. Dawkins 16 days ago
@Me Show me then since you wanna be smart, it's my comment so you really gon sit here and tell me you saw the same comment go find it then and bring it back to this comment otherwise shut up
Me 16 days ago
I saw this exact comment on another site. Copy and paste . Think of something else to say or steal another comment from someone else. Smh
Payne, Inc.
Payne, Inc. 20 days ago
Good Heavens they are both so fine 😇⚘
BussJuiceKD KD
BussJuiceKD KD 20 days ago
Why u blink so much?
TLUG 20 days ago
Black Police are worse
Roy's Market
Roy's Market 21 day ago
Black cops are the worst
Rooz Say
Rooz Say 21 day ago
The same as BLM taking 90 million dollars and buying mansions with donated money in sure
Retro Kane
Retro Kane 22 days ago
Get involved get engage but it will matter not because these white people run this country and they have all the weapons and power to continue not giving a fuck about us black folks
TB 22 days ago
The title: Black news
Istillhavetotakeashit 22 days ago
Imagine a news channel called "White News"... These people are more racist than any other race in the world. Profesional victims.
Elite Clean Restoration
Elite Clean Restoration 22 days ago
They will feel it in the JUDGEMENT. The Lord God says that VENGEANCE is HIS.
God Universal
God Universal 22 days ago
They feel nothing because it's no such thing as this mysterious God cop not to mention the black police are the worst
Anthony Ellison
Anthony Ellison 22 days ago
The ones I’ve observed are trying to distract and ignore the best they can
Dondatta Ford
Dondatta Ford 23 days ago
All that is out the window ask St Louis officer Luther Hall if you aren't viewed as such you ain't one blacks in law enforcement should just get the check
Reg Dexter
Reg Dexter 23 days ago
Black cops are just as bad they just don’t shot you but you going to jail for nothing
Reg Dexter
Reg Dexter 23 days ago
Nobody ever ask this question how can you work with them
Loic Bordas
Loic Bordas 23 days ago
Absolutely it’s insulting our intelligence ..the fact is once she had the gun pointed at the victim for what seemed to be an eternity to me .. she even had time to keep moving the weapon around until it seemed like a shure shot .. it’s plane bullshit the women knew exactly she wanted to kill that man and it wasn’t just her it was a plot and premeditated not this as a target but if the opportunity showed up they knew they were gonna kill one of us
Andrew 23 days ago
Quota hire.
S, Isa
S, Isa 23 days ago
🤔I saw many black cops handle difficult things without using their weapon while they been in danger situations like white cops.
Blk Dollaz
Blk Dollaz 23 days ago
Lord this woman is fine!! And intelligent... Wish she would stop and frisk me!!😅🥴
T 24 days ago
One of the officers were black in the George Floyd case, his name is Alexander Kueng. I guess we’re not claiming him because he’s probably mixed with Asian descent! There was a black officer involved in the Daunte Wright case! Your argument makes no sense, you apparently don’t know too much about these cases so just shut up!!!!! Or you are just going to ignore the facts!!!
MFC MFC 24 days ago
Cop get no love that’s all black or white
T 24 days ago
The title is “How Do Black Cops Feel in Today’s Climate” and the you only talk to 1 FORMER black cop that DOES NOT work in today’s climate!!! How can I take you seriously when all you do is mislead or straight up LIE!! Interview at least 10 black cops that have different views!! LET US REALLY HEAR HOW THEY FEEL!!!!
Healthy Habits
Healthy Habits 24 days ago
I jus said this about a duty weapon, your gun is on your the same side that u shoot with ain’t no mistaken that.
Trevor White
Trevor White 24 days ago
Respect Sister ...Loved this interview 💯
ćŔŮŅçhÝ $ FŔœĢ
ćŔŮŅçhÝ $ FŔœĢ 24 days ago
Don't really care for an ex black officer's view, but I'm listening.
Tape Master82
Tape Master82 24 days ago
Police gangs are the problem, she probably got an even bigger bonus for her actions, there is a cop show on Sony Crackle about this, there are more cop series on TV in the western world than anywhere else on earth
Captain Hoopla
Captain Hoopla 24 days ago
They not doing shit either😂😂😂 "we need action" all they say
DJ Fundraiser
DJ Fundraiser 24 days ago
The laws of probability.
Ayo Bangz
Ayo Bangz 24 days ago
Give the white lady life
Watch me Work
Watch me Work 24 days ago
Two brilliant black female professionals 💪🏾💪🏾 I’m here for it.
Rodney Stacks
Rodney Stacks 24 days ago
She dont convince me either! She LAPD? Them and the NYPD are the worst in American history. She just needed a job! Check her track record, willing to bet my life she did something wrong as well!
Off Code, On Code.
Off Code, On Code. 24 days ago
Ok, I can dig this interview! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿
lawrence holland
lawrence holland 25 days ago
Miss me with that headline, black cops are some of the worst offenders "Black Police Showing Out 4 The White Cop " is REAL
Wevic42 25 days ago
When they start adding lethal injection to police criminals...That’s when police will stop abusing citizens
Rob Mack
Rob Mack 25 days ago
She is one in a million most of them are blue then black
Sean Gilyard
Sean Gilyard 25 days ago
Dam Dorsey is gorgeous wow beautiful sister
George Prince
George Prince 22 days ago
Yeah, thats only because she is 3/4 white!!!
Terrence Milton
Terrence Milton 25 days ago
They both cool.
High Duck
High Duck 25 days ago
probably the most defenseless job. you got the ones that dont want to connect with there culture who looks at life as civilian, criminal and cop, Then those that feel like they have to speak up get secretly or strategically removed from the force in some capacity, Then we got the ones who literally have to go along with the bullshit and do what they can with what they have.
melo warner
melo warner 25 days ago
Ms Dorsey very beautiful
Newboy Style
Newboy Style 25 days ago
There was a black cop standing there when Derek Chauvin had his knee on George Lloyd's neck but he was a coward and didn't do anything
Rolaisha Francis
Rolaisha Francis 24 days ago
Right...too scared or didn't gaf
lakisha weaks
lakisha weaks 25 days ago
Well she said something very important that she was black 1st. 2nd she's a woman. 3rd she was not expecting 2 make friends on/off the job. 4th she had 4 BLACK BOYS & she was going 2 treat everybody how she wanted others 2 treat her boys. 5th she was going 2 treat everyone the same. 6th it was a good paying job (so basically im going 2 come in & do my job & go home to raise my kids y'all can have all that extra 💩 thanks but No Thanks.
Waldo BloMoney
Waldo BloMoney 25 days ago
They don’t care. Black cops see sh*t and don’t say nothing
NC NYC 25 days ago
They should feel like assholes..
GEAUXTIGERS091 25 days ago
Things are about to get really crazy. This country is gonna burn to the ground very soon. I just hope people are prepared
Skyy Orlando
Skyy Orlando 26 days ago
Why in hell you don’t start a black police force because policing is slave patrolling no matter how smart you are this is delusional
R Dilios
R Dilios 26 days ago
Nika Wallace
Nika Wallace 26 days ago
Do you police receive psychological testing often ? The fact they running around in high crime areas, with guns on the and the power that they have... they should be getting tested often to make sure they can cope with different situations
George Prince
George Prince 22 days ago
I would let those areas literally destroy thier own communities, before I would go in there! Let them take care of thier own fucked- up society!!!!!
ANTisFresh 26 days ago
So what book is she selling? Phony as hell!!
djsalteenuts 26 days ago
Who cares about how they feel? If they don't DO anything the result is the same. Words ain't shit without action
Badlands Badman
Badlands Badman 26 days ago
Christopher Dorner was LAPD and he was killed by his fellow officers after they lied and destroyed his career, all because he tried to do the right thing and make positive change. There are no good cops. They either quit or end up dead. FUCK. THE. POLICE. All cops are opps. Research his story.
Abu bakra
Abu bakra 26 days ago
Enough talk start the race war
David Spencer
David Spencer 26 days ago
They don't care. They don't speak out against this mess. They continue to join "the force". They care more about protecting "the blue" than they care about protecting the law... Let's not use the few exceptions that do care as a way of saying they as a whole really care. They simply don't.
Frank Frostbite
Frank Frostbite 17 days ago
@Istillhavetotakeashit Depending upon where you live, they are. The problem is, by and large, they are no different.
Frank Frostbite
Frank Frostbite 17 days ago
@George Prince Please stop with the typical straw man. It's called crime by proximity. This happens EVERYWHERE across the world and is not some unique phenomenon to the Black community in America. Per usual, more deflection from the problem that has been historically aggressive and $h1tty law enforcement against Blacks, backed by an even more corrupt justice system.
Istillhavetotakeashit 22 days ago
Here's an idea...howabout more blk people join the police force. Why aren't there more in law inforcement? If they want so much change why aren't they signing up in droves?
George Prince
George Prince 22 days ago
@B. Brown it's only percived as unjust, to the ones of color who believe they don't have to abide by it anyways. What are y'all gonna do about all these murders from each other. In my 12 sq mile we had 4 murders. 1 girl was dumped about 200 yrds from where I live , all in the last 5 months!!! I believe the black people can't come to terms with this, so they want to point a finger of diversion to white cops for a fraction of a fraction of true killing of black by white cops! HISTORY WILL JUDGE BLACK AMERICANS IN A NEGATIVE AND SHAMEFUL LIGHT FOR THIS!!!!!!
George Prince
George Prince 22 days ago
@Pearl Jones that was a self revealtion about blacks , self hate!
Boss Moves
Boss Moves 26 days ago
In the military there's Definitely racism, especially systemic racism
Mason Clark
Mason Clark 22 hours ago
There is no institutional or systemic racism in the United States and hasn’t been since the 60’s. Wake up
I am success
I am success 26 days ago
Good reading skills officer...
derekjwilliams007 26 days ago
I love her mentally!!!
SouthernRam 26 days ago
Definitely know about those jump out boys
david brown
david brown 26 days ago
Ask her how much time's she had seen injustice and said nothing because she was getting paid. NOW SHE HAS A LOT TOO SAY. SORRY DON'T BELIEVE HER AT ALL BLACK OR NOT.
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
Not once did she talk about the criminal resisting arrest, shows how good her judgment is.
Djay Worries jo
Djay Worries jo 26 days ago
A Policeman said he didn't join the police force has a Races but he became one.!!
ty ty Just a intro for the Heart of Huslers
ty ty Just a intro for the Heart of Huslers 26 days ago
Calvin 26 days ago
🗑 🚮 🗑
Trecia 26 days ago
This the way i see it she's a killer she wanted to see what it's like to kill a color person!
MrReality Chec
MrReality Chec 26 days ago
@Azee Gabby listen to what you tried to compare. This why y’all white fake supporters that say all lives matter always say this comparison bullshit like this. The girls ran off on a Uber driver car and got tasered and died. What the living fuck does that have to do with being black and being a target by the color of our skin. If we comply like this previous week of a black mixed military man was stopped because the cops acted as if they didn’t see the tags on his vehicle. The man was calm the entire time hands out the window no resistance at all the only thing that really saved that man was being In a area where people can see and have actual proof or how about the young Hispanic kid 13 years old hands held high and yet the police officer shoots him. See if you can see the common problem then shut the fuck up.
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
@kk504n404 Lady two black girls killed an innocent uber drive by taser and driving off with his car.. I hear crickets from black people... does his family also get a payout, or do they get to play the race card?
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
That's a stretch. This video is basically saying that cops dont make mistakes, and criminals are not at fault. Do you want to talk about how criminals resist arrest and escalate situations, nope. Because its everyone else's fault.
MrReality Chec
MrReality Chec 26 days ago
They need to review her whole arrest log. I’m sure it’s no shock to see this behavior or leading to this behavior.
Danny H
Danny H 26 days ago
They are involved too
POLO P 26 days ago
They kill us and let the courts figure it out maybe we should do the same tired of the nonsense tired of the rhetoric tired of the nice talk tired
Lolo doez
Lolo doez 26 days ago
Thought it was actual cops🤦‍♂️
AshiYah thirty3___
AshiYah thirty3___ 26 days ago
Shalom to these #iSRAELITES sistas
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
No wonder
Kelso Kyzer
Kelso Kyzer 26 days ago
Black cops are slaves to the code of silence
The Alkebulan Trust
The Alkebulan Trust 26 days ago
Some of them have committed police brutality towards Black People. So it's not the case of how do they feel. Black People in general need to set up a paramilitary to defend and protect our people...true or definitely?
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
Are they doing anything about black on black crime too.. or is that the white man's fault aswell? This video and that cop is a disgrace. Not once did she admit that the criminal was wrong for resisting arrest. It's a good thing she's not a cop anymore.
xic777 26 days ago
lmao ya want pl to join the KKKolice gtdo with that BS
Thomas B
Thomas B 26 days ago
Rotten from the inside...change is certainly will come from the outside. From their own mouths. Enough said. B1
B FLY 26 days ago
Wow this was so informative we need more Police officers 👮‍♀️ like this woman.
Trey Knowsworthy
Trey Knowsworthy 21 day ago
How many police officers do you know?
Anthony S___n
Anthony S___n 26 days ago
The only color that matters to them is blue
Anthony S___n
Anthony S___n 13 days ago
@Shon'non Wooten Sr. The black cops aren't that much different they don't kill as much but they abuse their power also an their silence is also problematic
Shon'non Wooten Sr.
Shon'non Wooten Sr. 13 days ago
Only the white ones in blue
mike b
mike b 26 days ago
ive always said police departments in the black community needs to be employed by majority black police .....i call it the mirror act and it needs to be passed.....the pd needs to mirror the community it serves, go anywhere in america you wont find a pd in any suburb thats majority black , white people wouldn't allow it, its time the black community starts demanding the same segregated policing......Black cops wouldn't feel the need to have to show out for the white cop if their partner is black.
Marcus Pain
Marcus Pain 26 days ago
This Broad was run off from Fox News. Now she want's to be Pro Black.
ty ty Just a intro for the Heart of Huslers
ty ty Just a intro for the Heart of Huslers 26 days ago
Blaka Blaka Blaka 📽️🏃🌪️
dorian roberts
dorian roberts 26 days ago
interview someone who’s actively a cop. she can say what she want and not worry about getting fired.
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
Not once do they talk about resisting arrest. She's a good cop for sure.
BHOLDASON TB2FW 26 days ago
Jump out Boyz
dorian roberts
dorian roberts 26 days ago
obviously they don’t feel anything. otherwise we would see the “good apples”
Nikolas Dakari
Nikolas Dakari Day ago
@Vivaan Tanner Yea, I have been watching on flixzone for since november myself :)
Vivaan Tanner
Vivaan Tanner Day ago
pro trick: you can watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies these days.
Marcus Pain
Marcus Pain 26 days ago
Well said!
Brother X - Black Coffee Party USA
Brother X - Black Coffee Party USA 26 days ago
"TO THE PATRIOTS / RACIST WHITE POLICE IN ANSWER TO YOUR THREATS & ACTIONS AGAINST OUR PEOPLE! RACE WAR: WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT EVERYTHING TO GAIIN! GOD IS WITH US AND MORE THAN THE WORLD AGAINST US! REVOLUTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR ALL OPPRESSED PEOPLE Of OF OUR DARK PAST AND OUR BLACK FUTURE: TO ALL BLACK PANTHERS, GANGS, MS-13, LATIN WARRRIORS, BROWN WARRIORS, APACHES, RED WARRIORS, ETC: It's On The Wire That The Patriots Are Planning A Large Scale Killing Of Black, Brown, And Red People! I Say We Meet Them In Battle, Destroy Republican Voting Stations, And Go To Their Neighborhood To Protect Our People There, If Necessary! One Thing Is For Certain, We Cannot allow The Killing Of Innocent Black, Red, Brown, babies, boys, girls, Men, & Women To Continue Any Longer! We Commit These Actions In Self-defense & Defense Of Our People! ALL The Power To All Of The People!" Minister Mauricelm X
Markdogg Trechery
Markdogg Trechery 26 days ago
SGT Cheryl dorsey 4 senate....she needs to run....shes very intelligent caring honest and fair....shes better then law enforcement
matthew mann
matthew mann 26 days ago
Some Black Cops are self haters, dislikers, distasters, and dissilusionists
George Prince
George Prince 22 days ago
Just like these thugs, self haters!!!!
Azee Gabby
Azee Gabby 26 days ago
So if black cops dont follow this nonsense they're not black enough, have you lost your mind?
Silken Flare
Silken Flare 26 days ago
One police officer who did pull a fellow officer off someone's neck was fired.
Moka LARE 26 days ago
Good question !
HOSTILE MGTOW 26 days ago
This video title alone is hilarious 😒.
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